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November 28, 2007


I tell Dan this morning that I want to buy some layering tees, long and short sleeved… that I really think it's going to be my critical wardrobe plan for winter 2008… that I think it's time that I start layering. His reply:

"I've been saying that for years. I practically invented layering."


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are we married to the same guy? LOL!

Your husband is hilarious! Good luck with the layering! ;)

they sell some nice ones at target-they are tissue weight and PERFECT for layering!! shop on!!

That Dan is a keeper :)

Happy layering......

I see a new host for What Not To Wear in the making :-)

It's an Etsy - glitter me!

Thank Dan for me, will you. Layering has practically saved my life.

How nice to be understood and to laugh like you must do every day.

not only are we twins, but we married twins. hit old navy. lots for cheap. or you could borrow my clothes (though shipping cross country would stink)....

Keep it up girl. you make me laugh (and i need it right now!)

*giggling* Dude...he's so funny.

: )


I have to admit, some of my favorite blog posts are the ones that include 'Dan-isms'. Thanks!

I second the recommendations to both Target and Old Navy. I am a big fan of layering too, but your husband is funnier!

who knew that your husband is the trend setter?

I am not surprised at all that Dan was so prophetic concerning this matter! [Being a holy man an all...]

I swear by Gap -- there are two there that I like: the favorite T and the long-sleeved layering T. I have and love both. (The Favorite is really SOFT!)

And Old Navy has these that I like too:

I have pictures of me layering like that in grade school. So I'm not sure if Dan invented it. I might've. We can have a layer-off. Wait. That didn't sound right. The layers will stay on. We'll just see who does it better... Ha!

I love Dan. yeah yuh! Gotta love that Dan!

you both ROCK! x

J. Crew tissue tees! I'm six months pregnant and they have been ALL I've lived in, seriously. They are soooo soft and the perfect weight for layering without feeling bulky. Check their sales because they are pricey. By the way, to be married to a witty man is essential.

I love that you have a critical wardrobe plan.

He sounds just like my Dan. The layer king.

just almost choked on my drink at bec's comment. YEAHHHHHH

The question is, did he say it with a straight face?

crowded house question...have you purchased your live show yet?

I see MN is now available.

hey, I have recently started layering my old navy tees (warm and helps camouflage the muffin top) I was afraid it was dorky - but if CZ is doing it, it must be cool.

You so make me laugh out loud everytime I read your blog. And that hubby--he is one funny guy. I bet there is never a dull moment at your house!

Heads up! The Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are doing their 20-30% Friends and Family sales this weekend! Here's the coupon codes!

> Old Navy-Friends & Family on line code good from Nov 27-Dec 3---20% off code

> Banana Republic Friends & Family on line code- 30% off Dec 1-3
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> Gap Friends & Family on line code-30% off Nov 30-Dec 3
> D1L36GG596NL

Layer Away!!!

Target has some great long tee shirts, not a huge color selection, but they come w/long sleeves, elbow length and short. Love'em.

I just about peed my pants on that make me laugh out loud.
My hubby thinks I've totally gone nutso. Thanks C & D!

Just make sure the layer closest to your body is nice and tucked in... Around our drafty old house, we affectionately refer to this particular layer as: "caulk."

tell him i said thanks
the layering thing was brilliant

the man is friggen hilarious. No wonder us Aussie girls LUVED him!!

ditto...from a poster above..I love dan too


love ya Dan!!!

Now I know where Cole gets it! The guy kills me!

Well, then please... send my thanks to Dan. ;)

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