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January 03, 2008

What's on your Top 25 Most Played?


Every now and then, I like to look on what songs have made it onto my Top 25 Most Played list, on my iTunes. Have you ever done this? I'm assuming anyone who uses iTunes has this list automatically generated.

I realize as I look at this list, my daughter had a huge hand in the first few songs, because they were on a mix she used to listen to every night before she went to sleep. The rest of the songs make total sense for me: Another Lonely Day, by Ben Harper; Four Seasons in One Day, by Crowded House; and Here Comes the Flood, by Peter Gabriel. Classic heavy rotation tunes.

But what I'm really confused about is how number 13 got that high. Don't get me wrong, I once had something similar to this on my bedroom wall when I was 11 years old and I knew every single word to The 12th of Never, and I'm not even Mormon. But really, who's playing Puppy Love 86 times in my office? Is there something Dan's not telling me?

So, what's number one on your Top 25 Most Played? (And while you're at it, your number 13, too!)

And yes, if you say Puppy Love I will be sufficiently freaked out.


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Hey Cathy -
My number one currently is "Never Loved you More" by Nichole Nordeman. My number 13 is "Baby I'm a Star" by Prince. :D
Happy Day!


I'm new to the Ipod world. I got mine for Christmas, and have been obsessed with it ever since. I'm in L O V E. :D
My #1 tune is 'Better Way' by Ben Harper.Such an amazing song!

And no 'Puppy Love' (LOL!) for me.. my # 13 is 'Show some Emotion' by the great Joan Armatrading. :)

My number one is "Hurts so good" by John Mellencamp, and number 13 is "Lonely 'Ol Night" by the same artist....I think my husband has something to do with that. (We share the same Ipod library). Thanks for all your posts!

This is how lame and sad I am...I've never even noticed there is a top 25 most played songs list on my iPod. So when I read your post I went and checked it out. I was really impressed with this list! I have great taste in music. The number one song is Don't Feel Like Dancin' by the Scissor Sisters. I love this song and it's impossible not to dance when you hear it.

This was very cool...thanks for bringing it to my lame attention!

I don't have a top 25 because I don't "do" Itunes ..but it sounds like to me that the Chipster listens when visiting! LOL!

this cracked me up. i see i am infatuated with John Mayer and Regina Spektor... hmm.. i need some NEW music!

My number 1 on my Itunes is Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick (grey's anatomy music...I love it) and my #13 is Fix You by Coldplay. I think I need to sync my Ipod today. I am sure this will change. I have been obsessed with Josh Grobin's version of Ave Maria lately. I am sure that will become my number 1.
I love this post... you always make me laugh.

Number one for me is Song for a Winter's Night by Sarah McLaughlin and number 13 is Upside Down by Jack Johnson. My daughter has discovered the world of play lists and I'm guessing these songs are both on her most recent list. Most of the other songs are the ever popular (if you're 5) Welcome to Andyland songs by Andy Z.

WOW! My Number one is MLK by U2.. Number 13 is 40 by U2.. Actually 19 of the 25 are U2 songs.. I apparently am a bit need of a new band to be in love with!

my number one was Miracle of the Moment by Stephen Curtis Chapman and my number 13 - Upside Down by Jack Johnson. Thanks for sharing this. I had never taken the time see that the top 25 were on a playlist.

#1 is Up Periscope by Drake Bell, and yes, that's me listening to him, not my kids. :p And then #13 is Change of Heart by Cyndi Lauper.


Where did you get Sinner Live Acoustic? That is my current fave song. Ok, so it's tied with She will have her way and I am in love... but still? WHERE??

Number 1: Lehtivihreät - Ei meitä kukaan kaipaa (Finnish band)
Number 13: My Chemical Romance - The Sharpest Lives

no ipod (sob) but we have music going at almost all times. i can tell you the top 100 songs in our home (and car) are veggie tales songs, alphabet songs, nursery rhyme songs, imagination movers songs, dan zanes songs, ralph's world songs, johnny cash and george strait. my 2 year old is obsessed with all of the above - especially johnny and george. (sigh. i'd rather have 70's and 80's music.)

#1 What Are You Looking For by the Sick Puppies and #13 How Far We've Come by Matchbox 20 Fun!

hmmmm....... interesting to say the least when I looked at mine

1: Eight Easy Steps by Alanis Morissette
13: Feeling This by Blink -182

#1: Summertime - Kenny Chesney (I wish!)
#13: Crying Shame - Jack Johnson

I think others in my family have been listening while I'm not at my desk because
#1 Goldigger by Kanye West and #13 Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson would not have been in MY top 25...LOL.

I took that list off of my iTunes but it is easily seen when you use Play Count in your music browser. I can see why I don't have it as most of the songs are not my favorites but the boys. #13 is Rolling O by They Might Be Giants.

My #1 is Fix You by Coldplay & my #13 is ...Tougher than the Rest / Bruce Springsteen.

Q: I had to count to work out what was # do you get the #s column?? I tried right clicking the bar with the column names, but couldn't get the #s.



Hi Cathy -

My number one is 'The Polar Express' by Tom Hanks from the Polar Express soundtrack. Number 13 is 'Here Comes Santa Clause' by Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters, again from the Polar Express Soundtrack. My kids had me playing the whole album over and over starting about Halloween, and my youngest just asked for it again as I am typing this. Funny thing is, I don't get tired of it.


#1 "wagon wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show
#13 "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor

Hi Cathy,

My #13 is Desperately Wanting by Better than Ezra...awesome band.

#1 is Bent from Matchbox Twenty....awesome eye candy, Rob Thomas.

You Rock (even if you listen to Puppy Love).

My #13 is Harden my Heart by Quarterflash

#1 When the Stars go Blue (the Corrs w/ stud man Bono)

#13 Prologue(Thriugh a Child's Eyes) (Brett Raymond)

This is fun! I didn't even know that there was tracked - maybe I should play in itunes more? My #13 is Heaven from Warrant. Hope your family is enjoying their Christmas goodies!

#1 - 9 crimes - Damien Rice
#13 - Complicated - Bon Jovi
#25 - Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny

story of my life! it's "Complicated" because while I was "sleepwalk"ing I committed "9 Crimes" hee hee! this was fun! and I promise to get a life!

never looked at my top 25 before -- my number one is crazy in love (beyonce)????????

1. Slow dancing in a burning room by John Mayer
13. Banquet by Bloc Party

it has been a long time since anyone in my household updated their iPod so I think this is kinda outdated.....

#1 Welcome to the Black Parade from My Chemical Romance

#13 Forever from Papa Roach

other than that Linkin Park, LoveHammers, and 3 Doors Down dominate the Top 25.

I'm sure Puppy Love got up there so high due to Donny Osmond's unbelieveably great hair!!!!

My #1 is "If You're Gonna" by Natasha Bedingfield. It was my anthem my freshman year of college, so it got played more than any song on earth should. My #13 is Home by Michael Buble.

I use Napster, so no top 25... :( I thought I would share from my "Recently Added" instead...

#1 - The Hand that Feeds by Nine Inch Nails

#13 - Diggin' Your Scene by The Blow Monkeys

I feel fairly certain there aren't many songs that are further apart on the music spectrum than these two... ;)

#1 - The Other Side of the Moon - Don Tiki remixed.
#13 (oh help!) Milk Monkeys - by Charlie and Lola
( i blame my small son.

I laughed so hard at Puppy Love. Not out of judgement, just out of sheer delight.
And my list is scary.
#1 Stupid Girls by Pink
#13 Criminal by Fiona Apple
I have no excuses. I can't explain it.

Mine are too embarrassing to post.
I just wanted to say that I WISH my number one was the same as Mindi at 11:56.
I fareakin LOVE that song by Old Crowe Medcine Show!

No.1 - Just Like A Woman by Bob Dylan
No.13 - Sew My Name by Josh Pyke

Cathy, I have the best band/duo/brother & sister combination for you to listen to - Angus and Julia Stone. They are wonderful.

#1 Blackbird - Sarah McLachlan from I Am Sam Soundtrack
#13 Yellow - Coldplay

Fun to see what others have on their ipods!

My iTunes #1 is Everybody's Changing, by Keane and #13 is Leaky Little Boat, by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. there's a hottie!

#1 -It Aint Me Babe - Johnny Cash & June Carter version
#13 - Starman by David Bowie

My 'secret shame' in my itunes is my Partridge Family collection, which somehow did not even make the top 25.

great question! :)))
number 1: Stuff and Nonsense ( crowded house cover) by Missy Higgins

number 13: Long way to happy : Pink

LOL @ puppy love.....
have to wonder if chippie has carefully hidden opposable thumbs??

Ngaire In Brisbane Aust.

Thanks to you, Cathy, my number one AND thirteen are both Joshua Radin songs. :)
Sundrenched World and Amy's Song, respectively. Thanks, man.

Numero uno: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
Numero 13: There goes the fear again by The Doves

Seriously - check out The Doves (uk Band) Both There goes the Fear and Pounding are right up you alley (if I may be so bold)

#1: Straighten Up and Fly Right (which was the big number in my 9-y-o son's winter concert so we listened to it together a lot -- recorded by Suzy Bogguss -- an unfortunate name no matter how you slice it)
#13: Alanis Morrisette/Hand In My Pocket

Personal fav: Peter Gabriel and Afro Celt Sound System -- When You're Falling

#1 - Santa Monica by Everclear
#13 - any day now by Missy Higgins

and I love the song from "O brother where art thou?" by the soggy bottom boys "i am a man of constant sorrow"

I've posted my top 25 on my blog

#1 Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin
#2 Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks

#1 "I'm already there" Lonestar
#13 "Be our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.
That is weird. My six year old daughter must be to blame for #13.

every so often I show my husband some thing on a scrapbooking blog. Nome of the others hold his intrest like you do.So when i showed him this post he asked me to email it to him, I think he just wants your blog adress not the song list.

#1 - How to Save a Life (The Fray)
#13 - Tell Me 'Bout It (Joss Stone)

are you reading all of these comments saying "made ya look!" ?

I don't have an ipod by choice but DH has created a playlist for me from my favorite downloads onto the computer. My choice of music is so different from everyone elses and if you knew me you would be like, I had no idea you listened to that type of music! It's something my friends say all the time.

Number one song right now is Cyclone by Baby Bash
Number 13 song is Crank That by Soulja Boy

I believe I have you beat with a"phantom iTunes player".... apparently my #2, ... is the banana splits theme song... it has been played close to 200 times! Scary part is, this computer is in my office and I have NEVER heard the song --- really should check on my teens before I go to bed -- wondering if they are on the internet after mid-night listening to the banana splits...? (The banana splits adventure hour theme song -- Disney...)... and the number 13... is appropriately... The Riddle - by Five for Fighting.... curious, yes?

#1 is My Brilliant Feat by Colin Hay and #13 is Honestly by Cary Brothers. Great list you got there, by the way!

My number one is "Come Dancing" by the Kinks, because my little boy lurves it. (He's also responsible for #2, The B-52s' "Rock Lobster.").

#13 is definitely mine--"You Haven't Done Nothin'" by Stevie Wonder.

# 1 is I'll Be, by Edwin McCain, (1,182 times)!!!
# 13 is Soak up the Sun by Cheryl Crow (played 494 times)!


1. Don't Dream its over(CH)
13. Don't know why (Norah Jones)

I swear the rest of my songs don't start with the word don't...

1. Crawling Back To You/Backstreet Boys
13. Dirty Little Secret/All-American Rejects

I've never looked at the list before, and I knew my tastes were a bit behind the times, but sheesh! :D

#1 The World at Large by Modest Mouse
#13 People Watching by Jack Johnson (from the Curious George soundtrack - LOVE that whole album!)

~Keisha in MN

1: Megalomaniac - Incubus
13: Dancing Queen - ABBA
(Yikes, I must have some sort of power trip thing going on)

But then I saw what made my #3:
"Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Picket & The Crypt-Kickers

Rock on

#1 Feel Good In- The Gorillaz
#13 Jump Around- House of Pain

What a great idea. And look at all the different songs. I may have to spend some time on itunes this weekend checking out these other songs.

My number one is Don't Stop Now by Crowded House (thank you for this one, Cathy; I love it) and my #13 is Beautiful Day by U2.

#1 Dakota by Stereophonics
#13 Kaboom! By Ursula1000 Such a fun, sassy song!
Just had to share that #2 is Pineapple Head. Such an AMAZING song!
Thanks for making me smile today!

I think Donny and Marie are subconsciously getting in to people's itunes list ;)
My #1 song is How Soon Is Now by The Smiths
My #13 song is Orinoco Flow by Enya

Weird...I dont remember listening to either one of those songs all that often!

my husband obviously has too much access to the ipod no. 1. is Vicarious by Tool and no. 13. is The Pot by Tool. Hmm I don't remember ever playing that. I do have some good stuff in the top 25... just not at no. 1 or 13 LOL :)

No puppy love here, LOL

My #1 - Far Away - Nickelback
#13 - Won't Go home without you - Maroon 5

My No. 1 is "Let's Stay Together" by Al Greene, and No. 13 is "Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)/My Love" by Justin Timberlake.

Oh dear Lord.

I just scared myself.

I have only been listening to music on my iphone (don't hate me!) for a couple of days - and it's been on shuffle the whole time, so my top 25 doesn't mean anything - everything has only been played once! very first concert was Donnie & Marie. All I remember is watching Marie do a quick costume change while waving at us poor saps stuck at the side of the stage the whole time. Sweet girl. (& I'm not mormon, either)

Gone, Gone, Gone by Robert Plant/Alison Krauss is my number 1 played and 13 is................Southern Man by Neil Young.

Number 13 is Use Me Up by Bill Withers! The number 1 is Your Body is A Wonderland by John Mayer.

What a hoot this was!

#1 Shout Out Loud--Amos Lee
#13 Gravity--John Mayer

#1 Rudolph, the Re- Nosed Reindeer by Jack Johnson
#13 Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

No puppy love in my top 25. I have never looked at my top 25. Thanks for making me look.

#1 Speed of Sound of Loneliness by Amos Lee
# 13 Gandhi/Buddha by Cheyl Wheeler

So I have always found the top 25 interesting, but find that most of the 25 are songs I've put on playlists/mix CDs I've made for people.
My number 1 is "Alex Eiffel" by Pixies. My number 13 is "Remember the Thing You Have Seen" by Denison Witmer. :-)


#1 Los Chicos No Lloran by Miguel Bose Ft. David Summers

#13 San Franciscan Nights by The Animals

Hey Cathy, I did a layout I think you'd appreciate (judging from your appreciation of fake moustaches) - go check out my blog to see the personal ad I did for my nephew Billy. And yes, he actually shaved his head to get that great look! Happy New Year :) Katie

fun to read everyone's stuff...

my #1 is suddenly i see by kt tunstall
& 13 is just a girl by no doubt

ps i'm loving your new banner...i'm still trying to think of something witty to insert...

Wow - Thanks for this Cathy!!! I forgot how much I loved Donny Osmond in my younger days (I had to explain to my girls ages 15 and 9 that Donny was the Zac Efron of the day!)

My #1 is Jump by Madonna - my theme song these days. And my #13 is Home by Michael Bublé - our good old Canadian boy! Cheers.

I haven't used iTunes on my computer much lately, but on my iPod, #1 is Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin and #13 is Shout Out Loud by Amos Lee. Love them both. And there's a lot of other good stuff in between.

#1 City Beneath the Sea by Harry Connick, Jr. (A very appropriate song given that I live in New Orleans...)

#13 Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

My #1 is Dancing in the Street by Van Halen

#13 is Sweet Emotion(Live) by Aerosmith

It's fun to see how it changes over time. I'm surprised, though, that there is no Christmas music in my Top 25. I guess I didn't listen to it that much.

I was a little hesitant to check my Top 25.......I was (still am) addicted to Donny Osmond's new album. But my #1 is Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 #13 You - Candlebox.

My #1 most played song is "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" by the Smiths, played 386 times in 7 months. #13 is "Right Now" by Van Halen. Hmmm...

#1 is "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks
#13 is "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from the Spamalot Musical

Hi Cathy- it's an awesome question and I love answering to things like these. I listen to a lot of country and folk music,so my number one song is "These Boots" by Eric Church (s great song!) and my number 13 song is "My Love Will Keep" by Adrienne Young and Little Sadie (an even better song!).

My #1 -- Merry Christmas to You by Bing Crosby
My #13 -- Thanksgiving by George Winston

Both of these influenced by baby. In those first few days/weeks when I thought I was going to die from sleep deprivation, Bing was the only thing that could put me to sleep. George was good for when I was pregnant. I listened to it every night to meditate....what I would give for a nice quiet night to meditate now!

my #1 is Ever After by Bonnie Bailey. Well, no surprises there! But i'm definitely surprised by my #13, haha! Yo Vivire by a Celia Cruz (???) What's up with that!

#1 is "Breathe Me" by Sia
And #13 is "Won't Give in" by Finn Brothers (freaky because you love Neil so much and it's one of only two Neil songs that make my Top 25 at the moment - the other being "Fall at your Feet")

Cass H
(Perth, Western Australia)

I pulled up mine and I actually laughed out loud because I thought it'd be much hipper than it is.
#1 is 'Float On' by Modest Mouse (at 186 plays) and
#13 is 'Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear' from The Muppet Show (and #7 is Kermit singing 'Happy Feet').

I'm thinking that on the iTunes list online, it factors in all of our ipods (mine, dh, and the 3 kids) . . .surely that's right. Because ALL of the top 25 are songs my kids listen to! So, on here . . .

#1 Move It Like This by the Baha Men
#13 I Love by Tom T. Hall (this song is who knows how old . .. I sang it in the 6th grade at the school talent show!)

I'm gonna have to hunt down my iPod to see what's the top 25 on it. Surely I'm more hip there!

My #1 is "Popular" from the Wicked Soundtrack...and #13 is "Stealing Kisses" Faith Hill

Okay, I am Mormon and while my #13 isn't Puppy Love, it is 'I'm trying to be like Jesus'. #1 is Sou-gan. I need to sync my ipod as I listen to Josh Groban or Clay Akin more than anyone.

Okay, I am Mormon and while my #13 isn't Puppy Love, it is 'I'm trying to be like Jesus'. #1 is Sou-gan. I need to sync my ipod as I listen to Josh Groban or Clay Akin more than anyone.

Hmmm. My middle-age is showing:
#1 - Head Over Heels (Tears for Fears)
#13 - Leave It (Yes)

After reading all the comments I had to go look too!

#1 Lost Highway by Bon Jovi

#13 Two Beds and a Coffee Machine by Savage

haha, who doesn't love Puppy Love? ;) No iPod here, but I'm guessing mine would be full of 80's big hair band's and 3 Doors Down tunes. :D

#1 Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (disappointed in myself)
#13 Fortunate Son - CCR (that's better)

#1 Radiation Vibe by Fountains of Wayne. Highly recommended for happy sounds. Maybe not rec'd for kiddos. #13 Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

i'm the biggest dork ever. i don't have an iPod or iTunes.

but on my blog, i have one of those favorite right now is Diamond Dave's Just a Gigalo.

Puppy Love & 12th of Never? not my faves. i really liked his speed metal version of Puppy Love though. pretty.damn.funny.

#1 five steps by the davenports (from a&e's intervention)
#13 lullaby by billy joel
oh this is such a great idea. i posted my top 25 on my blog (gosh i'm such a follower,lol)
thanks for the great post!!

My number 1 is The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove by Dead Can Dance

My number 13 is Heaven or Las Vegas by The Cocteau Twins

Puppy Love is not in my Top 25, but One Bad Apple IS!!

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