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August 05, 2008

Cathy Z's Doggie B&B Open For Business


Well, hello Kyla! So glad you could come to stay, and make yourself right at home.


Oh yes, I know. I'm tired too. Oh well, it's time for everyone to get up now, okay? I have a job and the kids can't stay in bed all day.


Alright, cut it out with the cuteness already. I'll give you five more minutes, and that's it.

No matter how much you beg.



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Comments that last pic. What a pretty dog ! Cole looks like he's enjoying a new companion..also found a video (don't know if you've seen it) I thought you'd like it

Our boys need to open a Doggie B&B! ;) What a sweet houseguest.

What a beautiful baby! Yours is pretty cute too, with that whole rumpled, outta bed look.

Doggie B & B....too cute. Purdy doggie :)

Gorgeous - all you need to do is stick the photos and captions on some cardstock and you have a perfect LO! Very admiring!(though I don't really get the whole doggy thing ... Soz.)

I seriously think you should start charging for your services.


That reminds me of this time in Middle School where I had fallen asleep before my brother and he and his friend thought it would be funny to put a dog that looked just like that on the bed with me and wake me up. "Hey, look what we did to Pokey" (Pokey was my large dog with long black fur) As I opened my eyes and realized it wasn't Pokey, and I convinced my self it was a WOLF! They had a grand time laughing it up as I screammed "It a wolf, it's a wolf" and tride to climb the walls. All the time the darn 'wolf' was trying to lick me.

what a beautiful dog - how can you not let him stay awhile :D

Oh, one more thing, I saw Journey in Tampa last week and they fricken' rocked. I mean really rocked. So did Cheap Trick and Heart as well. As I was sitting onstage for the whole concert and trying to get cool shots with my point and click (my Bf's BIL is a pro-roadie, he runs sound for Journey-hence my backstage pass and ultimate coolness for being onstage, not that Im cool, quite the opposite actually, but anyway...) I just have to tell you how much I DIG drummers. I mean I really DIG drummers. And I did get some really cool shots of all the guitars. All of the really awesome guitars in their really cool case, with insense burning around them. That was kind of weird in a choking athsmatic kind of way, but it was still really surreal and awesome. The sound kind of stunk being onstage but I could not have had a better view and Journey was INCREDIBLE. So, if your still a fan, check em' out! Thanks for the rave!


Seriously, where do you find all these dogs? Your neighbors must LOVE you. :)

Dude... that boy needs a dog. Between the new fancy-schmancy room and the dog in his bed, I've never seen a photo of him happier! :)


GReat photos!

if only she enjoyed being away from home...
I need a dog sitter! I wish you were a little closer :)

What a beautiful dog! What lucky friends you have to have a friend like YOU!

you get to watch the coolest looking dogs.
How is Chip by the way?

Oh man, I love doggies. I lost mine in April, such sadness -- but I still love me some doggies.

Can I just say thanks for making me laugh? I had a cruddy day, hadn't read your blog for a while and thought it was time to catch up. I needed a laugh and thought maybe you could do it. And yes, you did. Have a great night. Enjoy dog sitting!

aww she is just the cutest doggie. and i think she knows she's cute:)

Awe, what cute facial expressions. What a sweet kiss...too tooo sweet!!! much do you charge per night? Can dogs fly there unaccompanied?

Another beautiful dog. I'd say that there is no reason for you to have your own 24/7 when you can have lovely houseguests like this from time to time.

Ahhh...those pictures are to die for! Cute kid, cute pooch! What a saint you are for dog sitting.

What a gorgeous dog! Love those pics . . . and it's nice to meet someone else with the same name! Although yours is much cuter and cuddlier than I.

Man do I wish you lived in Richmond, VA. We just moved here and desperately need a dog sitter for next week! I'm sure you'd love him...would you consider moving? :)

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think you are brilliant. In fact, I think you are brilliant with an "e" on the end. Check it out:

We are getting a 6 week old puppy Sunday afternoon and I have been reading every dog/dog training book and website I can find in prep for the big event. What a wonderful reminder of the WHY we want a dog...thanks for sharing!!

What a beautiful dog. Just love him! What kind of dog is it?

xxx Bar.

Awwww you have no idea how much I wish you lived in California. We're going to Disneyland & my sweet Fiona girl needs someone to care for her & it can't just be a kennel. She's not part of the geriatric set but she is more than happy to lounge all day & shower children with kisses ;). I think we're going to have a friend stay at our house with her because she's so spoiled we just have no idea what to do with her. LOL

I was going through CZ blogpost withdrawals. Your blog is part of my morning routine. Thanks for posting the twitter update. Hope you recover quickly.

Went to my first Saints game in like 5 years tonight! I looked for Mini super fan but never saw him...but I did leave at the bottom of the 6th-but dont tell anyone :)

That looks like a beautiful and loving dog.

Nice concept for a B&B and it I hope it gets better than that, maybe on my next trip I can stay there.

I usually bring my pet with me when I travel. Now I know a place that lets me bring a pet when I stay there.

I love having my dog sleep with me at night. I like hugging him like the boy in the picture here. I probably try to go to this B&B and bring my dog with me.

I have been a pet lover and owner since I was 10. When I travel I sometimes taken my pet dog with me. When I found out about this hotel I got really excited with it.

I love dogs even got a new one the other day. If dogs are welcome in this B&B then expect me to be on the guest list cause I will definitely be staying at this place.

Nothing like getting that extra "minute" in bed. Great pictures. The pooch looks really cuddly.

 We all live in the past. We take a minute to know someone, one hour tolike someone, and one day to love someone, but the whole life to forgetsomeone.

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