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August 12, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I'm right there with them



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Oh Cathy,

You truly are an olympic star! Even with an injured wrist you are able to perform and make me laugh!


priceless :)

Tee-hee! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Very VERY funny! But....
me thinks you aren't resting the wrist quite enough - I want you to be rehabbed and ready to go for YOUR olympic class in October!


omg! you almost made me pee myself.
You make me laugh!!!

Have you been working out?

ha ha ha, before I read the headline i looked at the picture and thought to myself. . . "gee, that person sure looks a lot like Cathy!"

You always make me laugh out loud. NICE ARMS.


Have you been working out?
Love it!

Girl you are ripped... whats your secret? LMAO

happy tuesday - you crack me up!

You DO crack me up!! :D

Altogether too funny. Thanks so much for my morning smile!
(I've been looking for something to laugh at ... our Canucks are not cutting it)
As always, you're the best, and I love the new biceps!

Geez and you were complaining about your body shape - on second thought it is a bit manly.

LOL you are so funy!

That is really a kinda' scary.

I always thought you were some kickass babe! This is proof!
Thanks for the giggle!

You are hilarious lol

Your workout program is really workin' girl! :) Thanks for the morning smile!! :)

that is an awesome way to start my Tues. peace.


Cathy - that is hilarious! I love it!!!


LOL! you go girl!

You are too funny!
I am loving watching Michael Phelps swim in these olymipcs. Glad to see you are right there with him :)

ROFL!!! Hey! For THAT body you should have quit smoking a lonnnnng time ago! LOL!
Too funny. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

what's all the complainin' about chub - look at those pipes!
this is hilarious! did you hear us screaming all the way from chaska? i know we heard you screamin' from the other side of the river!

nice arm muscles girlfriend!! LOL


And uhh Cathy...maybe a few less steroids in the morning java? heh heh.


I you swam right there in the pool and out touched the opponent!

Is that tom cruise you're with?

Been working out I see. LOL! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

OMG - you crack me up!! I'm right there with ya. Last night, DH said, "You are just in your little Olympic zone, aren'tcha?" (A not-so-subtle reference to my 3-hour vigil on the couch...)

My, you've been hitting the gym lately! Nice arms :)

god i love you!

too much!
i love it!

That is too stinkin' hilarious! You made me laugh (on an emotional day -- first day of school for my son). Thanks for that!

You are certifiably CRAZY! But that's what keeps me coming back! Can't wait to see what is next! Love being along for the ride!

Too funny :)

You did a great job, both with the picture and at the Olympics! You are such an awesome multi-tasker.

That's disturbing! I think you need to let your wrist rest for just a bit longer!


I'm a little concerned about steroid use here...

I'm certain that I will encounter nothing funnier today. I think I remember Donna wishing for "cut" arms on her blog - clearly, she needs to spend some more time with you and Michael.

OMG I thought she looked familiar! You are hilarious!

nice arms!!
There is a 33 year old gynast that looks like you!

You are WAY too funny! Love your sense of humor that truly shines (like the gold medal that will soon be hanging from your neck, right?)

Those are arms that will no longer have the wobble while brushing your teeth, for sure! (I'm jealous... wishing I were Photoshop "buff" too. Maybe there is hope for my thighs...)

Wow, Cathy! What a body! What's your secret!!!???

okay. that's creepy. and is it sad that it took me two looks to realize the pic had been altered? i have been up too late watching olympics.

This is hysterical. I mean, seriously. Hysterical!

You are crazy! Only you could have an idea like this! so funny!

too funny - thanks for the laugh!!!

dang girl- you are buff! flat-chested, but buff!! ;)

Wow...great This race was a great thing to see wasn't it?

Dude... that was all you needed to beat Donna D. at the work out and weightloss thing. PHOTOSHOP.

It's been my way of liposuction for years. :)


I'm right there with you.

HAHAHAAA! I thought that bloke looked familiar!!

Sweet!! you crack my sh!*& up!

My 7 year old daughter said, "Hey Mom, what a Babe!" Now the question is, was she speaking of you or him?

Thanks, I needed that.

Best PS skeelz ever.
And I see that you wax your pits.

Cathy, you need to have a drug test, girl, cause those muscles just ain't natural, KWIM?

Holy Cow! Nice pic! hahaha!

Wow! Thanks for the free ticket to the gun show! :D

Nice guns! Do you have a license to carry? You give me a giggle every day!

O.M.G. Love it!

That picture is truly awesome! I would love to be anywhere near Phelps. The relay was so outstanding and unbelievable I'm still excited about it.

I think this one is your best one yet.

Thanks for such a great fit of laughter.

Ouch - just fallen off my chair with laughing! alexa


You are hilarious but this one is oh so true!

Dude, your arms are so ripped. Must be all of that graphic design work... your mouse arm is looking FIERCE!

Those are quite the arms you've got there, missy. Do you use the Madonna workout plan? Which race will we see you in next?

Love it! You've got some BIG guns there!!

Thanks for the laugh!!

I bought a card for a friends birthday today which showed a picture of a woman taken in the 1940's, the caption said "Betty laughed so much that a bit of wee came out."
Holding it in here - but only just!

made me laugh out loud!!

Excellent photoshopping--that made my day!

LOL - your wrist re-hab is clearly going well!

Gosh, never knew you're arms are that toned! Secretly been working out?

Hugs from the Netherlands

I know exactly how you feel!!!

See...all that working out has paid off! LOL!!!!!!

You're lookin' mighty cock-diesel there, Ms. Z!

slightly disturbing, but entertaining none the less! :)

you are too twisted for color TV and I mean that in the nicest sort of way :)

Oh my gosh, that is cool and totally freaky at the same time :0)


If I wear a wrist brace for a week will I have a body like yours? a good way!

That is so funny. Thanks for sharing your talent and sense of humor.

Too funny! Yup, lay off them steroids woman! You're beginning to look like a man!

I read your blog quite frequently but don't comment. After seeing this picture I decided to look at the comments to see if anyone else said "ewww" because...ewwww. Not one "ewww" and I had to scroll all the way down to the end to get a "creepy." Definitely creepy but still amusing. The Olympics are killing me...been staying up way too late but they are so good.

You are so flippin' lucky!! THat's one armpit I would love to be near!


wow your biceps are amazing! who knew right?

wow your biceps are amazing! who knew right?

I promise, you are one of the funniest people in the world!

I haven't laughed this hard in days!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I am here to pump you up"!

This was too funny! You crack me up!


that is the BEST photoshopping you have EVER done!!!

and wasnt that race completely thrilling? i think my heart stopped and i definitely cried...i heart the olympics...

u are seriously CRAZY!

aussie! aussie! aussie! oi! oi! oi!

Woah, you've been working out lately! PMSL...

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