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November 19, 2008

More photo montages with music designed to gently tug at the heartstrings of all self-respecting scrapbookers

I can't remember what event I made this for—a CKU? a CKC? My trip to teach in New Zealand and Australia?—but I've been doing some computer content organizing, and came across this, and thought: I will place it on my blog, because that is what I do. It's at least two years old, and some photos are even older, goin' all the way back to '03, boyeee. Enough of my yakkin'. (And of course, no video would be complete without the vocal stylings of Mr. Neil Finn. Thank you, Mr. Finn.)


P.S. I think this was for my trip to New Zealand and Australia. And for the record, i have no idea why the last shot of me in the slide show would appear to be one taken in my underwear. Go figure. The light was just really good that day.


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okay that was so great. Truly inspiring. I am sprinting to my scrapbook closet immediately. Can we pleeze be BFF's?

very nice :D

That was really sweet. Thanks for sharing it.

That was really nice of you to share with us.

As always, you tell a great story!

thanks for the reminder, i needed that amongst all of the craziness that is my life :)

Ok -- it is official -- you ROCK!! Love the video -- got to go hug my kid and make sure I take a picture today! I am goign to put a link to this from my blog -- I want everyone I know to see it. Thank you!

love the video! Your kids look so little in most of the shots. Thanks for sharing, hot mama!

So, thanks for bringing tears to my eyes this morning...I am off to a scrapbook retreat this weekend, and I really need to spend time "journaling" on my pages about the details. My baby turns 10 today - birthdays have never hit me until now...I will turn 32 in just 2 short weeks, but him turning 10? Man, it's hit me hard today!

Wow...that's quite the presentation, dude. Really enjoyed that. Almost made me tear up a bit...


Yeah! Just last night I was looking at a picture in the home office and thought "OMG - that was a year ago - they look so different - that feels like only a few months ago". It stopped me in my tracks. Also, something about the last shot of you in the video made me think of Annie Lennox.

That picture of you with Cole on your back--it must be one from your book and the layout that talked about how he's getting big, but there's only so long that you'll be able to carry your boy, so you carry him at the fair, right? (Or not, it doesn't matter.) That story changed how I look at my little boy, and prompted me to hold him whenever I get the chance, because I never know when it might end.

He's a pretty big boy, but when he was three I hauled him all around DisneyWorld with my parents. After my father carried him for a bit, he pulled me aside and asked how I was doing it--"he's so heavy." I just teared up and told him that he was my only child, and I never knew when I might not be able to hold him or when he wouldn't let me or if I'd ever have another child to hold. And my dad smiled and gave me a squeeze.

I have a second baby now, and my big boy is almost five. When he's having a tough day, he still comes to me and says, "Mom--I just want you to hold me." And I do.

Thanks for the perspective.

Jesus H. Christ Cathy, thank you AGAIN for bringing on the waterworks this morning. You do that really well.
awesome awesome awesome.

Beautiful video, Cathy Z...tearing up a bit here...
And then I read Kari's post. Tearing up even more! Mine are 12 & 8 and I still pick them both up every day...just for a bit. I totally get what you mean!

very cool cathy..very cool

Yes, those are the reasons. Thanks for putting it into words. You rock:)

That was fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. Once again, you are an inspiration.

Dear Cathy,
Man, between you and Neil Finn, I am inspired all over again. Thank you so much.

I wish I was cool like you :)
and I wanna know how to make those.

LOVE. IT. Can I share it on my blog?!

Love your montages! They're inspiring, honest and true.



Love it! Thanks for sharing! You rock!

"her, him, him and me" are all so sweet in that show - thanks for sharing that wonderful message of family today... i needed it!

What a great way to start my day! Thanks!

Damn, you're good.

olympia, wa

Thanks for sharing here!!! Your reasons are pretty much the same as mine and it was nice to see if some people do not "get it" that there are others out there that do!

You hit he nail right on the head. You say it so well!
Sharon (UK)

Okay, so this was flipping fabulous. And now I want to have another baby. So I have to go call my husband. Maybe he can come home for lunch.

Cathy, that was awesome! And inspiring, so want to do something like that someday -- YOU ROCK!

Thanks for sharing - what a great video. It's good to be reminded why we scrapbook. It's not about having the latest and greatest product (although that sure adds to the fun). It's about recording the little snippets of life. It's about writing down things that I don't want to forget. It's about a great photo that draws you in and makes you smile every time you see it. It's about things that I want my family to remember too. Is this a great hobby or what?

I love it... it's awesome!

Wow Cathy, do you do weddings? jk
Beautiful... just beautiful!

Very cool montage with a great message. I can imagine that you are a very good & inspiring teacher. Excuse me while I open up iPhoto now...

Ah, (big sigh) - just lovely ...

Let me just say: I love you.

Nice! Thank you for showing it. Because I'm thinking so much... why do I scrapbook? Why is it's so important for me?
You gave me now the feeling that it's okay, it's beautiful,...

Big hug, Anja

Can I just say that you are awesome? Because you are, you are!

I love it! You put into words what is sometimes difficult for me to describe. Yes, I scrap because it is fun and therapeutic, but also for my him, him, her and me! So they can know what they mean to me, to each other, never doubt how much they are loved...bad choices and all. Every little smelly, stubborn inch of them, lol.

Awww, so sweet and so true. I probably said this before some place but I will say it again, my baby boys will be 31 and 24 in January but you know what? When the tough times happen, they still call Mom. Despite some really rough times and trials while they were growing up, we seem so have made it. I can't life them up very well any more but they still need me from time to time.

And, for those with little people that are still light enough to carry and haven't yet learned to give you teenaged lip ;), enjoy every minute.

Thanks again for a wonderful reminder of why I need to schedule my creative time.

I really need to use the preview feature :P.

That was a really lovely video, and although I don't scrapbook (I haven't even managed to print photos on a regular basis for at least 4 years!!!), I do make movies of our days, for much of the same reasons that you list in your presentation. You are all so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it--it was fun to watch and inspired me to actually print a few of my best photos out and put them on some nice paper. Until then, I'll just keep making movies. :)

It's are the "Queen Of All Things Cool"!!!

Thanks so much for the perspective and the beautiful reminder of why we do what we do. I really enjoyed your video montage. So did my 8-year-old daughter!

That was really cool. Thanks for sharing!!

what is the title of this song? I want it so I can think of this video in my car. Or maybe it can remind me of how special every little thing is.

DEEEE-lightful. It was fun to see some of the same pictures I have grown to love in your books.

Thanks! At the end of a crazy day, this reminded me I should stay up just a few mins more to journal a few bits about our crazy life too! (For my him,him,him,her and me!!)

Amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing
it with us.

Those movies are just so damn cool. They almost make me want to go out and get a life. Almost.

fun video, fun song.

makes me want to go scrap about my ordinary day today, which when I look at the details was an EXTRA-ordinary day.

Hi Cathy
that was truly beautiful, emotional, inspiring and so,so good. I wish I had but an iota of your creativity. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome stuff

Very neat montage. Scrapbooking is good because life is good.
However I was expecting to see your orange sweatshirt somehow in the video. Haven't seen it in ages.

Thank you for sharing this with us this morning.
You have put into photos what I have struggled to explain in words.
Last week , for what felt like the 100th time, I was once again trying to explain what it is about this hobby that pulls me in. Why I connect with the stuff,the people,the photos,the memories and the act of cutting & gluing. Finally after my feelings were hurt,I was frustrated I decided I am done explaining or trying to justify.
Your video was a much kinder and gentler explanation, from now on I will refer them to this post.
Once again I wish you were my neighbor, so much cooler and better music than the wierd guy next door!

I have never left a comment here before, but that was truly wonderful!!! I want to do that , but I am too .....what do you say, not good at technology... nontechnological, I guess! I wish I could overcome, but there just aren't enough hours in the day!
Loved it, coveted it, drooled, and commented, what more can I do???

That was awesome--I remember when I went to CKU San Jose years ago and you showed the class something similar to this and I was inspired. You were my absolute favorite person there. I might not scrapbook much but you moved me so much that I took the big step to get my business off the ground. Your ideas inspire people beyond scrapbooking, how about that? :)

Extraordinarily wonderful - including the underwear shot! Thanks for sharing, Cathy! Carol

wowsa...I'ma teary eyed!! I haven't had time lately to scrapbook and I am so worse for the wear because of it. Thanks for the beautifully put, nudge! I needed that!

completely unrelated to neato youtubage, but i just wanted to share with you another reason i think minnesota is a fun place (and this compliment comes from a neighbor to the east, so that means something!).

politics and really ridiculous bickering, minnesota style (you will appreciate #5...a lot):

Awwwww - sniff - that was wonderful! Seriously! Thanks for posting and sharing, 'cuz that's just the kinda gal you are. It's all just a blink fast...


Awesome. I was transfixed. You sum up this hobby (well, more a way of life!) so well. feeling warm and fuzzy. Thanks Cathy.

I remember watching this in Sydney and Cole coming in and asking, "so who wants my autograph?"

you cool girl XO

That was a great montage, you truly inspire me! Thanks Cathy!


You definitely brought tears to my eyes. That was awesome. I love seeing you and your family. My family is minus my husband. He decided the grass was greener. I am realizing Connor, Lauren and I don't have to be the "typical" family to be happy. Neil Finn is awesome. Thank you for sharing a little slice of your life!

Paula H.
Erie, PA

Love the video! So perfectly timed - great pics, great words - everything. You rock, Cathy Z.!

Two points...
Firstly your a nut
Secondly you made me cry... hahaha
thanks, happy sunday to you.

I really love this video! Well done!

wow thanks so much for sharing! My mom is really into doing these photo montages, and I am going to share this site with her tonight. Thanks

Oh My!! Wonderful!!! it is so why we scrapbook isn't it. Even though our lives are very different they are also very similar in that respect. All sisters of the scrapbooks!!

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