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December 02, 2008

A Year of Tags for You


Sometime awhile back, I had a fun idea to make a book of tags for one month. (Read all about it here.)

From time to time, I've received requests for more tags, and I finally got off my duff this weekend and made a complete set. The tags are little, fun, and easy. You can do with them whatever your little crafty heart desires. I did a few like this:

I have that little album sitting on a small easel and I look at it regularly. It's little. And cute. Two things I most strive to be. So there you go.


So here you go, one full year of print ready taggers in PDF format. You could even make a tag book for December. It's only the 2nd day in... enjoy!

(Mac users can just click and the files should download, or do a "Save Link As"; PC users, I'm not 100 percent sure, but you may also have to "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." If some super smart PC users knows, post in the comments!)

Download a-jan.pdf
Download b-feb.pdf
Download c-march.pdf
Download d-april.pdf
Download e-may.pdf
 Download f-june.pdf
Download g-july.pdf
Download h-aug.pdf
Download i-sept.pdf
Download j-oct.pdf
Download k-nov.pdf
Download l-december.pdf


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Thank you so much! I've saved them all for a cute & quick 2009 mini, and printed Dec. tags to add to my "Dec. Daily/Merry Days" album! I'm a PC user and there is a little Save button that comes up when you open the file (it looks like a floppy disk).

Cool! Thank you!

just open it and you can save it from the PDF or right click and "save target as"

Thanks Cathy!!!

Thank you Cathy! Such a cute format!

Thanks! I am planning to document the whole month of December in a mini album. This will make it easier to do.

LOvE your tags.

Thanks! I am planning to document the whole month of December in a mini album. This will make it easier to do.

LOvE your tags.

Thanks! I am planning to document the whole month of December in a mini album. This will make it easier to do.

LOvE your tags.

Thanks! I am planning to document the whole month of December in a mini album. This will make it easier to do.

LOvE your tags.

Aren't you the coolest little chickie ever!!!! Thanks for creating these - let the fun begin!

CZ thanks for sharing the templates. I'm off to being documenting December. Also just downloaded your SS Gratitude template. Thank you!

Okay so I didn't spell check... I going to "begin" documenting December... Guess I've go to get to "being" in December to "begin" documenting:)

thank you for doing this for us!

Sweeeet! We used the August tags to document our summer vacation at the beach. Several times since then I've yearned for Sept-Dec tags. Thank you!!

I just found my March, April, May tags last week and thought it would be cool to have more. Thank you!!!

From one Cathy to another.... thanks so much for these tags.... I'm sure we will ALL find a good use for them!

Thanks Cathy, fun. Love your Do not try is at home tag.
Karen G

Thanks - these look great and will be fun! ~TanyaS

Wonderful and fun tags...lots of possibilities. Thanks so much for sharing.

got them all printed on colored cardstock ready for 2009. thanks!

Hey there, little and cute!! Thanks so much for giving the gift of your time and talent -- we're the happy recipients - go us!!


How cool are you?! Hella!

I'm thinking about making a MINI mini-tag book for the year, only doing one front-and-back per month. Is that cheating? I'm lazy.

Thank you Cathy, I made the tags earlier this year and I loved the format, easy to use. I have been patiently waiting for the rest of the year! Thanks again, now I can make a December book!

Thanks! ... I did one back in May... oh man, it doesnt seem like that long ago. oh, how time flies!

Thank you so much!! I was just thinking about these the other day. You rock!!

wow - thank you!

I made one the last time you posted this for April....had a blast...and it too is sitting on a little easle at my desk. Definitely doing one for next year!

YOU ROCK Cathy! I have been dying to make this tag book but being the OCD personality that I am I couldn't do it without having the entire year! Thank you SO SO MUCH for allowing me to complete that obsession :)
Merry Ho Ho to you and the family!!

Thank you!
Sandi rock! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for these adorable tags!
Have a groovy day!

Thank you for the tags! I wanted to do Ali's Daily December album but was a bit overwhelmed. I love your idea of using a tag a day. No pressure! Off to take some pictures!


Where did you get the cool little easel? I've been looking all over for one? Thanks, Deb

Yup, you rock! Just what I need to complete my Daily December album.

THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!! Thanks so much for spreading a little bit of love with all of us!

Love back at'cha,

thanks so much for the post, Ive been looking all over the web to learn more about my wifes favorite passtime in hopes of finding the perfect christmas gift. These tags are amazing.

how cute! i do the 12x12 each month and absolutely love that album. and scrapping holidays and birthdays are not my favorite thing... so, here is the answer... i am going to make a small tag album of holidays and birthdays. thanx cathy!

Love this idea, Thanks Cathy!

you are so talented--
and WAY too kind.

Thanks so much Cathy! You rock!!!
I was hoping you would make some more of these, they are really fun. Happy December!

I downloaded the other tags you made and forgot I had them. Thanks for the reminder and more!!! I didn't get my act together for Ali's Daily Dec. album this year, so maybe I'll try this instead. Thanks again! :)

Thanks. I was thinking about these last week.

Thank you for sharing...I used these when I made Ali's 1 week album. I am doing one week out of each month for my album and your tags were perfect for it. Thanks again.

thanks, Cathy, you're the best!

Thanks for sharing with us. I am going to document December daily somehow. This will save me some work! Thanks.

Thanks for these. Generous as always.

Yup that seals it! You're super-dee-duper awesome! Thanks!!

This is awesome! thanks for sharing

Thank you! Just the nudge I need for a quick present.

Thank you. I loved the spring ones. I'm going to use this for a quick overview of 2009. Thanks for sharing your talent so freely with all of us.

Cathy, Thanks! Do not know yet when I will use it, but I know I will use it soon.

AAAAHHH! I love you for that "goodie"!!!
HavenĀ“t finished April, but like this stile and shape of tag very much. So I can continue!

Thank-you Cathy...these are an early Christmas present! Many thanks again!


These tags are so cute! Thanks for the download!

I'm a novice, so I was wondering if you could explain how to put the grommets on around the hole. Thanks!

Thanks BUNCHES! I plan to print them all out on Ivory Cardstock, and use them to jounral some highlights from each month. It'll be a quick and easy project and get the whole year "scrapped" at once!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the tags Cathy! Maybe I can get motivated to record stuff now! Instead of straining my brain to try and remember!

Thanks Zathy, you're da bomb! I have been procrastinating about doing Ali's December album, what format I would use, what size, would I have something to say EVERY day, etc, etc, Now I know, I will do the tag thing for December. Fantastic!!!!

Thank you thank you! Love these tags and can't wait to work on them again. I think they will be perfect for the 25 days of Christmas album.

You rock!!

These are so cute. Thank you very much! Have a great December.

Thank you for sharing with us!!!

Awesome! Now I have a fun little *simple* project to get me going in the new year. You rock.

Hey Cathy, it's Fabi again! Can you see me waving my arms, trying to get your attention? I hope I did... I really loved the video you posted the other day (the one you made for New Zeland) and felt inspired to venture myself into iMovie. I'm a member of Scrapdiary (a Brazilian scrapbooking community, don't if you heard of it) and I used the images from our end-of-the-year party this past weekend.
Since you've been sharing so much in our class, I'd love to share this with you:

Take care!

Thank you, thank you! These are great!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating and sharing! Just what I need to jump start a new project! Thank you again!

THank you! I can't wait to try it!

thx for the share--love your blog. about died on the elves post...hilarious!

ThankYouThankYouThankYou!! I have been waiting so patiently for these!!

Thank you so much! My friends love the April ones I did. Now I can make them their own little tag books as gifts to them for Christmas. Thank you so cute!!!!!

Cathy, In a two words, YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. They are totally do-able! And they'll be a great help in scrapping for this month. Thanks again.

Thanks Cathy... you are seriously the BOMB.COM!

Very generous of you to share your creations! I was just starting my Christmas favorites photo/journal and these are perfect. Thanks so much and God Bless

Thank you so much! Great, onto the next project, fun.

Love the tag idea. You could use it for any thing. We are finishing our basement and I think I will use this format to document the procress. Cute, quick and in one little place.

These are wonderful, Cathy - thank-you for so muc for such a generous spirit! I will make my this month for 2009...

Thanks! I love it!

Thanks a lot!!

Thank you very much! My mind is spinning with ways to use these! Also, love your Thanksgiving comments about family and blessings. That's exactly how I feel too.

Thank you!

I'm going to get a lot of use out of these!

love these little tags! My sister-in-law is having twin boys later this month (scheduled c-section on 12/30). I am planning to print out one set of tags for each of the babies so she can write little notes/add photos to the back of the tag throughout the year! great little mini album to capture some of the "firsts" throughout the year! Thank you!!

Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed right now. My husband was recently deployed and I am making him a mini book each month of the homefront happenings. Cathy, you are so creative AND generous.

You are a total gem. I have been wondering how/when I could ever get up the nerve to ask you for the rest of the months. I didn't want to be high maintenance and all...but, I really thought they'd make a cute 2009 mini...I followed along with you and did one for March...and I love looking back at it! Can't wait to use these soon! And, THANKS a million!

thank you...

Hi CZ...I came to check in to your blog for the day and got reading previous postings (that I've read before but they're just so darned good!) and I came to this post about the year of tags. I downloaded some when you first offered them but tonight I downloaded all of them, Jan-Dec. I don't remember if I thanked you for these the first time around so I'm thanking you know for sharing your creative genius. I love the tag book/album concept! Hope you had a great weekend!

i heart these tags.

thank u so much

Thanks a lot for these -- I look forward to making a mini book sometime soon. :-)

many thanks!

Thanks so much for these tags, Cathy! I scrapped my February tweets using them - click on my name to view (sorry, it's in Finnish).

Cathy!!! Thanx sooo much 4 everything...whenever i have scrapbooking block, i always visit your blog and find something are much cheaper than a therapist!! And...i love your new runnign phase (that's is my 2nd hobby too!)

This template you are using. Is it free. And I like the fact that you can use lots of your own picutes.
What is the name of it.
Thank You.

Im not sure which template you are talking about. Can you clarify? : )

Thank you, i love your work !!! (sorry I'm french... lol)


Bom trabalho,lindo albo

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