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December 18, 2008

Just a little something to help with your weekend wrapping


And no, I'm not talking about personalized lessons from LL Cool J, though wouldn't THAT be a giveaway?

No, I'm talking about gift tags. I did some major wrapping last night, but first had to design a quick and simple tagger for my packages. (I don't use bows on my gifts. Just tags. It's... cleaner somehow.)

Anyhoo, these couldn't be easier. Just print and trim.



Download gift_tags.pdf

If you don't like the colors, you can open the PDF in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop  (File > Open), and change the color quite easily.



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Thanks Cathy! These are perfect! I also only use tags for most of our gifts- I feel like it is so wasteful to add ribbons and bows that just add to the huge pile of garbage on Christmas day.
Happy Christmas to you and yours!


Great tags! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas.

you are such a giver!

Thanks for the tags! I try not to mess w/ bows on packages we ship - these tags are perfect!

Wow these look great! Thank You Cathy

I only use tags too.... our cat chews on the bows..... some how doubt people want cat slobber as part of their gift. lol

Thank you for the tags....I ran out last night and didn't think of making my own......

Thanks so much!

Love them! Thx! :D


Those are cool.....thanks!

Thanks Cathy,
That's one thing I won't have to spend time designing this year - I know it doesn't take that long, but at this point, time is of the essence. Your the best!

Great Tags thanks for sharing!

Those are great! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for picking me in the post below too! I was SO SO excited to see my name listed as the winner this morning (I've emailed you). You made my day a happy one!

Happy Holidays!

Thnx a million. OOH these are going to come in handy! Happy Holidays Cathy to you and yours. May 2009 bring you happiness, health and joy!

winnipeg, MB

You're awesome! Thanks!

Just what I needed. I made some handmade ones, but not enough. These will be perfect. Thanks.

Just what I needed. I made some handmade ones, but not enough. These will be perfect. Thanks.

I love free stuff! Thank you so much!

Thanks, Cathy!

Thanks for the download! You rock!

I made some a few days ago- as a freebie. Available HERE:

Thanks you so much for sharing these!

You're the bomb! Thanks for sharing.

I never use bows either, but not because of looks. When I first married we ALWAYS had to go somewhere for Christmas, usually several somewheres. The bows always were squashed! So now I leave them off and have a cute tag. For years I would print a business card with a picture of our daughter and "To" & "From". Then they just come apart at the perfs. No cutting!

Thanks, Cathy!

Thank you for the tags! Merry Christmas!

thanks!! love the simple design.

These are beautiful. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Cute tags! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


You just whipped those up? I need a class on whipping up such cool things!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love these!

Thanks Cathy!

Thanks for sharing...Merry Christmas!

Just what I needed to finish up my packages. Since we travel for Christmas, I never use ribbons - love using just tags!! Thank you for sharing.


thank you!
these are great.

Thanks for the tags Cathy - what a great idea. I just spotted Culture Clubs Victims on the side there. I did a Band Aid thing on my blog after I'd seen yours, I used to sing Victims over and over and over....but posted something different to illustrate their contribution to the 80's.

Thank you, Thank you!! I love these :)

Thank you, Cathryn! I can really use these.

Thank you Cathy. I am grateful for this.

Adorable. Thanks!

Oooh me likey!

Wow, how did you know? Thanks for coming to the rescue. Merry Christmas!

I love that they're so clean & simple. Thank you Cathy, & Merry Christmas to you & yours.

Cute! Between these and the free download from Big Picture, I am good to go, girl!

PERFECT! Thanks Cathy! :)

These are wonderful--thanks--my gifts are all under the tree with no tags--if anyone moves them around I won't know how they go to--better go print those tags now!!

Thanks for sharing! One of these days will you share how you just design something so quick and simple?

Thank you! You rock!

Thanks for sharing. Before I had kids, my packages were all nice and neat with handmade bows. Now I quickly wrap everything and write their names on the package. But now with your wonderful tags I don't have to this year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Thank you :)

these are awesome Cathy! THanks so much for sharing! What font did you is great!!

Thank you so much for sharing. These are awesome, simple, and just my style. No bows here either.

You can't believe how helpful these are! I was just thinking that I am running out of time and will not be able to make tags this year. I am just too far behind. These? I can do! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the tags! What a great idea, and they're so cute too!

Thank you. I just started working on my Christmas tags and these will go just fab.
Merry Christmas to you. :)

Thank You Thank You Thank You! I so needed gift tags and did not want to go to the store - and guess what, they match the red, green and white wrapping paper I wrapped every gift in this year. Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much Cathy, does this mean I have to get organised and start wrapping the presents now!
Seriously, thank you very much.

Thanks, Cathy! These are awesome! Simple and cute!!

Thanks for the tags. I am looking forward to getting back on Design Your Life Track after Christmas.Loving the class. Jess

Thanks CathY!

these are tagalicious thanks! tena

Awesome tags, thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the tags Cathy! And Thank you for everything from your DYL class. I loved it, and I'm sad it is over. But I learned sooooo much and I have started a blog so I can now post all my pages with confidence becasue I know thy have great design behind then...and all thanks to you.
Merry Christmas!

Thank you! Merry, merry Christmas!

I have a quick question ... what type of paper did you print those on? I really like the texture of that.

Thanks Cathy...sharing is what this holiday is all about!

Thanks, Martha - er I mean Cathy:) You are the best! Have a very Merry Christmas!

thank you! and thank you for the time, effort, and crazy video fun in Design Your Life. (my 6-going-on-7-on 12/26 daughter especially loved my crazy, in a good way, teacher!)
merry christmas!

Thanks so much!!!

Thanks Cathy for the great download..A very Merry Xmas to you and yours..Have shared this link a couple of times thanks honey!

Have I ever told you that you ROCK! Because you do! I so need these today, thank you so much.

Cathy, thanks for the tags! Per usual, as I start my wrapping I can't find last years tags. On the other hand, there may not be any from last year, cause often times I just write the recipient's name on the bottom of the gift!!

Thank you so much for sharing. This is the reason for the season...sharing and giving back. You are ahead of the game!

Thank you these are terrific. I printed yesterday and used them. I am now official done with making and wrapping xmas gifts.
Just the ticket!!!

Thanks so much for the tags! My Christmas wrapping had come to a halt because of my lack of tags - what a lucky coincidence ;)

Hey Cathy-
I used these today, they were fantabulous! Thanks so much for the share.

Thanks, Cathy! These are great! They came just in time for my gift wrapping night - printed them on sticker paper and made my husband cut them out with pinking scissors! So cute! I even used red for one child and green for the other. I'm obviously enjoying this one small victory this season since I have 2 days to finish everything else!

thank you these are wonderful I have to just use to my family there is no
"from" on them! Boo hoo...but they work out great...thanks again! Hugs Grace

Hey Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Hey Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for sharing your gift tags. I have just printed them out on Papyrus cardstock and they look great.
Best wishes to you and yours.



You are so sweet to share these! The are just perfect. Thank you! Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays rock as much as you do!

Thank you so much!
These were great!
Merry Christmas!
- Lee

this is the second time I am reading this post b/c a) I love the original church photo and b) b/c the ways you altered the newest photo makes me laugh! Thanks!

thanks Kathy! I missed them at Christmas, but now I'll be prepared for next year!

Great tags!!! Thanks, Cathy...

Some have pictures of famous art works.Often times a slight change in angle or a step left or right can solve the problem and make a photo so much better.

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