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January 15, 2009

What a cool and lucky ride


My beloved Simple will soon cease to be published. You can read the official announcement here.

Lots of emotions around this. I'd hoped to write something really clever, and witty, and fun to read. Something that would make my blog readers smile, maybe laugh out loud once or twice. I was going to present of list of alternative things I could do. Some of them were quite entertaining. Really. They were.

But I'm a bit too sad to do that. I've loved being an art director for a magazine whose subject I adored, and whose staff I was so incredibly fortunate to work with. My official last day with Simple is Feb. 27th. What's on the horizon? Stay tuned.

I'm sure I'll write more about this later. For now, thanks Stacy and everyone at Simple and CK Media for letting me part of a pretty dang cool thing. It was an absolute honor.



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Wow...I can't believe it's not going to be published anymore! I've been a subscriber since the get go. That's really too bad. I loved that magazine.

Hey Cathy - please know you are all in my prayers and on my heart as you go through the grieving process for this dear magazine that has been an good friend and cropping buddy to me since the very first issue.

I'm sorry, Cathy. I know you won't be going away, though. Simple was a favorite of mine and will be truly missed.


WHAT?!?!?! Is it April Fool's Day? I'm sorry about your job loss. You all did an amazing job.

Wow, so sorry that you will loose your job, but I have to admit that I would rather read your blog with great ideas than to subscribe to a magazine that never seems to get off my kitchen counter. I know you will find another job and will be great at whatever you decide to do so keep us posted.

I was so sad to see the news tonight! Your contributions were my favorites in the magazine. I'm sure we all understand the reasons for this, but that doesn't mean we have to like it, does it? I hope to see you continue your Clean & Simple style, in CK or ??? Thanks CZ!

Oh Cathy, I am soooo sorry to see Simple end. I can't imagine what you all are going through. At least we can still follow you on your blog! :-)


What? NOOOOooooooooo!! Well that's a right pisser. Thank god I still have your blog to read! ;)

I'm sad too. It's always been a happy day when my new issue arrived in my mailbox and I could check out what all my 'friends' had been working on. Simple will be missed...

i am bummed. i love when that magazine comes to my house every other month... oh, what will i do?

How sad. I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Your issues are always full of wonderful layouts and great articles.

Oh man...that makes me so sad. :( I remember when SS started up. Sigh...I'm so sorry, girlfriend.

Oh Cathy this is so so so sad. You and that magazine opened my creative eyes to that I can do this and I will be forever grateful. thanks a million. I know there is big things out there for you. CYnthia

My heart is hurting tonight, Ziel. I'm sorry we're going through this. More, I'm sorry YOU'RE going through this. Simple will be missed.

I {heart} you and will cherish our Simple times together!

Hugs Cathy- you're the main reason I subscribed to that magazine, so wherever you go, i'll follow. :D I'm stalking you i guess... SS was the best paper scrapping mag hands down and I hope that it's true that CK will be absorbing some of SS into that mag.

Peace, hugs and positive thinking- I know you and the SS gals will carry on to do something even more wonderful.

I never thought I'd grow to love a magazine so much that tears would well up at the thought of it not being published anymore.

I'm so sorry to hear this news.

I'll continue to be one of your biggest fans and will follow you where ever your path takes you next.

Hugs to you!
Kim (ZoezMom)

Noooo!!!!! This makes me so sad. I just started reading Simple this year and I never imagined it would be gone so soon. Sure I get CK too, but I need BOTH to get my scrapping media fix!

In unselfish news, Cathy, I'm so sorry that you're in limbo. I hope I see you in CKmag.

After recently losing my job in the scrapbooking field, I understand what you are feeling and going through. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and share your wonderful ideas, I know you will continue to kick butt the way you always do. :)

*wail of anguish* First they get rid of their Digi mag, and now Simple? Noooooooooo!

More importantly, I'm terribly sorry you're losing your job with SS. Hopefully they have a place for you at CK, or are compensating you with a kickass cruise around the world for you and the family.

This magazine rocked and I loved it above all others! I feel like rioting!
So sorry for you and I really hope CK will continue on with the simple stuff and not stick it to the side.
hang in there!

I'm sorry that it's the end of a great era for you. I love that magazine.

I wish you'd do a subscriptiong based online zine--I'd subscribe...and there would be no publishing costs...hmmmm. Think about it at least. :)

I am so very sad. for all of us. hopefully something better will come along. Your contributions have kept me a subscriber. I will follow you wherever.....just let us know.

I feel so bad for you. My daughter lost her job last week. It just sucks right now!

I was so sad to see this news and I immediately worried about what would happen to your job. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

I just read about this on another site and immediately thought of you Miss Cathy. I am so sorry that this has come about. I will miss SS a great deal. Please know that you have a HUGE following and I am sure there are more great things in store for you and from you. Take care and be well.

Im so sorry, Im kinda teary eyed...

What a bummer. :( I'm not so good at endings, but I'm holding on to the idea that something great is around the corner.

Cathy, Hugs for you. Know that we feel your pain too, yet not in the exact same way. Simple will be missed by many.

What to say that hasn't already been said? SORRY, isn't enough. SS has been my inspiration for I can't remember how long! Know that you and yours and all the other SS people and their families are in my prayers.

I'm so sorry for this. The scrapbook world has just lost, to me, the best magazine out there. I'm glad it led me to your work, and I will continue to be a fan.

I'm so sorry for you. I have always been a subscriber to Simple. I will surely miss all the great things you have taught us. Thanks for all you've done. I'm sure there will be some way for us to get our CZ scrapbook fix.

I'm so sad to hear this...Simple is such a great magazine--I love the philosophy and inspiration in all the issues. :(

The futurist in me is wondering where the sb industry will go...there was a report on MPR the other morning about Creative Memories filing for bankruptcy and a lot of LSS shuttering their doors.

I'm sure you'll have more opportunities, but I still feel so bad for you and all the Simple staff. Sending prayers and support...

Guess it's over… call it a day… what's the use in tryin' to anyway?

(Sorry, I'm having a major Peaches & Herb flashback. Anyone? "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late." Is the song ringing a bell? Are my late 70s showing?)
Sound familiar??
The magazine will be sorely missed, but thank god I still have your blog. I'll look out for you at BPS as well?? Please say yes?

This is so disappointing. I have been with simple from the first issue and I'm so sad to hear it will cease. I was bummed that Stacy left and then Donna. Atleast I could still get my 'Cathy' dose. I hope to read your blog and hear of where we can find you and your work. Thank you for the years of inspiration:)
-faithful follower

1. I hope that you can keep your job in CK Media. They are an awesome company, and you are one of its rock stars.
2. I'm sad to see this magazine go. It was an inspirational read and it always inspired me to get something done.
3. Since I will be a Creating Keepsakes subscriber after Simple is done, I hope that they integrate the "no fear and have fun" approach that made the magazine so special.

Just know what amazing things you accomplished and how many lives you had a positive impact on; it was more than just paper and glue so much more. And if that doesn't help, just show your typepad stats to anyone & they'll be able to see what a goldmine you are. Plus. Your books are really solid.

sucks mucho!
I love the mag and will miss it greatly.

My heart is breaking at this news. Many thanks for all your work over the years. I hope I can still read you and see your work here and elsewhere. I've read every Simple published and loved them all.

I am so sorry for your job loss and I wish you the best of luck in your next endeavor. You are not alone!

What a crappy way to start the new year! So sorry about the job. Just know you are much appreciated to your blog readers. YOU ROCK!!!

You. will. be. missed. The magazine itself was paper and ink, but the heart and soul of it was you, Stacey, and the other contributors, editors, etc. The lessons I've learned through SS will always be with me - lessons that go beyond scrapbooking to really taking a look at life and what's important, and then documenting that, for one. I will still addictively check you blog many times a day for new posts. Wishing you the best of luck in whatever new endeavor you pursue or are called to - you will rock in it all!

It is my favorite scrap mag. =( It is how I scrap... simply. I will still be following you... reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for that!

Simple Scrapbooks is my favorite scrapbook magazine and I had let all my other subscriptions go to keep only what I felt was the best. I loved your BPS class and never thought I could really learn design and get better. You are a wonderful teacher and made such a difference in my scrapbooking. I have both of your books. When I am online (time is tight there I have three small children) your blog is the one thing I keep up with, by the way thanks for the info on the Kelly Corrigan book-I finished it today and loved it so much I may read it again and am definitely passing your YouTube link of her on to several friends. I feel like you are another one of my mom/scrapbooking friends that keeps me up on what's going on since my world is so currently consumed with changing diapers, feeding people round the clock it seems, and getting kids where they need to be when they need to be there. When it's too late to chat with a friend and I haven't anything interesting to chat about anyway because I have been so consumed with my kids, I can go to your blog anytime and have a connection with a grown up, and one that has a common interest (scrapbooking), but also the shared roles of mom, wife, woman, friend. I guess I am saying thanks for being there, on the blog, keeping me informed. You give me something to look forward to that is just for me.

I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm sure you'll find something equally fabulous and perfect, but it won't be the same for you and that's hard. I know all that "everything happens for a reason; one door opens; blah blah blah" might help, but sometimes you get to just sit down and think this is sad and it really kind of sucks. I feel for ya. Just saying.

That bites. SS is my fave. I subscribe to both CK & SS, but if I had to choose one, it would be SS hands down.

Sorry, Cath!!

This is happening to so many people, in so many industries...We're all behind you CZ, so time to start your own mag - Bits and Pieces, maybe? Once the economy perks up again (and it WILL eventually) you can take your creative endeavors to the next level. You know you could write for anybody. We'd all follow you there. SS was my favorite. I'll miss it. You've got all kinds of great things ahead of you, and a great following. Hey, use it for the greater good!

Do you know that your blog banner kind of appears to read as "Bits and Pie"? An unfortunate coincidence seeing as how you just started WW.... and I am totally messing with you BTW.... because joining WW is something that I should have done but thought eh; what the hell - I'll enjoy it vicariously through you!! :-D *ha ha*

I agree that this news just absolutely sucks. Simple is my favorite magazine as well. I was just thinking of getting rid of CK as a cost cutting measure and just keeping SS. $@&%!

Now, in my perfect world, you would head a new 10 page (minimum) portion of SS WITHIN CK magazine, if only they would allow it. What are we devotees of the simple approach to do now?

Good luck in whatever you do, and trust that we will follow you there.

I confess to secretly reading your blog for years and never once leaving a comment. Your blog has always found a way to cheer up my day and make me laugh. I've never met you in person or collaborated with you and I feel like after so many posts I am your friend. I cannot even imagine how you and your "real" friends are dealing with this reality at Simple Scrapbooks. I wish you and all your true friends at Simple the best. I don't really believe in luck, I believe in blessings. Simple Scrapbooks has been a blessing to everyone it has reached. I hope you will always remember that. I can't wait to see what you do next! I know it will not disappoint

I loved Simple and am so sad. Thanks to all of you for making me a better scrapbooker.

This sucks! I love Simple and I love you in Simple. I can't wait to see what's coming up for you...

I'm so sorry! I hope you find the perfect fit in your new job!

It seems that this is going to be a year of change and transition for alot of us. Be aware you are not alone, thanks for sharing how it really is.
When our God closes a door, He opens a window!

Love ya forever Cathy!!! So, so sad...

I'm a subscriber and really enjoyed the magazine. Simple. Good. I'm sure that the new journey ahead of you will be wonderful as well but I understand the sadness. I send you a big hug. Aloha, Sarah

Well good thing I just started reading your blog...

Sorry I've left rather depressing messages on everyone else's and thought I'd change it up this time.

All the best to you, and everyone from SS, in whatever it is you move on to.

What a great disappointment!!! Simple Scrapbooks will be missed along with all those who have contributed to it's great ideal of simply scrapbooking. I wish everyone at SS the very best. Please keep your blog followers updated on what's next.

This news is heartbreaking. I will keep you and the staff of Simple Scrapbooks in my thoughts and prayers.

I am so sorry. I read the news today, oh boy, and I could believe it. I love love love your work.

I hope you will continue to share your work at CK or where ever you go. Your work is truly amazing.


This is just not on! Can't they get rid of CK instead?
Hope you are doing ok...I know this must hurt. Good luck in whatever you do, and I hope it's something that you love!

I'm so sorry Cathy. SS was my favorite magazine. Looking forward to seeing where your creativity takes you next.

OK...I just read this news on Stacy's blog, and then I checked here, too. I'm really, really sad that Simple is ceasing to be. It was just so GOOD in so many ways. I'm sorry, too, for the impact that the change will have on your life---it is hard to adjust to something so monumental, I can't imagine finding words for it yet. I hope you find something equally as fun to do, but...well, dang. It just won't be the same, will it? I'm sorry!

That IS sad!! :(
Thanks for all the fun hours of reading you've given me!

Wow, this really sucks!!! I hope everything works out for you though. Im sure you wont have a problem finding something equally terrific! Your work is awesome and your blog is even awesomer, ha, new word! but really, good luck and i will continue to read your blog as always!!

So disappointed that this is really happening. The mag is the ONLY sb subcription I've ever had... the only one I thought represented the whole "simple" thing so well. I'm sure the decision will mean upheaval for a lot of people working for the mag, and I wish you all well.

....and in the words of Neil himself.... "Don't dream it's over" :D

cathy I am devastated by this news. I am actually quite shocked by it. I'm so sorry. I truly am.

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm a subscriber and have always loved the magazine (and wanted it to become a monthly). I'll be sorry not to receive it anymore. :( You and the staff are in my thoughts.

Cathy, You know that I love you and your Simple team. I'm so sorry to hear that SS is coming to an end. I hope you will keep us updated on your new adventures via your blog.

Cathy - I'm sitting here about to bawl. I feel like I'm losing an old friend. (I am!) I will be watching to see what you are up to next. You have been my #1 greatest inspiration for the 7 years I've scrapped.

Big hugs!

Looking forward to what you have in store next but really disappointed that SS is ending. I had just dropped CK and renewed my subscription for SS :o( I wish you and your friends/colleagues at SS all the best for the future.

What a bummer! I am, as we say in England, completely gobsmacked! Very, very sad news - SS was always my favourite scrapbooking mag & I shall miss it terribly. Hope we still continue to hear plenty from you, through whatever format. Good luck for the future.

Oh Cathy that is sad news, my heart goes out to you. It's shocked me, it should be the last magazine to be pulled, its such an excellent high quality publication. Spooky too, because I was lying in bed this morning pondering whether SS would be affected by the recession and I turn on my computer to find it a reality. Sixth sense, some vibe in the air. I hope there are positive opportunities behind the scenes waiting for you Cathy. Take care, Paul x

I'm so very sorry! Simple Scrapbooks is my favorite scrapbook magazine, it has made me a better scrapbooker. Hope you are doing ok, is it so obvious that you love your job. Hugs and prayers!

Wow, and here I was hoping someday SS would go monthly - every other month just wasn't enough. Loved your BPS class and loved SS. This is the second magazine this month that has told me it will soon no longer exist. Times really are tough. And while it means one less thing to look forward to in the mail, I realize this affects you and many others much more deeply. We all need to spend the weekend watching You've Got Mail. I feel awful every time Meg Ryan has to close her little bookstore.....

You've got a terrific attitude, Cathy. This too shall pass.

So shocked and desperately sad to read this, Cathy. I hope that you already have another job lined up and/or that you will be able to use your very great design and teaching skills in a way which is enriching and creatively enjoyable and financially sustainable for you ... I hope that the now famous sweatshirt has many more years of fruitful and useful life keeping you comfortable and at ease in front of your iMac screen. Thinking of you all ... alexa

Wow, and here I was hoping someday SS would go monthly - every other month just wasn't enough. Loved your BPS class and loved SS. This is the second magazine this month that has told me it will soon no longer exist. Times really are tough. And while it means one less thing to look forward to in the mail, I realize this affects you and many others much more deeply. We all need to spend the weekend watching You've Got Mail. I feel awful every time Meg Ryan has to close her little bookstore.....

You've got a terrific attitude, Cathy. This too shall pass.

AAACCKKKKKKKK! Horrible news...just when I finally figure out my style of scrapping, my favorite mag is going away. I really hope you have a spot at CK; they'd be crazy to let you get away!!! I love your style and what you stand for and it will be missed. I know you will have a bright future no matter where you go. You have a ton of stalkers, oops, I mean loyal fans :P
Chin up (and maybe now you will have time to write a book based on DYL :) xxoo

Oh no that is bad news I live in Melbourne Australia and finally found a shop that stock the magazine over here and I have been buying it for the last 6 months. I love this magazine it's cleaver and inspiring team makes scrapbooking alot easier by keeping it simple and very interesting. I will dearly miss the magazine.

All the best Cathy I read your blog every week. Keep us posted.

I'm shocked! I guess I shouldn't be with the state of the economy, but this most definitely took me by surprise. My job was caught in a downsizing last fall - and so I understand how that feels. I'm a real believer in the idea that as God closes one door, he opens another. And I hope that the transition to your new life is made easy for you.

On the scrapbooking front, I know that your Clean & Simple style was a HUGE factor in making Simple my favorite publication. Your work speaks to me more than any other. Most recently, I was truly impressed with your DYL class. It was amazing, Cathy - truly. Not only the content, but the way you delivered it with templates, layouts, concepts, assignments, videos, humor - this packaging brought your style alive! As an avid follower of your articles and books, I can say I have truly studied your work - but this class made it so much more real to me.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Until then, you're in my thoughts.

Such sad news, sorry about job loss for the staff. I have loved Simple since the first issue - will miss it much. Glad that there will be some space devoted to the Simple style in CK, but it just won't be the same. Read that you'll still have a role over at CK, which is great news if that's really the case.

I am so, so sorry. You have done a fantastic job and I have loved SS from the very beginning. Thank you for all your hard work, your inspiration and your guideance. If this means you'll be doing more classes on BPS - then I'm so there!

WOW I'm sorry Cathy! SS has always been one of my favorites.

What a bummer! Simple really is a great mag with a great philosophy.
But if there is one thing I have learned about Scrapbookers...we can see positives when things don't go so well!
There are some really bad things happening in our world and as long as we have a happy and healthy family and shelves of memories in our scrapbooks then we are very very lucky!

Oh Cathy, my heart is breaking. I've posted on a few other blogs, but I'll say it here too. I LOVE Simple. Simple changed my life... it helped me see that the everyday things all around me were blessings. In fact, it was your first book that changed the way I scrapped... it introduced me to the world of Simple Scrapbooking, and I've never looked back. Thank you thank you thank you for all you've done... and I will remain a loyal blog follower and hope and pray for the best for you.

Wow! Just found out this morning! Had to see what you had to say. Stacy'd been alluding to "something" for a couple days - I had half a gut feeling, couldn't/wouldn't put it into words....dang.

So much to say - but words don't do it justice. Simple will certainly be missed. Glad to hear other opportunities are opening for you! You'd better keep up that Clean & Simple fight! (good thing you indoctrinated over 1000 minions recently, eh?) ;-)

(well, this'll certainly challenge your diet plans, I'm thinking! here's sending strong thoughts your way!)
Big hugs,

I'm just sad. :-(

simple it my favorite! i will really miss it! best wishes to you!!

If CK doesn't take you and Wendy Smedley with them to put columns into that magazine, then I'm going to have nothing left worth subscribing to. I long ago gave up Memory Makers because it got way too "frou frou" for my tastes. And in general CK is more interested in following the latest trend than in honest down-to-earth scrapbooking. I really do hope they incorporate a lot of SS into their publication. But whatever you end up doing, keep us posted! You've got fans!

Just heard the news and I am so sad for everyone involved in the magazine (and myself since SS was my favorite scrapbook mag). The first person I thought of was you, Cath. What a bummer! I wish you the best in whatever comes your way next.

I've subscribed from the VERY beginning, and will miss the mag. Sorry for your loss...

So sad for everyone at SS and so sad for all of us SS readers who LOVE the magazine. Hope things will work out for you to continue doing something you LOVE, whatever path that takes you.

Oh no! I love SS. Dang it...

Simply heartbroken for everyone who loves Simple. Sending the best thoughts and prayers for all of you personally effected by this decision. What a wonderful group of people; what a sad day.

CZ....knowing how you loved your job at Simple must make this difficult, but I'm confident there is already something great in the works for you! Talent like yours does not go unnoticed nor unrewarded...I'm looking forward to the next post where you will be highlighting very happy news!

This makes me sad on so many levels. Of all the SB mags I have subscribed to, SS was the ONLY one that I continue to get because I loved the content, the look, the philosophy. Hugs to you as you navigate your way through this....

Oh that is just so sad. I'm very sorry that the magazine is stopping. I look forward to still having your knowledge spread using other avenues as I enjoy your clean look on pages. Good Luck.

Well that just SUCKS.
Can't wait to see what's new to come with you...

What?! I need to go read that announcement, but wow, I loved the magazine and blogs and was so refreshed by the lack of commercialism and overdone pages. The magazine was my inspiration to scrapbook, I will be really sad, and sad for you and the avenue that has been taken away from you, and us.

Well, that's a kick in the pants. I'm so sorry, for a couple of reasons. First of all, your loss of a great job, though, with your incredible talent, I'm sure that you won't be in that position for long. And secondly, the loss of a great publications. After 12 years of this hobby, I have finely pared down to just Simple. All I really need. Good luck to you both!

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