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September 23, 2009

Find a picture, add some words


 DIGITAL SUPPLIES: Bellissimo Paper Pack, Weathered Neutrals Paperie, template by Ali Edwards, Courier font

My creative friend an fellow designer Ali Edwards is releasing a new template this weekend over at Designer Digitals, inspired by a recent post from her blog. While Ali did a page that captured her life in the moment, I decided to use Ali's template to capture a slice from the life of One-Three.

And lucky me, I just happened to have a few fresh shots of her ready to be scrapbooked.

I gotta tell ya, this digital thing? Pretty stinkin' cool. I played with this layout for an hour yesterday, swapping out colors and papers. Yet the overall simplicity of the design and concept speaks to me.

Thanks for the coolness, Ali. This, much like Aidan's new hair, rocks.

Look for Ali's template this Saturday at Designer Digitals.


* swoon * I love this template. I love Aidan's hair. I love your journalling. I love you, CZ.

I cannot believe just HOW MUCH she looks like you! Such an amazing resemblance. And reading your list of 10 things right now, well, she is also very much like you in so many other areas as well! I think it is fair to say, like Mother like Daughter! :D

That's Aidan? Wow, that hair makes her look just a bit older, huh? Great layout!

Very it...both the page and the hair...the cut looks GREAT!!!

Nice job.

Question: Will you print it out or keep it digital?

Love her new cut, if I could only be so bold. (fine curly hair sucks!)and I can't wait to get that template from AE saw it on her blog yesterday. Love it too! I love the variation you did on yours.

so very cool! Love it and I'm sure A will cherish this forever.

Hey Denise, good question. I have filed in a new folder on my hard drive called "Digital Pages" under "Aidan". I might send it off to I hear they have great 12 x 12 printing.

Awesome haircut, beautiful layout. May I ask if you use photoshop or indesign to make your digital pages?


Oh my stinkin goodness!! The page rocks ~ as they always do, BUT Aidan is well, how does a mom say this without sounding wierd --- she's HOT!! LOVE her hair and the color is perfect for her! I do hope your dh is ready for the young men that will be beating a path to your door!!:)

Of course - with templates it's photoshop, but otherwise?

Cathy, here's the power of today's post; for a minute it completely erased my anxiety/obsessive thoughts (i.e. I have to organize all my old photos, create a system, get much better at photoshop, solve all the problems of my memory keeping universe.....) and made me want to sit down and make that layout for all my family members right now. You distill it down to what is IMPORTANT. You're so good at that.

great stuff Cathy!

Great LO Cathy! The colors work perfect with these photos and I love the way you made your list. Thanks for sharing!

I love Aidan's hair cut. It looks really great on her. She is a really pretty young lady!

On that little picture in the corner, she looks so much alike you. Look at that smile, it reminds me of yours on a couple of pictures of yourself you have used. And btw, great hair cut.....I have to get mine done too, I can't stand it! Thanks for sharing.

Oh my goodness..this layout is so cool! And your daughter gets cuter and her new haircut! She looks fabulous!

Awesome cut on your girlie girl. Noticed that she is now wearing make-up...growing up way to fast but a beauty in the making nonetheless.

Your layout rock too!


I just love the new hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thumbs up!

Diggin' the digi page CZ! Welcome to the dark side, :)
Great page- could Aidan look any more like you? How cool!

Heidi, this page is from an Ali Edwards PSD layered template from So, Photoshop on this one!

Wow. Thanks. : )

Well, in the past, i always used InDesign, but honestly? Since i've been teaching my classes, i've been using PS a lot more and now i finally get why digi scrappers love it for this.

Love the 10 things idea...I am going to have to steal that one!

Great digital LO!

love it. and she? is beautiful. i'd kill to have that glossy, thick beautiful hair. like i said before, this makes me so excited to see harper and sadie as teens and i hope they are every bit as wonderful as a. is. xo

Wow Cathy - Aidan is becoming such a beautiful young woman - I can't believe how much she's grown since your first book! Well done, mom!

One- three is growing up & looking more & more like her Mama! Great shots, love the new style & the journaling! Great lo

wow, love your layout. And I love Aiden's new hair cut, it is exquisite on her.

I just love how you make your LO's so simple yet have such depth and meaning.

You rock girl, I mean you rawk gurl!!!

I wanna grow up and be like you!!!!!!!

Hi Cathy; I love this idea! I stopped journaling for my ME album (I'm in the class) to write this list for each of my kids. Already wrote out one for my little guy. Thanks for such a great idea!!

Cool layout! the digital frame around the picture?? did you create that - if so how? or where did you buy it. can't wait for this new layout - ali rocks too!

Hi Lori - that is part of the template. It will be available at Designer Digitals on Saturday.

fab page and I must say the new do is very cute and mature ! She looks so much like you on the smaller pic on the lo !

Gorgeous - her, it, you. All of it!

Very cool layout. One-Three is looking very cool these days - I'd say it was a tie in who rocked the short hair...

Isn't digi fun? I don't quite get the angst between paper and digi. I'm not giving up my paper supplies, I just added a few new tools to my scrapping arsenal.

Cathy, she's gorgeous...and looks a lot like you. Enjoy the teen years.

Great pic of Aiden...she resembles "Phoebe Cates" in that pic.

gorgeous layout! She looks just like ya! Looking forward to the template! Thanks for the inspiration!

Hey back to you too from New Zealand ;-)

Glad you liked the paper.

this is such a great, great page. love her.

I so thought that was you in the top picture Cathy till I opened the link. Wow. The apple and the tree. She's a fine young woman and there's that smile of Dan's. Ya done great, kiddo.

Great Layout. Love it!

What a difference a haircut makes. She looks just like you, I thought that may have been a photo of you at her age. Great idea.

The video is a trip and yes the end is slightly inappropriate but still funny. I am in to scrapbooking too and I think your pages are adorable. Thank you for sharing.

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