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October 14, 2009

This Day in Zielske History


This shot—taken Oct. 14, 2005—reminds me of something that quite honestly, I rarely need reminding of: this kid of mine does everything with gusto.

And surely enough, I scrapped the photo back:

Play flat 

Good times.

I think it's a much better picture in color. Don't you?


Excellent Cathy. Love your family wordart frame. I may have to play at that one myself.

My personal favorite is that Cole is wearing camo pants rather than sweats/warm-ups. His own personal sport style.

Yes, the color is better, but you weren't so much into color back then, were you?

I love it, Cathy! :) Cole has definite passion and personality. :) Hmmm...sounds a little like his MaMa! :)

Yes I do think the color is better! Do I sense a "Design Do-Over" coming your way?

I see you've used the Gradient tool in PS (or PSE) - I've tried to do it many times but never get the look that you do...I love it! Any chance you want to give us a lesson? Puh-leeze?!

Everything you do is great.

What font is the journalling in??

Stephanie, I actually use the Pioneer Woman's free photo actions. I love her PW Black and White and her Quick Edge Burn!

: )

They are free!

I too would like to know how to put the gradient frame around the picture. If you could give us a little lesson it would be swell!

Megan, i believe it's Univers Condensed.

Very inspiring. I have a 9 and a half boy just like yours. You've given me a title and something to work with, "this kid of mine does everything with GUSTO". Gusto is a great word that truely describes my son along with intense, concentrated, not half way, maximum power. Thanks for the daily inpiring posts.

I love the frame you made for the picture, and I've followed your tutorial and used it many times already...but I have a question. Can you make the square have rounded corners in PSE 6 for Mac?

Greta shot - looks like he's in a spotlight or floodlight! But never thought I'd hear you say you prefer a colour one to a black and white one!

omg ~ I couldn't love that pic of Cole ANYMORE than I do... You have definately captured his essence!!!

That reminds me Cathy - when do we get to see another Design Do Over?? I really looked forward to those.

Way better in color, just captures the "umph" he had. Loved the journaling too

Susanna, it's a free action. Pioneer Woman's Set 1. Free on her website.

: )

I know. TOTALLY Cole!

Donna, for now, those are on hold. : )

Laurel, i'm sure you can somehow. Try a google search for "rounded corners in PSE".

I saw several links come up. Not sure which one would be the best to suggest.

Alexa, i've changed so much over the years. ; )

That is the best photo! How is it that little boys can look so cute mid-holler, and grown women yelling just look psycho?

Did you use rubber cement to adhere the pic? :)

The photos and stories are magic. He will thank you most of all when he accepts his Nobel Prize, Academy Award, etc.

yep. i feel that the colored photo shows off more of Cole's gusto :)

I adore this picture and it's definitely better in color. Love it!

That must have been your black and white phase? I must say I too have left that phase behind, rarely a photo is converted anymore. Colour has much more life. ANd this photo of Cole is SOOOOOOOO much better in colour.

oh too funny to see this photo in a post today cathy!! i recently purchased your "clean and simple" books and saw the photo in there - FANTASTIC! aren't kids just the best??!!! thanks for sharing :-)

AWESOME picture!!

This would be my second year to participate, if I win this kit. I love my previous year's album and refer to it when thinking about the holiday season...what worked, how did we decorate the mantel, what did the kids wear to bed, etc.....

Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. I would love to win and I've been a very good girl this year :)

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