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June 03, 2011

One of the secrets to making a marriage work?


Never let your spouse blend into the scenery.—Dan Zielske, early 2000s



you crack me up! Thanks for a great Friday start :o)

That is funny! Did you help him pick out the clothes?

ROFL - I'm surprised you didn't paint his face green too!!!

Those are the exact colors of my office/studio! Lol

Oh Too right! You're a good wife!

Thanks for starting my day with yet another laugh. Keep'em coming.

very cute ~~ plus, your hubs must be a good sport so and humor is definately required to make it very long in a marriage. Happy Friday, J

THere must be some great laughs at that house :)

He is such a good sport and it is that he is standing there like there is nothing out of the ordinary about the picture, is what makes it so funny :)

so cute!


Great shirt!

How funny!
you guys are a hoot!

Too funny. I love how y'all are such a bunch of fun-lovin' hams!

I notice an unbuttoned button on his shirt. Fashion forward, or does he need a little MMEL? Either way, he's a dashing dish in green.

You crack me up!!!!!!!

He looks like he should be on the cover of a Talking Heads album.

priceless, Cathy. Thanks to you and Dan for the smile.

Spouse? Where? ;-)

Too funny!

You bought him that shirt, didn't you Cathy? lol


This is too funny! Thanks for the morning laugh, Cathy!

ROFL!! Love it!!

priceless :)

Oh my gosh ... not just the shirt ... the slacks, too! Thanks for the guffaw! :D

he's totally standing the way Cole would! SOOO CUTE

How funny! In sooo many ways.

Love it!

Two things---one at least to be somewhat related to the topic. I celebrated my 38th wedding anniversary yesterday--best tip---separate checking accounts, divide the bills any left after you have paid your part is yours to SPEND.

The real reason I am commenting is that I am looking for a 4 x 6 or 5 x7 template that I can use in PSE to print pictures. I just want to do some hybrid work and just send the template to Costco. Do you have any templates out there Cathy that would do this?I looked on Designer Digitals but it's hard to go through everything.


you are so funny, love it

Good one ;)

Candy, I dont have anything like that, but can you describe exactly what you need and i will add to my collection? Do you mean a multi photo template with 4 x 6s and 5 x7s? (And we have separate accounts. Always have. Makes like a lot easier!)

Made me laugh! Thanks for the smiles. :) You guys crack me up.

Giggle. :) You're too funny!

hahaha!! so funny Cathy - he looks such a nerd!!


Marriage should be taken good care by both partners. Not only one partner should do all the sacrifices but should be the two of them.

Hahahaha. That was awesome. The caption was perfect to.

Hahaha that's quite funny. But you know making relationships last should humor be one of its ingredients. Husbands and wives should have this in between so life would not be boring and spiced up.

Live a happy life everyone!

Marriage is serious stage of life. Couples should always remember to take it seriously because it's not a fun thing that if the two of you can't understand each anymore you just leave each other and search for a another partner.

I burst laughing when I read your caption below the picture. That's really funny. I bet your husband is happily married to you. You have a great humor. I wish you happiness.

Humor is one of the factors that will make your married life long lasting. You will never be bored by the fact that you have someone who will make you laugh all the time.

Yes. I agree for it is very much proven in my life being a married. Humor is very much vital in every relationship to make it last.

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