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July 11, 2011

Feeling the InstaLove (free template download!)


I am feeling the Instagram love, people.

Since picking my my new iPhone last week, I've joined the throngs of phone photo enthusiasts who post their photos to the online stream that is Instagram.


The tilt-shift. The filters. The simple way to snap and share. I love this silly app and I hardly even know it.


But I don't just want to have little photos I love only relegated to cyberspace. I really want to incorporate some of these images into my overall memory keeping system.


I think they'd be perfect to sprinkle into any Project Life albums.


Or, you could do what I'm doing: create a simple page featuring a few of your favorites from the month.


I've created a simple 8.5 x 11 layered template for anyone who'd like to do the same. You can create a fully digital page like I did, and simply print it out onto a piece of photo paper (or, save the entire file as a JPEG and upload to an online photo printer such as and save the page as is.

Or you could also break it apart to create any hybrid variation of this page.

A sweet, simple, slice of InstaLife. Click on the link below the image to download the free template.

Note: this template would also be a great place to showcase some of your Hipstamatic prints as well. Or heck, it's also just a cute template to drop six photos into about anything you love. Play with it as you choose!


Download CZ_InstaFreebie


To see more of my digital scrapbook templates and products, visit my collection at Designer Digitals today.

Want to learn more about the basics of digital scrapbooking? Check out some of my video tutorial posts by clicking here.



Love this! I may have to dust off my instagram app again. :)

What a cool idea, love the pictures. Thanks for the download so that we can play too. Happy Monday to you!

Thank you so much! What a great way to share the photos from Instagram :)

Love your layout. Thanks very much for the template!

Thank you for this great free template! Please tell m which fonts did you use for the title?

Thanks Cathy... now I just have to wait til my old ancient phone dies and I can get an iphone ! :) Elizabeth

Great pics! Thanks for the template! I'm thinkin' I gotta get an iphone!!!

Thanks Cathy! No iPhone in this house but lots of scrappin going on and this is a great template.

Thanks a ton Cathy. I have Hipstamatic, kids love it and would be cool to make a page of their pics (usually me driving lol)

Thank you ... love it ... iPhone coming this week!

Yep. Me too. This is a great way to get the 350 pics on my phone into a memory keeping fomat!

Susanne, one of the fonts (the LOVE font is Univers Condensed Light), the other is Honey Script.

Honey Script and Univers Light Condensed. You dont need those fonts, however, to use the template. The fonts have been converted to artwork so they will read on any computer.

Thanks for the template, CZ! :-) Happy Monday.

Thanks for the awesome freebie!! LOVE IT!

I downloaded the app awhile back but never got around to playing with it. You've inspired me... thanks for the freebie!

You are so dang creative! This is great! Thank you!

Thanks, Cathy! I need to start using the Instagram app again :)

Cathy, This is a bit off topic, but I need help. I want to try some digi scrapbooking, but seriously have NO IDEA where to start. Please give me some advice.

Thanks so much Cathy. I had stopped playing with the App because i did not really know what to do with the pictures. This is great!

Do you hapoen to know if there are any special places to get them ( or the photo booth shots- you have that App, right?) developed? I would love to frame a few.

So glad ypu are enjoying your IPhone! I got mine in April and I can not imagine being without it now!

Thanks for sharing!


Love this! No iPhone yet, but I will be playing with this template anyway! Thank you!

You have such great timing... I just used this app to capture most of the photos from our vacation last week. In fact, just put my 10 favorites on my blog last night! I guess I know where to start!
Thanks for this!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ever since seeing your post last week, I, too, have been a crazy instagram picture fool. Simply perfect timing! I think I can probably do one of these pages for every single day (okay, one would enjoy that but me, but still...) You're the best, CZ!! :-)

I would start by taking an online class. Both and have amazing beginning classes that can really get you started in a way that is simple and do able! That way, you get an overview from professional teachers. Ive taken classes at both places. Very good place to start!

Shannon, I just download them into my iPhoto program from my phone, and create a folder to keep them in. Then, I can change the resolution to 300 and print one on a 4 x 6 sized print. I think they size down to 4 x 4 at full printing resolution. Then you can print them anywhere that does prints!

So glad you got an iphone! They are magic, aren't they? Thanks for the free download. I've saved that puppy in my CZ folder.

LOVE this!! I am addicted to Instagram! =)
Thanks so much!


Thank you for your generous and fun spirit! This template will be great to have. Thank you!


Thanks Cathy! What a nice way to start off a Monday morning. :)

I second the classes at the classes are easy to handle at your own pace and you can always refer to the lessons over and over again plus you get a lot of support on-line via the forums. I believe there are July specials now for the beginner classes. I am a Sprague-fan for sure!

OH this is SO awesome! :) Can't wait to play. I've been Istagram green & now I get to join the fun too!

Still trying to figure out the digi world. Appreciate the free template! xo

Thanks so much - LOVE IT!

Thank you for the cute template! I'm addicted to Instagram too.

thanks for the awesome template Cathy!!!

I've had an iphone for a few years but didn't know how cool the instagram app was until you mentioned it. I love it - how did I live without it? Thanks also for the template. I can't wait to showcase some random photos from today.

Thanks, Cathy! You are very generous!

Cathy, thank you. I know that I don't need to download these fonts to use them in your template. But I need to download them for I can't get enought nice fonts. ;-)

The fonts are rasterized on the title, which means you will not need to do anything. The title words are each on their own layer and they will render exactly as you see here. The journaling is simply Times. You can replace it with any font you like!

Thank you Cathy!

Thanks so much! What a fantastic template :)

I don't have an iphone yet, but I downloaded it for "someday". Thanks so much. :)

Thanks you so much for the the template! Yet another reason I can't wait to get my new iPhone in september.

Love this template! Thanks so much :)

Love this! Thank you!

Just got my new iphone Friday and Instagram was an instant hit for me as well as my sticky finger kids. Thanks for the template! I'm thinking of making it a weekly project.

Thanks so much. Lovely template :)

Waiting for my phone to come in the mail- today or tomorrow. And I know just what app I am buying first. Yummy pictures.

Oh, thank you so much. That is wonderful. I <3 instagram too! It's sooo addicting.

Thank you!!!:)

That's awesome! I love it! I love Hipstamatic (I have Instagram but haven't figured it out yet). :) Thank you.

ok - I've seen this app used a few times on Facebook, but have never tried it. I think I need too. It looks fun.

Thanks Cathy!

I'm totally obsessed too! Thanks for sharing! :)

thanks for the freebie!! :)

postalpix does an awesome job printing the instagram photos. All you have to do is upload to their site using their app.

Love this, Cathy! I don't have an iPhone (I work for the competition - sigh) but I love the idea of capturing quick phone pix in a spread like this. One thing...about the title: is it/would it be easy to swap in another title (created just using text in PSE...?) in its place, since I don't have "instagrams"..? I could probably still use the title because they're kind of "instant" (spontaneous) pix. But might be fun to use a title like "phone pix" or "phone photos" or something a little more generic.

That said - I have no idea how to do this! I can do some very easy digital layouts using a template (clip in photos/papers/etc. and add text on top of layers). But no idea how to create/size something to replace a pre-made title like this. Any hints...?

I instaLOVE you! Where have you been during my iPhone's life? LOL! Anyway this is generous of you. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring us mere mortals. Off I go to scrapbook my instagrams!

Wow. Thank you Cathy for the template. I'm off to go try this app - sounds great!

Yes! The font that the Instagram is in, is called Honey Script, and its free from Youd have to download the font and then create a new text box to drop it in and just delete the layer that contains the word INSTA.

You just need to make a title using the Type Tool. Click an insertion point and start typing, then change the size of the font. : )

Thanks Cathy :-)

this is perfection - how fun! thanks heaps.

You don't know how much this made my day and month. Since getting the Iphone earlier this spring and instagraming:) I don't care if it becomes uncool. I will forever use it. Straight up obsessed with snapping a photo whenever ever the mood strikes me and now I can make LO's!!! You are the bomb Cathy Z!!!! And using my fave font Honey Script!!! It
can't get any better:)

PS I revisited your BPC class ME:Abridged Version using the instagrams as well. It worked perfect:)

Very kind of you, CZ. I, too, am in(sta)love.

I love this thank you.

Oh, for the 3 inch square photos?. Thats a great idea!

Cathy, you are a breath of fresh air. I come here when I need a good belly laugh. Thanks for the template. How did we live without our iPhones?

Merci beaucoup! Always a huge bonus to get one of your fab templates.

Great idea!!! I have a complete album of cel pix! are the best!! Thank you!!

holy moly! two amazing things in one blog visit! I don't really love instagram, but hipstamatic has become my camera of choice, so this template is spot on! and the idea of doing me:tav means I might actually get the album finished. thanks, Cynthia and Cathy!

Thanks for the great template! I LOVE my Instagram & Hipstamatic apps. This will be a great way to showcase more of them :)

Thank you for this template, Cathy! I'm putting together a layout right now. :-)

YEAY! Thanks, Cathy! Perfect template for my shots.

This is so cute. Oh I wish I had an I phone . Thank you for the freebie.

this template is so damn cool!!! thank you so much, cathy!

Thanks a bunch, Cathy! I don't have iPhone & thus Instagram, but I can really use the template for all the cell phone pix my son e-mails me of the girls. Only problem is that his aren't very good res. They become pixelated when I up it, but at least I can save the memory!
Love Dan's "glasses"! Talk about starstruck!
Off now to Font Squirrel to get Honey Script.

Thanks so much Cathy. Now I have a good reason to play with it some more!

Thank you for the template! I took some fun shots during the day today and my page is already sitting happily in my Project Life book. Grateful for the generous gift!

Love to hear this! : )

Thanks so much, Cathy! Love this template! I'm so out of the loop - I didn't know anything about these Insta photos! I now feel a bit more in the loop! :)

This is so great, thank you!! I've been making a spread of 2 digital pages once a month featuring my 16 favorite Hipstamatic photos from the month. I'm planning to print an album at the end of the year. I will definitely make use of this template as well.

Thanks for the template!

Ok, I'm going to give this a whirl. I get lost in trying to get the text in the right layer. Doesn't seem like it should be that hard, especially if I create a new layer for it. But there it is. Just gets messed up very easily. Think I need a bigger screen, for starters. This laptop screen isn't cutting it! :P

I downloaded and installed Honey Light (not something I do every day so it took a little time!), deleted the "insta" layer, and added a "phone" text instead. It looks kinda cool! I had to set the font to 72, though, and that seems to be as big as it will go. Is that what you used for "insta"...?

Whoo hoo! This is very cool. :D

LOVE this! Thanks for the template! I am so inspired by your art work and designs. If you want to see how this looks in a paper 12x12 scrapbook form (or at least my interpretation of it) check out this link

Thanks again!

Kirsten, not sure if youre a 12 x 12 scrapper, but Ive got two camera phone photo inspired templates coming to the Designer Digitals store this weekend! : )

Stacia, sometimes it takes some time to get the hang of it. You just click on the layer with the journaling block, for example, in the Layers Palette. Then, go click on the Text Tool in the Tool Palette. Then, you should be able to click anywhere in the text box, do a Select All (Command or Control + A on the keyboard) and behind typing!

Good luck!

good job!~

Looks great! : )

Hi Cathy! Just wanted to tell you I suggested your template as a sketch on the Studio Calico boards :

I don't work for Studio Calico, I'm just a member. Thanks for the great template/sketch!

Oh and kit killing means finishing up an entire Studio Calico kit.

oh cool! Love the Studio Calico team!

I love your templates, Cathy, and I love them even more when they're free! Thanks very much!

Thanks Cathy! You are so awesome to include us!! Will be putting this download to use asap!! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

thanks, cathy!!!

Yay! I used the template, blogged about it and put a link directing folks to your blog. Thanks again!!

Woo hoo! Thanks Nancy. Whats the link to your blog?

Thanks! Perfect for my PL! (I came from Nancy's blog.)

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