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September 20, 2011

Cozy Fall Mornings


While I realize there are many places in the country where the term "hotter than hades" might still apply, in Minnesota, Fall is most definitely in the air.


From the first official switching on of the heat (last Wednesday) to the first switching on of our instant fireplace, I absolutely savor those sweet, first days of chilly air that come every September.


Uggs trade places with flip flops for the morning bus stop runs, and yoga pants make their triumphant return. (Muffin tops everywhere cheer for Fall temperatures!)


Hats and gloves come out of storage, finding their way onto a 6th grade boy's head who in turn makes goofy faces when his mother insists on taking a picture. (Taken on the first day of school.)


No. He won't live to regret this one at all.

In celebration of Fall, however, Cole has decided to take advantage of his insanely huge hat collection, vowing not to wear the same hat twice during the entire month of September. So far, so good. In fact, to make sure he doesn't mess up the order, he's using one of his many journals to track the hat wearing.

I think he's onto a new Fall tradition of his own.

Here's to cooler temps coming soon to a climate near you.



I love your Cole stories... and your Aidan stories too. You've got a couple of great kids there, Ms Cathy. <3
(And funny thing... we've got the same programmable thermostat, and we switched it to "heat" just one day after you did... brrrrr!)

Both you and Cole crack me up! :) So Jealous of your cool weather . . . I'm living in one of those hotter than hades places.

Cool here Chicago too...

Love Cole... and his sister too.

I LOVE your fireplace wall!! Truly, I'd love a virtual tour of your home, it looks like it has terrific character....much like the family it ensconces!! :) Have a wonderful fall is gray and damp here in Cincinnati today!....again. BLESSINGS!!!

I want to curl up in your living room with a book and a mug of tea!!! When can I come over?? LOL

I'm glad you enjoy it but please, keep it up there. The last thing I want is the heater on.

LOL @ He won't live to regret this one at all!!

I can see a layout now with 30 days of Cole and his hats. He is so cool!

Great post Cathy, fall is my favorite time of year. It makes me want to curl up with a nice mug of tea. Love your new fireplace! But isnt that your old scrapbook room? Did you move all of your supplies?

Your living room looks amazing...can't wait to see more! Also, loved your rain chain yesterday!

No, the scrap room is still our dining room, which we dont eat in! This is our old family room. As soon as we finish the painting im going to do a before and after photo shoot!

So jealous of the cooler temps! Being in South Texas, we no longer say "hotter than hades"...around here it is "hotter than Texas"! Fortunately, we did finally get some rain this past weekend so the last few days have been fairly pleasant. Not that I spend that much time outside!

Love the fireplace picture and your cute boy!! We have cooler temps now, wearing warmer pj's and my slippers for now. Haven't turned the heat on trying to hold off until Oct/Nov. Love that the cooler weather is here and the leaves are changing colors. Can't wait to see all your before/afters of the house.

still waiting for fall temps in Georgia
(although it is a little cooler and overcast today)

It's finally cooler here in Houston, too. Only in the 80's this week!

Heats on here, sometimes. I dug out the mini gloves and a few toques yesterday but the girls didn't wear them yet. They still try to wear flip flops in the morning, even though it's hovering around the freezing mark.
I too love the inital crispness of fall - leaves turning, yoga pants (yay muffin tops), warm tea. But the the pessimist in me says but months and months of cold, snowy, dark winter are around the corner.

I adore the fall weather too. We have had some, but no hats yet. Just some sweaters. (actually, just for me. Everyone else in my family is still hot.)

Such a fun post! I'm feelin' the fall. Just needing my long sleeve t-shirt for my morning walks, and oh, so enjoyable. But temps hovering around 80 degrees this whole week here in Utah made me officially declare it "Dinner on the Deck Week".

This comment is for the last two posts...1. Your house looks AWESOME...2. It's still hotter than Hades here, so I'm slightly jealous. 3. That rain chain is cool. I should look into that. We have huge hole in the grass from our gutter (though, rain...what's rain?) that my 4 year old son uses occasionally as his toilet. Don't ask me. He's referred to it as his potty for a couple of years now. I swear my children are not least not on a daily basis.

I hope you don't mind me giving my contractor a look at that awesome fireplace wall. I would love to replicate it, and just about everything other little thing about your house. Can't wait to see the before and after. I just viewed Becky's video of her Creative Connection experience. I have to say that Aiden looks much taller 'in person'. I had no idea, but gawd, she is adorable!

Still summer in the greater Hosuton area. We're the low to mid 90s this week. Last week we had two days at 100+. I'm so jealous of the fall - cooler temperatures and the beautiful colors when the tree change. Enjoy the fall.

now that made me chuckle! : )

I had no idea she looked that much taller! : )

Love the post about fall. Here on the island of Oahu I can't imagine needing a hat for anything but blocking the sun....

wahoooooooooo love that fireplace!!!! stunning!!!
as for us in NZ...we are in spring...and heading into warmer temps soon!!! so quite the opposite!!! so happy as im so over winter hats and long pants!!! roll on summer for us!!!

And no more daily shaving of my legs!! Hurray!!

I LOVE your new room with the fireplace and surrounding wall. It is gorgeous.

It is 10:30 pm here is the lonestar state and it is 85 degrees. I am considering moving.........

Thanks! We love it too. Looking forward to sharing more photos as soon as the painting is all done!

oh, I remember those days, having lived in Grapevine, Texas. Sigh.

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