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October 31, 2011

A special Halloween trick and treat, for you.

BEE DANCE from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween everyone!

(Special thank you to the genius behind the Pumpkin Sexy Dance for your inspiration.)


Loved the dance...though the bee sounded like she was wearing doc martins LOL

it's true, i love you!

You "go" girl with SKINNY thighs!!!

Ha-bee Halloween to you too. We just had our first trick or treaters in 4 years (we live in Australia), so I had to come online and see if Bee Cathy was around.

That was great! What a way to start Halloween! :)


I agree, awesome! Happy Halloween to you too.

Gurllll, you rocked the hizzle!

You rock in so many ways, thanks for making my morning!

Thank you, love when you are bee happy!

Just the laugh I needed to start the week!! Thank you. So funny.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh Cathy, that was . . . lol . . . Bwahahaha . . . I mean seriously . . . (gasping for air as I roll on the floor laughing) . . . gotta love a bee with moves. Happy Halloween!

you BEE da' man! I mean, you BEE da' woooman. No, I guess I mean you BEE da' boogie bug!!!

That was awesome. Seriously. Have you considered American Idol?!

You are just too cute! How fun!

Hah! Best treat ever! You are such a dork. I love it.

Breathless with joy! What a great way to finish up our first Aussie Halloween. Thanks Superstar!

You crack me up. Reminds me of the bee dancing scene from the movie "Doc Hollywood".

hysterical! thanks for the early morning laugh and happy halloween!

You are too funny and you rock those skinny legs!

From one 80s girl to another, kudos on the shopping cart, wave, and fishing. Kudos indeed. ;)

Those were some awesome moves, Cathy! Happy Halloween, indeed!

Happy Halloween! Love seeing the bee costume make its way out every year. LOL!

What did you put in your breakfast smoothie? LOL you crazy girl...LOVE IT :)

Love it! Happy Halloween to you and yours too.

bwahahahahahaa......oh lordy, grabbing tissue to wipe tear from eye.....LOVE IT!! However, I do not love the feeling of coffee in my sinus cavities, which is what happened when I inhaled while trying to swallow, while watching you bust your beemoves!!! ROFL!!! Oh my...thank you for the giggle girl!!! :)

I take that as the highest of compliments. ; )

oh my gosh, this is the best, you are the BEST!! Just what I needed to for this Halloween morning!!

Awesome job on your BEE DANCING!! LOVE THIS!!

i love that you always talk to the imaginary person off my favorite part!

scary. love. happy halloooooooooweeeeeeeeeennnn!

Thanks for a smiling start to Monday!

You are such a nut..and I love it :)

You are too much - Happy Halloween!

Genuis...pure genius - a fun message and exercise to boot...!
Ellen Degeneres needs to air this in her show...and really you should be dancing with her....hilarious fun. Thanks and happy pumpkin day to you too!!

Cathy, Cathy, Cathy... you are such a nut! Thanks for such a silly, morning laugh today! :)

Loved it!

Geez, I cannot stop giggling! Thanks for sharing that.

Fantastic!! I so needed that laugh this morning.

You're the queen! Love it!

You've gotten so slender- think you need to take in your bee costume! Thanks for a chuckle!

thanks for the smile!
this video brought a lot of laugh to a cold and grey brazilian monday.

Way to go, Cathy! Loving the new living room backdrop too! Happy Halloween to you and your family too!

Ms Z - people will bee buzzing about this all day! You rock!

oh. my. gosh. Are those your Sc-c-c-c-oochies moves???

That was awesome.

Thank you.

Happy Halloween! :-D

On that "wave" thing, your arms were, actually, very graceful!

You are so funny!! I love you! thanks for the laugh!!!!

Thank you. I was having a really shit*y morning and that made me laugh out loud! Have a great Halloween!

Totally smiling now...thanks! P.S. Move more eat better has given you some pretty awesome legs :D

Great way to start the Halloween day. That could be a new work out craze.

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. Love it!! I burned my toast because I was watching the whole awesome dance. Have a fabulous day!!

Just when I think you can't get any more awesome...

You just made my Monday morning a happy one! THANK YOU for the goofy grin!

Loved it!

Perfection. That was so amazing and strangely inspiring. Might have to make my own dance video now...

As Cathy Zielske would say: oh for cute!

Ha! Little did you know… AIDAN was sitting on the couch! hahah!

ha! What you dont see…. ; )

Well perhaps they are!

Well, I was a figure skater after all…. ; )

Mission accomplished!

You never disappoint, Cathy! That was awesome!! Happy Halloween! ~Jen

OMG! Just we I needed to get me going this Monday morning. You are too much my Bee Friend!!

So cute. Reminds me of the bee dance in the movie Doc Hollywood :)

LOVE IT!!! You are such a hoot. Happy Halloween.

um- there best be an encore of this on your porch this evening...

Awesome. Just AWESOME! You rock!

I can always count on you to make me laugh!
but I've never seen a bee dance quite like that before!

happy halloween!

Bahahahaha!! You made my morning. My kids are asking to see it again .. and again .. and again. Guess what we're doing this morning.

I love that you have a signature bee costume for Halloween. Now I can't wait to see what your bee will do next year!

Ellen DeGeneres has nothing on you! That was GREAT!

oh, you KNOW it.

Believe it or not, Im already thinking…. Man, I could have done Thriller in the Bee Costume. 2012, you just wait!

This was just hilarious! LOVED your 80's moves, reminds me of my disco times back in the stoneages.

Thank you and please bee yourself whenever you find the time. Love and happy Halloween,

That was awesome. My sparkly devil horns salute you (yes, I'm really wearing sparkly devil horns).

You made me laugh - you crazy women!

Your awesomeness never ceases to to amaze me!

Bee sexy, Cathy! Happy Halloween!

Love this! Happy Halloween

So now that my kids say they're too old to trick or treat - you'll be my "treat" every year. Glad I tuned in....and I can't wait to see next year's performance.

Funny! Cute! Smile!!!

I say this with all the love in the world . . . you are unwell.

Must be all those zumba classes coming out in you! Yes, you are truly the coolest dork out there :) Thinking I will replay & 'dance' along. I'll add it to my workout tapes.

HEY - is this part of your new MMEW BPS class????

UnBEElievably funny!!

I will be replaying this in my head all day! Thanks for the smile!

You never cease to make me laugh - thank you Cathy! Happy Halloween.

BEST Happy Halloween of the entire day! Fo Sho!!

Great way to start my Halloween morning! Thanks for the chuckle Cathy :)

Cathy - You crack me up!

You go girl :) You are movin' more for sure lol!!!
Have a Happy Halloween

THAT was great! Thanks for brightening my day!

Now THAT was quite the treat! Tops candy anytime.

Beeeautiful moves. How did Aiden keep so quiet? My kids would have been busting out laughing, thus why i don't have a video. Love it!

Thanks for the Halloween treat! So fun!

I signed on specifically to see what new thing you had planned for your Bee costume and you didn't disappoint!!


LMAO loving it! And the costume is looking extra super big on you this year! :)

Love it, thanks for the laugh!!

You are amazing. Happy Halloween lady!

OMG that is exactly what I needed on this Monday morning!! Thanks so much for that!! Awesome!! LOL

Happy Halloween!!


Love it!!!! I can't believe Aidan could sit there and not comment during your dance. My daughter would have! She thinks I am weird and always tells her friends "My Mom is so weird, she always dances in the kitchen." Thanks for totally making my Halloween, heck, my whole week!

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