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November 16, 2011

A is for Awesome


Girl rocks a camera and a scarf like nobody's business.

Just wanted to point that out today.

That is all.


Just like her MOM, you both ROCK!!

Yes she does!!! :)

You must be SO proud. :) She is darling.

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

Cathy, you have no idea how much I wish I had a mother like you.

And love the old school Gopher sweatshirt!

I just love this : )

Yes, that is quite awesome. Especially with a cute little face like that!

Have a great day!

Ditto what Karen said.

Totally adorable!!! And I can't help but notice that camera strap!! Did she cover that herself?! Love the polkadots! :)

Don't forget that adorable hat!!!

Thanks. : )

Thats a strap made by my friend Emily Falconbridge!

ahhh, so does my (teenaged) small child.... only she takes self portraints that are way-cooler than my pix of her....

i love seeing this - gives me hope that my 13 yr. old daughter and i might not butt heads forever!

you can see that aidan is definitely her own person - she rocks her own style - but, man, does anyone else think she is also a chip off the ole block? seriously - you could line her up with all the great young women in the world and it would STILL be clear she is her momma's daughter!

and i gotta get me one of them straps, yes sir!

She is adorable. :)I also agree on wanting you to be my mom, however I am 44 and that would be weird right? LOL

She does. Stinkin' cute. I've loved 'watching' her grow up through your pics and scrapbooks pages and books. Your kids are fab, as are their parents! ;)

You know, I feel lucky with this one. She was a spitfire from age 2.5 to around 9. Then, all of a sudden, she chilled out. : ) Like I said, LUCK.

Well, you might not like the chores I dole out. Just saying.

Beautiful girl!

Awesome, definitely! They grow up so fast, don't they? Thank goodness for scrapbooking to capture all the amazing moments of their growing up journey.

That hat is absolutely fabulous too!!

Such a cute girl!!


sorry repeat my smiley

Aidan is totally her mother's daughter in appearance! I am always amazed at the way personality shines so clearly through a photograph... she's quite confident and amused by the world. Love her beaming life-force.

thank you so much for sharing your family with the world.

Love the Gopher wear!

I love how into your kids you are...same here :)

She is turning into a gorgeous young woman.

That hat is absolutely fabulous too!!

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