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November 22, 2011

Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves

Note: the links in this post are not kid friendly, and possibly not every adult friendly. If you're squeamish about language in songs, don't click on the links. However, this post does include a story about a kid, who watches some non-kid friendly content in the name of humor. You have been warned.

If you're familiar with the guys of The Lonely Island, then the title of this blog post may just mean something to you.

We're fans of The Lonely Island in this house. True, some of their stuff is pretty raunchy. (Does anyone remember The Bing Bong Brothers?) But sometimes, a little raunch that is actually funny is good for you. I mean, come on, who didn't go around singing Captain Jack Sparrow after it aired on SNL?

Their latest video, Boombox, inspired Cole over the weekend to dress up for a birthday party he was attending, complete with fingerless gloves.



I think letting him listen to all that Green Day and Queen wasn't that bad for him afterall.


Totally not what I was expecting when I "checked in" on your blog today LOLLL!!!!

So funny! My sons and I have been training for the Turkey Trot, listening to Green Day and Queen as we run. I'll have to check out these songs too to add to our play list!


Oh dear... just spent the last half hour on youtube watching more of their videos. Hilarious!!

Love it! And love Lonely Island. I'm on a boat!!!! :)

Right here with you as a family that lets their child listen to inappropriate(totally subjective) music. Ours has grown up listening to my husbands death metal. Who knows what they say. I do know he also listens to 80's 90's rock and he is completely well adjusted and gets the lovely green lights in school every single day.

im on a boat, indeed. ; )

OMGosh I can NOT stop laughing!!! Never heard of lonely island but I'm hooked now!!! Thanks for sharing Cathy Z! And I think your little one looks uber cool!!!

Cole is the epitome of cool! Thanks for the video link. Hilarious!! I hadn't seen that one.

i love it all.

He is such a cute kid! :) And he seems to have a really fun personality too. Every day must be a ball at your house!

My favorite line-a boombox is not a toy.

Well, not the days where everyone is in a bad mood and crabby. ; )

Oh Margie, I knew you would love this.

As long as the party wasn't at an old folks home, I don't see a problem. This is a cautionary tale of course.

a boombox is not a toy, indeed!! (and there was glitter, too!! lol!!)

I really can't wait to see how your kids turn out and what they'll do with themselves -- it just seems like they're destined for 'something big' in life, if you know what I mean.
(I can't phrase it so it doesn't sound cheesy, really, and I don't mean it in a stalkerish way, or anything-- it's just that we get to see them grow up here on your blog, and it looks like you and Dan are giving them really good foundations to let them do that "something big" if they want.)

ha! : )

Thanks, Jennifer. We are definitely trying our best. Im learning more every day how to try and be a better parent to both of them.

When I was was in junior high I loved to stay up late and sneak to watch SNL. Now my junior high kid watches YouTube. I turned out to be an upstanding suburban junior high math teacher guiding the adults of tomorrow (or maybe I just love junior high). I'm not too worried about our kids (except mine since I teach at his school and I'm probably scarring him for life!!)

P.S. Your kid is awesome. My kid loves the stuff but would never, never dress up. He is the master of "Fly under the radar" and "Don't draw any attention." Definitely his father's son!!!

Oh, I'm still looking for my picture of the haircut I had that was almost identical to yours!

He looks so much like your husband. A short Dan!

Oh gurrrl... are we in the same boat or what??? My dd is 13, an only child and pretty much someone who's heard everything. I love sharing our sense of humor with her as much as I love receiving it from her end. Just today she had me cracking up while driving in the car and listening to her jailhouse humor.
Cookie cutter kids are overrated... I prefer one with some spunk. ;)

HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS?! I am dying. And I have a whole new respect for Mr. Bolton.

Man, is that kid the spitting image of his pop or what?! Love this! :-)

I LOVE THIS!! He is sooo cute!!

so cool - cole rocks!!!
i see a green day inspiration in this outfit. billie joe would be proud!

Oh my gosh...he looks SO MUCH LIKE DAN! As for Mr Bolton, I have completely upgraded my opinion of the man. Aaaaaawesome.

yeah, its definitely a redemption for Bolton.

I can relate to this so much... hilarious!! That photo is going to make him smile later in life. Now just need to show him "Say Anything" to really round out the boombox culture :-)

I see the photo of Cole with the boombox over his head, and can only think of John Cusak in the movie "Say Anything". Totally 80's.

I guess he needed a trench coat.

I can watch Boombox all day, Julian Casablancas, mmmm. You and your parenting style remind me of my parents. My brother & I were the only ones allowed to listen to Dr. Demento and we had a subscription to Mad Magazine (and later National Lampoon). I've thanked my parents time and again for having a great sense of humor and letting their children appreciate humor. I think I turned out just fine and I'm one of the funniest people I know :)

Thank you for introducing me to The Lonely Island. I had never heard of them before. Since reading your post, I've watched Jack Sparrow more times than I'll admit to...and I've just downloaded the song. I attended my first (and only) Michael Bolton concert in 1989 at the age of 11 with my mom. I much prefer him in this video.

Isnt he great in the video? So glad you liked it!

Ha! Love it! But I thought he was John Cusack in Say Anything!

Thanks, Jennifer. We are definitely trying our best. Im learning more every day how to try and be a better parent to both of them.

Every day must be a ball at your house!

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