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February 14, 2012

Song Share

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

(Don't tell Dan but there's another man. Shhhhh.)

On this day that celebrates love, I'll tell you who I'm crushing on right now: It's Gotye, (pronounced go-tea-yay), also known as Wally De Backer, a Belgian-born, Aussie artist whose second album, Making Mirrors, is fast becoming my favorite album of the year.

I posted his "Somebody That I Used to Know" back in December after seeing it on Facebook and was instantly smitten. Mark my words: that man's gonna snag himself a Grammy come next Winter.

He has been compared to Sting and even Peter Gabriel in terms of his style. Considering PG is numero uno in my book, that's not bad company to be sharing.

Today I wanted to share another track off the album, a song called "Bronte." It's a beautiful, haunting tune, and it turns out, it's about his family friend's dog who passed away. The family put the dog down in the backyard. Gotye wrote this song for the dog and to commend the family on what an excellent job they did for helping their children cope with the grief, according to the Internet.

Hence the opening line "Now your bowl is empty, and your feet are cold and your body cannot stop the  rocking, I know it hurts to let go."

So pet owners, it might make you a bit too sentimental. I'm just saying.

Aidan, who is also crushing on Wally—I love it when the teen and me can share music love—loves this video as well because it reminds her of a movie she loves, Princess Mononoke. But then again, give that girl some Japanese anime and she'll follow you anywhere.

I hope you like this song. Enjoy.


I'm thinking the tickets I bought to his show in Minneapolis will make me very happy. Very happy indeed.



'So pet owners, it might make you a bit too sentimental. I'm just saying.'

You were right. But crying is healthy, right?

Yes. I just think its such a tender song. Sigh. And anyone who has had to put an animal down can relate.

Move over Cathy, I too am in love with that guy. I procrastinated and missed buying tickets in Canada, and then missed MN which would have been the next nearest opportunity, but I'm no quitter. I just purchased tickets in Chicago! WhooHoo!

BTW, have you seen the "Walk off the Earth's" version of "Somebody That I Used to Know?" Pretty damn cool!

I have seen it, but I have to say, i still really love the original. : )

The station I listen to recently started playing "Somebody I used to know", and I keep missing the name of the artist, so thanks for posting this.

A quirky sound, but I like it.

Couldn't make it through that one after reading your description. Our outside cat we've had for 12 years appears to have died...been gone for three days for the first time ever. Sniff, sniff. Beautiful song though.

So it might just be me PMSing, but man oh man I can't remember a time that a song had me balling my eyes out!!! The hardest thing we had to do in 2011 was put down our beloved Mr. Pibb and there's not a day that goes by that I don't hear him in our house with us still.

Im so sorry to here that. Hugs to you. Losing a pet is so hard.

Aw, Korey. I didnt mean to make you cry, but those animals, they sure do get into our hearts. : )

It was a good cry ;D Where's he playing when he comes to Minneapolis? We just saw The Darkness at First Avenue and it was AMAZING!!!

Oh and I'm just listening to "Somebody I used to Know" and I've been wondering who sang it when I heard it on the radio...I'm so excited to finally put the artist with the song ;D

I love the song. I also liked the one you posted in December. What a unique topic to write a song about! So many people can relate to the sentiments. Very touching. And his sound...breathtaking!

If you get a minute, I'd love for you to see the digital scrapbook pages I made of my little Valentines on my blog.

That was so beautiful. I so see the Princess Mononoke connection (throw in a little My Neighbor Totoro and the "When Somebody Loved Me" scene from Toy Story 2. Mesmerizing video. And a soul-aching song. Perfect for any loss.

Gotye hasn't been on my! Amazing voice. I had to Google him. Skinny cute!

I posted some music today too-a monthly mix series. Will have to include him in the future for sure. Thanks!

This is crazy. I was just on MTV's site reading about the soundtrack for The Hunger Games (obsessed)and look what who was in their Artist of the Week sidebar?

Oh man, Catherine, now Im going to be watching videos for a while! : )

I freaking love that song! He seems so full of passion when he sings it - like somebody really pissed him off. I love it! I'm also transfixed by the width of his mouth.

I too am transfixed by his mouth. GET OUT!

Our eleven year old puppy is named Bronte ... do I really want to press play?

I would say probably not. : )

I just got to watch the end of the Grammy's last night & was thinking you must have been digging the last number with your guy from the Foo Fighters (dave grohl?) jamming with Paul McCartney.

Oh, I definitely agree that the original cannot be beat...I would be embarrassed to say how many times I have listened to that song.

I love Gotye. He's SOOOOOO amazing. Did you know he won a heap of ARIAs recently (Aussie music awards) and Somebody That I Used to Know was #1 in the Hottest 100 for 2011 (Aussie music poll). Have you heard his song from a few years ago "Hearts a Mess"? AMAZING. And awesome film clip too.

i wish i'd read the post before watching the video... now i'm trying really hard not to let others in the office see that i'm crying. i don't like this song - i love it!
i thought at first it was peter grabriel! and have to agree with aidan, the animation really reminds me of miyazaki's animes.
thanks for sharing this, cathy. "go do" is one of my all time favorite songs since you introduced me to jònsi months and months ago.

Yes! And I have the album that Hearts a Mess is on and am loving that too!

Sigh. I love Jonsi too!

I turned the radio on this morning & Gotye was being interviewed. Here's the link if you're interested in hearing what he had to say:

Heh! Finally I found someone who's daughter is into Japanese Anime too :-)

Hi Cathy,

Over here in Europe, this song has been a hit for months. Some great covers have appeared on youtube.
Here are 2: (how to play guitar with 5 people) (an a capella version, my favourite!)

Have a nice day!

Hi Cathy,

You have to check out the PS22 Chorus singing "Somebody That I Used To Know". I loved it!

Cool! : )

I saw it! So sweet!

Funny that I've been hearing it quite a bit on the radio here and (in a not creepy way) thought of you. Not because I saw your post about 'Somebody' a while back, but because he very much reminds me of Peter Gabriel and you're the only one I 'know' who loves PG.

Im proud to be associated in your mind with PG! : )

Have you heard "last winter" by Fergus Brown. Reminds me of this

I just heard him for the first time a few days ago. Immediately fell in love.

I have not, but will check it out! Thanks!

I've been irritating my kids by singing "Somebody that I used to know" over and over again at the top of my lungs...good to find another song of his to love. And another. Off to search for concert tickets!


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