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May 17, 2012

Project Life, Week Nineteen


OBSERVATIONS: Another week, another set of photos and stories I love. The process of putting this together each week is really becoming a true labor of love; a chance to look at the notes I've taken and the photos I've shot, and see what our lives looked like for another one week stretch. It's good stuff, people. It truly was a joyful week. Here are my pages.



My favorite photo this week is a tie between me and Dan, and the red heart. The red heart came home with Dan and serves as a reminder that our time apart was a key for re-connection. Using InDesign, I typeset a line of text from an email he wrote while he was there.


Sigh. A little slice of romance indeed. Moving on…


Thank you, Aidan Zielske, for taking this picture. I love your eye.

And speaking of my first born, here's a wee story about her.


And no early summer would be complete without the Zielskes finally getting around to burning our Christmas tree. Note to self: up your homeowners insurance for the next round. That thing was a pyre of potential disaster.


And that concludes our coverage of Week Nineteen for Project Life.




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Somehow I felt like this week's spread is more tender than others. Really love what time apart did for you and your husband. And that Aidan piece - precious!

Most definitely my favorite of all your Project Life "shares" - good for you! :)

What is up with the not wanting to drive thing? My 16 yr old son and everyone one of his close buddies have no desire to drive. The day I turned 16, I was yelling at my Dad to hurry up so we could get to the testing center. I couldn't wait. I don't want him to leave. I just want him to drop himself off and pick himself up from an activity or two!

Woo hoo! Lots of "flame" in this all sorts of forms!

WOW!!!!! I just wanted to let you know a BIG Thanks for making that quick tutorial for me - about having the text all aligned on the ruled journaling cards. That was the best evah!!! I have used your tutorial and am happily printing away the new journaling cards (of yours) that I got from Designer Digitals. Thanks so much Cathy. Appreciate it a whole lot.

My 17 year old just mentioned that she may be ready to learn how to drive. Now to decide if we want to fight for her to take drs ed in school (kind of a waste of school time here, but a right of passage too) or wait until she is 18 and doesn't need to take it. It will take us the summer to save up for the actual road driving classes (a necessity, I think; worked for our son).

I have to say I'm so proud of you for keeping up with PL12 this long, I did good for the first 6 weeks. (right after I put together the entire 2011 album in a few weeks through shutterfly.) i thought that doing it digital i would keep up better, but a laptop crash helped me get totally off track, and i'm still not back. you're very inspiring, and i love that you shared your reconnection with Dan, which brought tears to my eyes, as my husband and i had our own reconnection 2 years ago and are still madly in love with eachother. thanks for always sharing and inspiring.

Aidan already lives a pretty bold life (traveling, acting) -- if she's not ready for this particular bold thing, she should wait, and feel comfortable doing so. I didn't learn to drive until I was 19 and had a compelling reason to need a car. (Here in rural upstate NY, there aren't as many good public transportation options.) Love the picture of you and Dan. And the heart. Muy romantico.

The 16 image/card is perfection.

It definitely was.

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Thanks so much.

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Oh, I hear you. I couldnt wait to drive and get away from home.

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You are welcome.

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What a lot of love on this week's spread! Just a note about the driving/not driving possibility - I didn't get my license 'til I was almost 21 - and it was because my boss decided it was his mission to teach me to drive! I was content to ride my bike & take public transportation all over Portland OR. Now my oldest daughter has followed in my footsteps (bike pedals?) & is 27, happy with her bike, feet, the occasional bus (we don't live in Portland any more...) and friends/family for transportation. My youngest daughter was backseat driving while still in her molded plastic car seat: "Do you see that stop sign up ahead Dad? Don't we turn left at the next corner?..." and she had her permit at 15 & license at 16 and at 23 is away at school with a borrowed pick-up from her grandpa (but LOVES her 12 speed vintage Bianchi road bike - especially after we paid for a new shifting system that allows her to get up her hill to her home without suddenly changing gears!!) I'm happy to hear about another 16 yr. old that's not in a rush to start driving---it can be scary to be in charge of a giant metal machine that can kill someone in an instant---slow and steady is a good thing (says the tortoise...) Aidan is so brave is many other ways - good for her to be comfortable knowing when to pause and say no for now.

The picture of you & Dan is so sweet! Aidan does have a good eye. And that tree??? Ummm... next time try the street!

Great week of photos!! I love the one of you and Dan... You look so sweet together and so in love! The one of Aiden with the 16 is awesome as well!

Where is that Tutorial that Banu H Thanked you for? I would love to see it too!!
I also saw your tweet about silverlake--that means you are 3 minutes from my house!! :)

Love the picture of you and Dan. And you really could have used the whole play on words with the burning tree with "C'mon baby, light my fire" LOL!!

Absolutely LOVE the photo of Aidan sitting in the window seat! Beautiful shot, should be framed! :-)

It's been going on for awhile! I recently read that the current 16 to 24/25 year olds have the lowest percentage with driver's licenses in decades.

My daughter delayed getting her permit for at least six months; she's 25 so that was 8 years ago. My sons didn't get theirs promptly either.
Maybe it has something to do with the long-long-very.long six months driving with a permit? Followed by twelve months of "Cinderella" restrictions? {current NJ law}

I got my permit on my 17th birthday {old NJ law} and got my unrestricted license three weeks later. done.

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