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May 24, 2012

Project Life, Week Twenty


OBSERVATIONS: Well I guess the card says it all: what a fun week! Kicking off with Mother's Day and ending with dinner at the Space Needle in Seattle, last week was fairly atypical for this homebody. Up until last week, I hadn't flown since Simple Scrapbooks folded. I used to fly a lot. Now, not so much. It was a real treat to fly out to my home state, and that dominates the week's images.

Side note: I don't love flying. I think the older I get, the weirder it seems to me to be hurling through the atmostphere at ridiculous speeds. And honestly, how do those planes stay in the air? I mean, really? At one point, on the way home, we were heading into Minneapolis storms, so they were going to divert us to Fargo. The turbulence wasn't crazy, but it made my stomach drop a few times and in order to keep my cool, I had to picture that scene in Bridesmaids when the woman turns to Kristen Wiig and says, "I had a dream last night. That we went down... You were in it." Always makes me smile.

Second side note: Yes! I used washi tape this week for the first time ever. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Onto the week's pages!



Who doesn't love cute little blond girls? P.S. Molly, why didn't you make them my God children again?


This week I dropped a couple of type treatments onto a few of the Seattle photos. I like the way that looks. Simple and not in any distracting area of the photo.


More journaling about Seattle.


And the recap card.


And that's all she wrote for Week Twenty.




Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.


Fabulous in so many ways! Love the type on your photos and how your pages blend so well this week. Super cool!

You reminded me of something... Are there ever any talks of bringing the Simple Scrapbooks magazine back? I loved that magazine and would subscribe again if they brought it back.

Your project life is so cool! I really like the simplicity of your pages and the week in recap. I am going to start a project life now in my craft room from Great project.

I adore Seattle. We live near Vancouver, BC and I can say this is the best part of the world to live in. We camp near Seattle at least once a year and used to go to Mariners games quite often. Glad you could go back to visit, even a short one ;D

Hi Cathy,

These are beautiful. What fonts did you use on your pictures? Love it. Just getting back into memory keeping and recently discovered you. Looks like I need to make some Designer Digitals purchases!

I used Archer by Hoefler Frere Jones! : )

I'm cracking up. I read your blog first, then switched over to Ali's and read hers. Hmmmm. Some of the photos look strikingly familiar. ;)

Yeah. She made me send her one! ha!

LOL at the Bridesmaids quote....too funny! I'll have to use that next time I fly with my co-worker! LOL!...she'll die laughing!

I had to scroll back & look at the pics about 4 times till I found the washi tape! She said she used it, where? I can't see it....oh there it is. I like.

ha! I know. Very subtle. But it is THERE! ; 0

Love that the week was a lot about you Cathy, you always do a great job making sure all of you are in there. I think the kids will like looking back at these memories of their mom and friends. HOORAY for using tape, it looks great!! You won't be able to stop yourself now!!!
I'm not a fan of flying either, only a few times to visit my daughter in Florida. Glad you made it home safe and sound!!
Enjoy the long weekend with your family!

LOVE your project life...I want to channel you and ali edwards for all my creative projects!!

btw: until my skills improve with PSE, I'm looking for 5x7 layout templates for a summer mini book. Looked on Designer you have any? or know of anyone who makes 5x7?
thanks! have a fantastic weekend in your cabin (enjoying your tweets :)

Follow up to above comment: after searching, I think I've come to the conclusion 5x7 is no longer easy to find for albums, protectors, etc....

so my summer mini book may be 6x6. Do you have any multiple photo page layouts for 6x6? thanks!

Thank you for inspiring me! I swear, if it wasn't for your blog, my PL would totally
suck : )
Keep it coming!

Thanks, Danielle! : )

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