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July 30, 2012

Go big or go home


My baby is officially a teenager today.



If there's a mantra for the life Coleman has lead thus far, it would have to be go big, or go home.




The term half-assed will never apply to this one. That's for dang sure.





Happy 13, Coleman Z.


You just keep going. We'll try to keep up. 


Love, Mom


Young Coleman Zielske, the hero St. Paul deserves, but not the one it needs. Silent guardian, watchful protector, dark knight.

Sending many big happy birthday wishes to Cole from Australia! I hope that he has a wonderful day.
I have long been a fan of your work and have loved watching your gorgeous kids grow up via your scrapbook pages. Your stories about them have brought a smile to my face on many occasions, so thank you for sharing them with us!

Happy birthday, Cole! It is a joy seeing you grow. Enjoy your teen years!

Happy Birthday Cole!

Happy Birthday Cole!!!! Love the cape!


Happy birthday Coleman!

I am in awe of these pictures and how one can honestly see his personality shine through. Happy Birthday, Cole!

Happy Bday Cole! You rock!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Cole-man!
Cathy, you have raised some awesome kids! Pat yourself on the back!

Happy birthday Cole! You guy shares a birthday with mine - a 10 year old who is committed to wring every last drop fun from his childhood he possibly can. He is worried it might be harder now that he's in the "double digits."

Here's to another year for going BIG for both of our boys!

Happy Birthday, Cole! Welcome to teenager-dom!!

Happy day for your family! : )

Wow. These pictures capture so much of his spirit and his boundless energy. That smile could power half the state, and has often powered me. Thanks Cole for a great first thirteen.

Awww. Now youre making me weepy.

Happy Birthday, Cole! Thanks for inspiring and letting us watch you grow up. Looking forward to seeing what else life has in store for you.

Happy Birthday to Cole. I can't believe he's 13! I have literally watched him grow up on your blog and love his spirit. You capture him well. I hope he has a BIG day, some how I know he will!

Happy Birthday Cole! You are one awesome young man....I know there are BIG things in future...can't wait to see what you do.

Happy birthday, Cole!

Happy Birthday Cole! It has been fun watching you become a cute young man via your cool mama's scrapbooking!!

Happy 13th Cole!!

Cathy thank for sharing!!

Totally love his spirit :-)

Happy Birthday!

Wow these pictures are awesome- a true reflection of the absolutely fabulous kid opps teenager that he is - not that I'm claiming to know him - only through the stories and adventures you have shared I feel like I do a bit. Happy Birthday Cole - go celebrate in style! From the Freeman Family in New Zealand.

Happy Birthday Cole!

Happy Birthday, Cole Z! :)

He rawks my world! My fave pic is the one of him playing the keyboard. So cute! HAPPY BIRFDAY, COLEMAN!

Wishing Cole a VERY Happy 13th Birthday! He's awesome! He reminds me of my own son, now 20:

Happy Birthday, Coleman!

The Batman pics are killer! Happy day to your boy!

The Batman pics are killer! Happy day to your boy!

Happy Birthday Coleman!

Oh....that last photo is PRICELESS!!! LOVE.IT!

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