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July 18, 2012

Mini Album Project: An Album of 'Fuls + free label download


There are two things I've been a bit preoccupied with of late: gratitude and screened back type and graphics. (Well, there's actually three, if you count hot flashes, but I digress…)

I was toying with the idea of creating a new gratitude layout template and then thought, why not just make a whole album? Whenever I approach beginning a new album project it has to be something I can actually complete or make good headway on from the get go. Enter the Album of 'Fuls project.


This template set, designed for use in Photoshop Element or Photoshop, is meant to be either fully digital or hybrid. My project is digital to hybrid, as I printed the entire thing out at home onto photo paper and cardstock. There are five spread concepts to cover: things you are thankful for, grateful for, hopeful for, joyful about or mindful of.

I wanted to share the start of my album with you today beginning with the album, a 6 x 6 ring binder from We R Memory Keepers that I picked up at my local Archiver's store.


All you need to complete the album (aside from the written and photographic content) are photo paper and cardstock. Here's my title page:


Each large word comes on it's own layer and depending on what background color you choose, you have to play a bit with the Opacity on each type layer to get it just right. I had to bump all of my opacities up 10 to 15 percent beyond what they are set to in the template itself. The title 'an album of 'fuls' uses a free font, Lobster.

Once you drop in your content, you simply print with the Crop Marks option turned on (found in the print windows of both PS and PSE). Trim and you're ready to pop into the album page protectors.



Here are the rest of the spreads:





I see this as a continuing project that will let me focus on gratitude, hope and mindfulness, all things I'm shooting for in my life as I continue to evolve and take stock of what matters and what inspires me.

I especially like the idea of focusing on what I'm being mindful of. This can have so many implications for a person who's working through some of her, well, you know, crap.

I designed a simple binder label to share with anyone who'd like to do this album project as well. You can download it here and customize it for your album. It fits into the We R Memory Keepers 6 x 6 binder.


Download CZ_SmlBinderLabel

Here's to the 'fuls in your life!



Absolutely LOVING your new flow, Cathy. Your words are so honest and inspiring. It's nice to know there is always something to look forward to! Thank you so much for this project. I too am more mindful of being mindful :) I finished my project and waiting for my prints to come in: I already have ideas to use the same prompts with new stories!

I love this idea! I've just recently gone back to writing in my gratitude journal. I'm introspective about my life right now at 47 with all of the changes in me and around me. Thanks for more inspiration!

LOVE what you did. I plan to share this on Facebook later today, if that's okay with you!

Oh my goodness, CZ! Thanks for liking it enough to even mention it :) It's more than okay with me. Thanks for the morning smile!

Cathy I agree with you - Lee Currie's Ful album is amazing as is yours. Lee's blog has some very beautiful work. I think it is time I became more mindful about learning to use PhotoShop so I can become part of the fully amazing :-)

hum... like it, like it a lot. Had to put it in my wish list for my next shopping spree. Keep up the great work Cathy!

I really like this! I keep a gratitude journal every year from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Day (helps me keep the focus on what really matters during a crazy season) and my OLW this year is Mindful, so this little project is such a beautiful slice-of-life to capture mid-year those things that are truly important in life. Thanks for pulling this together!

(I noticed you are "mindful" twice and not "joyful" this go around!)

Is there a way I can just automatically buy EVERYTHING you do? Seriously...all my download files start with CZ! This is great Cathy, and maybe it will help me focus on the positives instead of the difficult challenges we face.

Love your work, this is just want I needed to display my summer photos and write about how grateful I am for all that I have.

Cathy, thank you for your incredible inspiration! The timing of this mini couldn't be better. I recently have gone through a painful time in my life, with a divorce after 25 years. The kids and I are trying to understand it all, and have had to dig deep for strength. Often we have said that we need to focus on the blessings in our lives, and be thankful in so many ways. I can't wait to create this mini, focusing on the fuls in our lives. Thank you again!

I love how clean the look is! I need to experiment more with text directly on photos.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Thanks for the great idea of the album, but also just the idea of the "fuls" . . . something I think a lot of people (including myself) forget about.

Side note: Did you look into getting Enzymatic for your hot flashes????

Love it! Definitely putting this on my to-do list!

Love this idea and the simple project! Nice album Cathy.

Cathy - you are so dang creative! So simple, yet such a fantastic design. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts.

Wonderful design. I wish the sale went until after your blog post. I was deliberating on buying this all weekend but couldn't visualize it as well as how your blog post shows.

Thank you for this. I've been looking for a quick and simple (but meaningful) project and this is it!

This is gorgeous! Gotta finish a few other projects first but this one is definitely going on the list!

Sorry about that timing! : ) Designer Digitals will have a third quarter sale in the early fall where everything will be 30% off. Check back there then. : )

I love this! I must have it.

Gratitude is my One Little Word for 2012. This is perfect!

Great label, thank you :)

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