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August 14, 2012

My Favorite Photo Bomb

Last week, we went to Chicago for a getaway. Specifically, we went so the kids could attend LeakyCon, a four-day conference dedicated to all things Harry Potter, StarKids, Nerdfighters and Teen Lit. There were over 4,000-plus attendees. It was like a CKU on steroids. Times ten. On Meth. And while I plan to share more images from our trip, I had to share one shot in particular.

Glee fans know Darren Criss who plays Blaine on the series, but you may not know that he got his start with StarKids and by writing and starring in A Very Potter Musical (which I totally plan to watch some day). He was in town to make an appearance with StarKids, and Cole managed to snag a shot of him as he was moving through the lobby.


And who is that in just the right open space between Darren and fellow StarKid Joe Moses?


Yeah. That'd be my old man. 

Never let it be said he doesn't know where the action is.

However, not everyone is going to be impressed.




That is awesome!!!! Emily and I are obsessed with all things Darren Criss and would have been at Leaky Con had it not conflicted with our family reunion. Tell Cole he did a great job!!!! And Dan, too. ;)

OK, now THAT made me laugh. :)

hahahahahahahahahhahaha Seriously your are the funniest blogger EVER! I love it!!

I too am now a fan. That young man is a major talent!

You are so freaking funny!!!!! I'm impressed!

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

that is sooo funny!! great!!

The picture of Darren Criss would have been enough to make my day...but that last photo had me rolling on the floor!! You are awesome!

I love your sense of humor! Great way to start my day!

Love it!

I love this soooo much. And you will LOVE A Very Potter Musical!

this whole thing made me laugh out loud!!

I would be totally geeked!

LOVE him! How cool that you were there!

;) Awesome.

Sigh. I'm so envious!

McKayla bomb = the best.

Great pic! The last one made me laugh.

Oh my gosh.oh my gosh!!!

Hilarious! LOL

Hahahaha! Makayla and Dan should make more appearances together! get to a lot of fun stuff! :) Darren Criss is really great, too! Awesome.

I'm at work and that last pic just made me bust out then the cubie-mates want to know what's funny...oh boy!! Too funny.
And btw, someone need to have a sit down with Miss Makayla about attitude and acting like a brat!!!! If my kid behaved like that during the National Anthem...well let's just say it would not be pretty!!!
Thanks for busting me out at work.

Great post! You're a really good mom!

Sooo incredibly jealous!!! Did you guys catch any quidditch matches? My daughter is starting up a quidditch club at their high school and has been practicing with Arizona State's team :)

We love Glee and the addition of Darren has been especially wonderful given that he is a Wolverine. Go Blue! Lucky you to get to see him in person.

I think Makayla and Victoria Beckham came out of the same scowl mold. They both just crack me up

Yes, he sure is! And, um......Cole's photo is alllllll over Tumblr. LOL! Go Cole!!!

No, we didnt. That was extra. : ) The kids paid extra to see the StarKids perform A Very Potter Musical: Senior Year and they said it was awesome!

You really do have to watch the Very Potter's hilarious (it's humor is right up your alley). My daughter & I watched it before Darren Cris was on Glee...he makes a great Harry Potter!

a) Well-played, Cole (and Dan!)
b) How have you not seen A Very Potter Musical? It's fabulously fun. (Much like Potter Puppet Pals).

Oh we have! In fact, the guy who made the Potter Puppet Pals was there, signing autographs.

Oh phooey on the StarKidz. I think that guy in the red tshirt is kinda famous in certain quarters. ;)

Anyone who loves Harry Potter and Darren Criss is way cool in my book! Love the photo! The Puppet Pals is a hit at our house.

Just another reason to hang with y'all!! Sounds like an awesome time to boot!!
We've got to make plans to go next year...
I survived my fair share of CKU's in the past - hope that will help!

Okay, so I don't watch Glee (I should) and I've never seen a Harry Potter movie, but the Makayla shot had me ROFLOL!! Dh and I went up to Bemidji. I think I need to get Makayla in one of my shots :-) Do you think she'd be impressed that I walked across the Mississippi River??? ;-)
I thought sure you all had gone to the Windy City for Lollapalooza ;-)

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. What fun!

Ha, such fun. TFS


I love Darren Criss but I think I have a bigger crush on Dan now:) What a guy!

I just showed this post to my daughters and I swear they just turned GREEN! They are HUGE Star Kids fans or more importantly, A Very Potter Musical fans! It is played over and over at home, and quoted non stop. If you haven't seen it yet Cathy, I totally recommend it (even for us 40 somethings). I think any HP fan would really enjoy it. And I love the photo of Dan .. that is so cool!

Well played!

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