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August 01, 2012

Songs for 13


When Aidan turned 13, Dan made her a mix entitled, appropriately, "13."

He did the same for our latest teen project, Coleman Zielske.

If there is one thing I can say about Dan (and believe me, there are many things) the man knows how to make a mix. I thought I'd share a few tracks from it here today. 

First, this track from Big Star, which also kicked off Aidan's "13" mix.


Here's a Tom Waits classic, as covered by The Ramones. (Note: I've always been amazed at this version and how it takes really tender and sad words and turns them into a raucous punk ditty.)


I've always loved this song by David Bowie. Sure, it's a little cheeky, but being a teenager is nothing if not about being a little cheeky.


And when I heard this song was on the mix, I was a bit of a mess. 


And to cap off the sob fest, it's hard to keep a dry eye when hearing this Dylan cover. Simply beautiful.


I love that my partner in crime has such a tender heart and shares it with his children. 

And that he makes awesome mixes. Dan, you are too cool for school.

p.s. here's the full track listing.



beautiful idea....but now I'm curious as to what was on Aidan's mix?!

I'll have to come back and listen to these and then find the rest of the tracks. Thanks for sharing! And hoping you'll share the mix he did for Aidan too :)

You are right. That guy of yours is way too cool for school. I love this mix (and agree - let's see Aidan's!), and I love this idea. My kid is such a music nut. I've been thinking I need to make a couple layouts featuring the music he's been into at different ages. Thanks for the nudge!

Thanks for sharing this today. some really great stuff here, thanks!!

That is so awesome. What a cool, creative guy you chose to father those babies. You could do a whole series on music. I want your latest running tracks, Aidan's mix, etc. Cough it up woman!

Very cool! Has anyone ever told you that Cole reminds them of Michael Phelps? As I watch the Olympics I keep thinking of your boy!

So cool. Absolutely loved Still Fighting as I have 2 boys of my own,17 and 5. You have such a wonderful family, Cathy. And as always thank you for sharing!

This is incredible!

What a lovely personal gift - bet it is treasured. Happy Birthday Cole.

I seriously think you must have the best husband ever!

I love that he called it Part Deux! So awesome, and such a thoughtful gift from a Dad. You can tell he thought it through and there is so much wonderful music in this list, a little bit of everything! Thanks for sharing with us!

He is quite good at that! Always been a core skill of his.

Too cool for school but damn you'all are so blessed he shares your lives. I have playlistmaker envy. :(

er...that's ....but damn, you'all NOT damn you'all. It's all in the punctuation. Hanging my head in shame.

Still Fighting It has me crying every single freaking time I hear it. Like bawling my eyes out!

aw. thanks for sharing!

Waaaay Cool!!! :)

Happy Birthday Cole! Billy Bragg, 'nuff said. :) x

We love our Brits! : )

Well thanks a lot... Really, for starting my day off with tears. That was so beautiful.

I love the choices and the idea of a birthday mix!!

I'm curious about what Cole thinks? Retro cool or too "old" for him? I used to make mixes for my younger brother (8 years younger) and even he thought they were not hip enough ;)

Love this. I can't believe that some day my baby faced 6 year old will be 13 but it will be here in the blink of an eye. And Ben Folds always gets me too. He's a musical genius.

I love Forever Young. The Soweto version is awesome.

Beautiful Boy was included! Now THAT song makes me cry - forever and always.

Yes, please share Aidans playlist too. Love this.

Cathy, I am nearly a month behind, but I too am curious as to what is on Aidan's playlist. This is a great list and a touching gift. Plus I like your husband's taste in music, so I'm extra curious about his 13 list for his daughter. :-)

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