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September 18, 2012

Recent Instagram faves

Fun Photo Sep 10, 6 57 30 PM

Photo Sep 15, 1 13 13 PM

Photo Sep 15, 5 29 31 PM

Photo Sep 15, 6 30 58 PM

Still adore that little iPhone app. Most of these shots from last week are going into Project Life this week. Who knew a phone would be so useful to a scrapbooker?

You can follow me here. I won't lie: I talk a lot of pictures of my food.



...and that the must have latest DSLR would be gathering dust on the cupboard!!

Cool shots!

You know the iPhone 5 has an even better camera right? /enable

oh youooooo! ; )

Do you know of a good place to get Instagram pics printed, or do you print your own? Places need to start offering this service since Instagram is quickly becoming ubiquitous!

HA HA HA - I needed a good laugh today - I love the link to the photos of food! Thanks for making me laugh today Cathy!


OMG Hubby looks like Ben Affick (with the you know you want it sign).......I did a double take on that one until I realized it was him.....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Tell Aidan I LOVE her bag! Where'd she get that beautiful thing?

Timbuktu, baby. And she paid dearly for it! Yay for summer job income, right?

He kind of does in that one, huh?

I'm on the brink of getting a cell phone iphone 5 or galaxy 3s. I want to do phone photos too! Anyone want to sway me on which phone to get? (I've worked on both mac and pc) Great photos, by the way! Such fun.

Do not hesitate: iPhone 5. Seriously. You will love it in a way you have not loved an electronic gadget before. Plus? Its the sexiest phone alive.

It is sexy isn't it? I look at that galaxy and it was pretty sexy too and it was available! (Can't get the i5 until oct. 4th.) I have to get the phone soon because my flip phone is on it's last flip! LOL

WHAT are you eating with your glass of wine? A bowl of tators and onions or what??

That was pre-grilled taters and mushrooms and onions. Mmmm.

My daughter saw the picture of Aidan and her bag and fell in love with the messenger bag, can you share what brand it is? Thanks!!!

Yes, she ordered it from Timbuktu!

Cathy, I found out that Instagram is now available for Android, so I downloaded it yesterday. Which filters do you use most?

I use Amaro and Rise the most. : )

I look at that universe and it was fairly attractive too and it was available. I have to get the cell phone soon because my turn cell phone is on it's last flip.

Can you post a larger pic of that shot of the back of your house? It's amazing!

I got My iPhone 5 last week and I'm happy with my pictures. :)

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