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November 16, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page Fridays



Another week of documenting gratitude has come and gone.

And I like it!

It's also been cool to see what you have been documenting as well. I'm particularly loving seeing all the digital pages and I think next year, I may try to go the fully digital route and make a printable book out of the project. But there I go again, dreaming…

Onto my past six days…







Yes, that may be the single lowest quality photo in existence of me and my beloved, but hey, it was taken in a darkened restaurant and it was the best of the bunch.

It's really about the story, right?

Please share a link to your pages today! And continue to enjoy the process.



Does Dan want to fly up here and give some math help to my crew? You are very fortunate :) So much for which to be grateful, love your growing list!

Yes, it's totally about the story - far better to get that story down with a less-than-technically-brilliant photo than to not tell it at all! Thanks for inspiring me to tell so many stories of thankfulness this month :) I'll be sharing a day behind (as usual) but my project is all up to date at least - and that's another thing to be thankful for!

great list Cathy - and better a bad photo than no photo at all!

These are fantastic Cathy. I especially love the Math I can totally relate. My son is taking an "accelerated" Math course and I can tell you that it IS effectively accelerating is my heartrate.

Oh Cathy...this is the first darn project I have got this far in in bloody beauty!!!!

And I am thankful for you Mrs. Z and for the AMAZING Facebook page template (and your easy to follow instructions). You are one awesome fun chick. :)

Thanks so much for the idea! I probably would have gotten it together faster/sooner if I had just used your templates, but I need to start using all the paper I've been hoarding :D

Thanks for sharing another wonderful week of thanks with us. I love your fall wreath, it's gorgeous color!! I'm thankful for the fall too and 4 seasons. How lucky for you that Dan can help out in math, that is what my hubby does too. You are right about the story is all that mattters, not the photos. So glad your having more date nights!! I am enjoying this process still too, love doing this!!

Happy Weekend!

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