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November 19, 2012

New music for a Monday: Johnnyswim

I was running some errands this past weekend, listening to A Prairie Home Companion (yes, I'm officially middle aged and it's my right to do so…that, and I could listen to Garrison Keillor read the phone book), and I heard a band that made me pull over and figure out who they were and what they were all about.

The band is Johnnyswim,  and they are a folk, soul, blues, pop duo hailing from Nashville, Tennesee.

They are insanely talented, extremely pleasant on the eyes, and get this: they're married. Oh for cute.

I just bought their Home EP and am loving it. Hey Johnnyswim, release more songs! You guys are the real deal.

This is the song I heard them do on the radio show and I loved it.


Here's another lovely song.


Find them on iTunes or Amazon.



Cathy, You find some of the coolest music. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful!! Well you introduced us to Gotye and loved him... now JohnnySwim... beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Even my 18yr old loves them!

They have a great sound-- thanks for the heads up!

LIKE it! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

I love their sound and will be looking for more from them. I have been a Garrison Keillor fan from way back and watched Prairie Home Companion when it was a Saturday night staple on PBS. I have read all his books and love his work. Thanks for sharing!

Johnnyswim - very nice. Just my type of music - and the harmony is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

They're so good. The young woman, Amanda, is Donna Summer's daughter. Nice to see her making her own style of music!

Love their style - think I'll be a visiting ITunes real soon.

Oh, lovely! Reminds me a bit of eastmountainsouth - haven't heard anything from them lately, but they had an album come out when DH and I were dating (in '03), and we used their song "You Dance" at our wedding, with a few lyrics engraved in our rings.
Many years ago at a CKU in San Jose, I recommended that you check out Great Big Sea. Did you? Thoughts?
Thanks for introducing us to new music!

Love their music, thanks for sharing!

I heard them yesterday too, Cathy -- 4 hours in the car driving, so of course I was listening to NPR -- and I also LOVED them. Great share. I wish them so much success! BTW: I really enjoy your blog -- I've been following you for quite a long while. Love your new CZ logo too. Well done!

Love this. Some sort of magic in Annie. Thanks for sharing!

Serendipity! : ) Thanks for your post! and thanks for liking the new logo!

Cathy, if it makes you feel any better, my 21 year old son asked his grandparents to take him to see Garrison Keillor at a taping of PHC a few weeks ago at his school (Purdue)! He told them that's what he wanted for his Christmas present from them! So don't feel like listening to PHC makes you old!!

thanks for the love! (im the dude half of JOHNNYSWIM)

Oh my God. So rad! Thanks for the comment! And please, for the love of God, release a full album! You are both friggin AMAZING! : )

LOVE Johnnyswim! Just downloaded a couple of their songs. Thanks for the tip!

BTW, I love listening to A Prairie Home Companion too. Of course, we're about the same age AND Minnesotans so I guess it makes sense.

Love your blog - thanks for all of the tutorials. They are super helpful!

Good music! Thanks for sharing!

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