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January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! (and here are some happy free Project Life downloads for you)


It's here. 2013. The year I start saying "Twenty-Thirteen" instead of what I've been saying for the past 12 years ("Two-Thousand-Twelve"). And it's the start of my second full year of doing Project Life.

Today I wanted to wish you a happy 2013, and offer up a handful of printables, PNGs, PSDs and PDFs for use on your Project Life title pages (or anywhere else you'd like to use them.

The digital packages are loaded up and ready to go. You can use your own digital papers, or use the cards as is. It's up to you.

I'm a big fan of color and font themes and this is how I'm kicking off the look and feel of my album year. Also, this look ties directly into the new weekly journal cards I'm using for the next 12 months.


Included in the package is a customizable monogram card. You can change the font (the template is set to Arial) and change it up to match your name and monogram).

I also plan to use some of the Project Life Seafoam Kit as well, as soon as it arrives in my hot little hands.

Please note: I have broken this download into three chunks: PDFs, PNGs and PSDs. Download what you need! The PSD file is a very large one and will take some time to download. 

Download CZ_PDFs (8.4 MB)

Download CZ_PNGs (3.9 MB)

Download CZ_PSDs (40.3 MB, it's a big sucker! Be patient with it, my pretties.)

I'm hoping these downloads work! Here is what my Project Life title page looks like for 2013. 


(I swear it's not this blue in real life. It's New Year's, and I've had three hours of sleep.)

Happy new year, everyone! 




Cathy, thank you so much. I too am waiting for Seafoam, and was trying to figure out what to use until it is available. You are awesome! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

hi cathy...I must have having a post new years eve moment, but cant see the download link if my life depended on it....

Ditto - can't see the link anywhere.....

i don't see a download button and when i click the picture i just get the picture enlarged. Happy new year. Looking forward to mmew :)

Agree I couldn't find it as well.

So happy - it's been 2013 here for a little longer than it has in your time zone (about 18 hours) so of course I forget that and came looking far too early. And now I see it is up - so very punctual of you! But it means it arrives for me in great time - so I thank you greatly :)

Oh I thought I was going crazy and couldn't work out how to download! Will wait {im}patiently for it to arrive...

Thankyou Cathy!!! Your a gem.
But I too can't seem to find a download link. I even tried DD and no joy :(

hi Cathy i cannot see the download link, i also looked at your freebies section... Happy new year! you are awesome... i love your designs thanks for sharing... will await for the link have a great new year

Happy new year All Friends

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Ditto! I think you started on the champers a bit early Cathy! Thank you for the freebie - can't wait to download it. Have a wonderful Twenty Thirteen :)

What a great freebie, and thank you so much for sharing it. 2013 is my first year for doing project life and I will be using the Seafoam collection as well. Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog!!

Popping out of lurkdom to say many many thanks for all the inspiration on your blog throughout the years but especially last year with Project Life.
Have a wonderful twenty thirteen !!!
(thanks in advance for this new freebie that looks amazing and that I can't wait to get my hands on and start using :D...)

WOW, this looks great Cathy!! Thanks so much for the download, love these colors too!! Waiting for the Seafoam to get in my hands too!! Happy 2013 to you and your family!

Me too, can't download it either.

Thank you! Love these (and hope to download them soon when I can find the link)! And they will go great with my Seafoam kit - I bought the digital because I don't want to wait. :)

Thanks Cathy. I may be wrong but the link to the new journal cards takes me to the cards that you appeared to use in 2012. Happy New Year too:))

I'm not seeing the link either, but thanks in advance for an awesome kit.

Happy New Year Cathy - just bought your new WeekInReview cards for 2013. LOVE. Also, thanks for the template for printing you gave away a few weeks back. It has saved me so much time. Love these new cards as well, especially the color choice.

Yup, same issue here.

Happy New Year Cathy Z! Wishing you and yours the very best in 2013.


Your generosity is very much appreciated. Happy New Year to you and your family Cathy!

Thank you! You are very sweet. Happy New Year.

Thanks so much for this Cathy!! Happy New Year! Starting my second year of PL too!

Thank you so much! I've enjoyed reading your blog this year and keeping up with your project life pages. Thanks for the goodies and helpful videos.

Thanks Cathy, you rock

Thanks Cathy! I am doing Seafoam also...can't wait to be able to order it!

You're awesome!

There are three text links. They are bold and in green. Below the graphic of the package, about 7 lines down.
Are they not showing up?

There are three text links. They are bold and in green. Below the graphic of the package, about 7 lines down.
Are they not showing up?

Oh, wow, what a wonderful way to start the day and the year! Just the inspiration I needed. Thanks for the download, can't wait to start my Project Life for this year.

Thank you, Cathy!! I bought the new Week in Review cards, too. Excited about my 2nd year of PL, too!

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

There are three text links. They are bold and in green. Below the graphic of the package, about 7 lines down.
Are they not showing up?

There are three text links. They are bold and in green. Below the graphic of the package, about 7 lines down.
Are they not showing up?

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

There are three text links. They are bold and in green. Below the graphic of the package, about 7 lines down.
Are they not showing up?

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

Thanks, Cathy!

SORRY! This post went live before it was supposed to. They are there now!

I have been eagerly waiting for these and once again you do not disappoint! Thanks for the awesome extras :) Wishing you and the Zielske clan a happy 2013!

Thanks, Cathy! I decided to do digital Project Life and I'm using your stuff from Designer Digitals. Why reinvent the wheel when such a talented designer has done it for me! My goal is to not get fancy, keep it easy and GET 'ER DONE! Now I'm off to Move Well classroom. Have a great New Years!

woot awesome sauce and I'm with you on the no sleep! ahh the joys of the New Year!!!! Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for this!!! Excitied to start pl for the first time. Yay:)

Links worked!

Cathy you are amazing! Thank you for providing all these wonderful freebies for us! You are such a generous person! Wishing you and your family the very happiest and healthiest New Year!!

You are the best! Thanks for your generosity!

Thank you so much for the awesome downloads! I wish I had listened to your December 10 post and ordered my supplies (page protectors, album and card stock) then. They are enroute now, but I would love to have already gotten started. But no worries - I will take pics and journal in my day one app and be ready when they arrive on January 7!!

Thank you so much! I was wondering which file(s) I needed? I use PSE- do I need all three?

Thanks so much. I can't wait to print and layout my main page. I'm totally inspired by you and doing a simple album this year. I totally bombed 2012. Thanks for posting a video on how to make it simple by printing at home.

Hi Cathie, I was wandering if you will be sharing your PL spreads this year too! I really hope so, because you're my absolute favourite project "Lifer"! Thank you for the PNGs too!

Thanks, Cathy! You totally ROCK!

Thank you for the downloads! I am going to do PL this year - starting today!

Thank you, Cathy! These are great!!

AWESOME! Thank you for the link and the personalized Monogram card! Super cool! Thank you.

I plan on using Seafoam, too. waiting, waiting, waiting...

Happy 2013!

Thanks Cathy! Just what I needed to start this year's album. WOOHOO can't wait to use them.

I'm new to this and was wondering what is the difference between the three? I have PSE...which one do I need to download?? Thanks!! Thanks for the awesome freebie!!

Hopefully Cathy will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you would use the pdf if you want to print them out pretty much as they are and write on them (eg if you don't have PSE), png if you want to use them mostly as they are for digital scrapbooking in PSE, and psd if you want to be able to change the background papers, move things around and change things up - they are huge files because the layers haven't been flattened. So, since you're using PSE, you should download the png OR the psd, depending on how much control you want.
Thanks for sharing your designs with us, Cathy! You have taught me so much about digital scrapbooking and PSE this year and your family looks like so much fun.
Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

Thank you so much, Cathy! You are the best!

Thank you for such an awesome download! That's the best thing about 2013 so far! :)

Thank you, Cathy :)

Cathy, you're the best!! So excited to get these downloads! I'll definitely be using them in my PL. I'm glad you're doing another year. I have loved following your blog and buying your digital delights!!

You can choose. Just download them all and play!

Absolutely! : )

You can choose either PSD or PNG!

Cathy, thanks so much for the wonderful downloads. They are gorgeous. I did Project Life for the first time in 2012, and I found your pages and products the most inspiring. I hope that you continue to post your weekly layouts, and that you add to your product line at Designer Digitals. I always love your videos and appreciate the fabulous freebies.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you, Cathy!

Awesome! Thank you so much! My plan is to do project life digitally this year. I hope I can keep up with it!

Happy twenty thirteen! Thank you for these wonderful freebies. Looking forward to seeing what you come up for your weekly PL pages. You are such an inpiration to me.

Thank you so much for the gift! You are my inspiration for PL.

Thank you so much for this gift! I love reading about your makes me want to give it a try :) Happy New Year!

Thanks so much Cathy! Clean, simple and so CZ.

I love, love, love all of your designs and tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with us. I was just wondering what is the difference between using the png and the psd files?

Thanks, Cathy! Happy 2013!

These are so fun, what a great way to start off the new year scrapbooking! Thanks, Cathy!

Yay! Thanks so much for this! I am going to order the Seafoam kit as soon as it is available, too, but I will also be using lots of other bits and even leftovers from the Clementine edition. I am starting my album this week and was going to work on my title page today so this is perfect timing! Thanks again! I look forward to seeing your album again this year.

Cathy thank you for being so 'giving'! I recently started following you and noticed that you are always sharing and teaching (for free!). I watched some of your Vimeo videos and they are so helpful as I attempt to learn Photoshop. Happy New Year to you!

PSD files have layers so you can edit each element. PNGs just print what you see is what you get.

Thanks so much Cathy, what a great start to PL 2013.

Thank you thank you thank you! I too thoroughly enjoy seeing your posts and all of the video tutorials you provide on your blog. I did project 365 in 2008 and have thought about doing project life but it has just seemed so daunting. I'm going to attempt it this year digitally as a weekly review to help with keeping the stories and memories for my family. Thank you for your inspiration! (a quick question - what font did you use on the rest of the cards if we wanted to have the monogram card match?)

Thank you so so much for these lovely freebies. I haven't bought a kit for this year. Thinking of doing my own. So this is awesome :)

Thank you!

Thanks so much Cathy for the download. You're the best!

Thank you so very much Cathy! Looking forward to another year of pl!

Cathy you are such a talent! And a generous heart to boot! You are starting 2013 off to a great start for us all! If I ever see you are doing a scrap event in the Twin Cities area I'd love to meet you! Let us know! You are awe inspiring!

I used Helvetica Rounded Bold Condensed!

Thanks so much for the goodies, Cathy! You are always such an inspiration.

Here's to a fabulous 2013 to you and yours.

Aww thank you Cathy! I'm sorry you had to reply to us all individually though.

Quick question for you Cathy. Will you be doing your project life from Tuesday through Monday now since the new year starts on Tuesday, or will you still be going with the Sunday through Saturday route? And thanks much for sharing your design talents with us. I too love your design creations at Designer Digitals!

Thank you for the goodies! So kind of you. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Cathy -- thank you so much for sharing your talent and time.

Happy New Year Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing your designs - I really want to do better with PL this year, and this is a great start and inspiration!

Thank you so much for the freebies. Love them and will definitely use them. Happy New Year to you and yours!

thanks. got it now.

Thanks, Cathy! You've become one of my favorite people I don't know whose lives I read about daily, and I love how honest you are and how fun you are and your creativity!

Im still going to do Sunday through Saturday, and just add in a few extra days for my first week! : )

No big whoop! I totally forgot to change the post time. I ran out of time yesterday in preparing for a rocking New Years Eve party!

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