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January 28, 2013

I specifically asked for cage-free eggs


I love having a 13-year-old boy in the house. And even more than that, finally getting his 13-year-old sense of humor.

Funny boy, Cole Zielske.

p.s. This message was approved by Cole Zielske.



How awesome is Cole, so funny!! I can't imagine him not being funny since his parents are so funny!!

Hilarious!! Thank you for the laugh so early on a rainy Monday morning :)


Our children sure keep us laughing. What a blessing! Have a great day.

That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh on this gloomy Monday morning!

I had one like Cole, and I sure do miss his sense of humor. But then having a 42 yr old son in the house isn't ideal either...

This made my morning. Hah!

Cole is following in his hysterical parents' footsteps. Can't wait to hear / see what comes from him in the years ahead.

Based on that, Cathy, you done good, girl!

Funny, very clever :)

Lol - hilarious! (good way to start off a Monday)

Ha! I suppose it wouldnt be!

HAHAHAHA!!!! Love it!!

You are so blessed!

He is AWESOME!!!!


Hilarious! Very clever too. :)!!!!!!! Right up my punny alley! Bless him and thanks so much for sharing!

That is super funny!

I LOVE this kids sense of humor!!!!!!

There seems to be NO SHORTAGE of FUN in your house. You guys are funny! Love the humor and the real life that you share. :) Well-played, Cole. Keep up the good work!

Love this! Can't stop laughing!!!

Thanks for making my day. Again.

That's just all kinds of awesome right there!

Omg that is PRICELESS.


I see what he did there. Well done.

Seriously? that's just gold.

I am big a Cole fan! Love his sense of humor. What a great kid.

Love it! My husband always says that humor is the most important trait!

Very, very funny - has his Mama's wit! And I loved the disclaimer!

Ha! That is PERFECT. I am totally snort laughing over here. Nice one Cole. (psst - did you see the screen test photos of Mr. Cage as Superman? Um, ewww!)

Had NOT seen that. but I bet he has!

Oh Man!!!! This is just so funny. Loved it.

i dont get it!!!

: ) I didnt at first either. Its a photo of Nicolas Cage, the actor, in my eggs. : )

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