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February 13, 2013

Digital freebies for you (plus a video to show you how to use them)


As a thank you to my blog readers as well as users of my digital collection of products, today I have three sets of photo flag word banners for you. These can be fun to drop into a photo, or clip a patterned paper into. The files are available in PNG and ABR format.

Download the zipped digital package by clicking on the link below:

Download CZ_PhotoFlagFreebies

I used these flags last week on my Project Life spread.


I simply clipped some of my patterned paper collection in, sized them down a bit, printed, trimmed and adhered to my photo.

Here's a short video showing you a few ways to work with these files:


Thanks again for supporting Designer Digitals. We appreciate our customers immensely!

To show our appreciation, we are extending the sale until 3am EST on Friday morning. And to sweeten it for Valentine's day we are giving out a coupon code for an extra 5% off your purchase!

Simply use the following code at checkout: ddlove5

The fine print: Coupon code can be shared and used multiple times thru the rest of the sale. It is not good on previous purchases and must be used at time of purchase, no adjustments will be made.



Cathy you are the best! I LOVE these banners.

Thanks you so much !

thank you Cathy - for the generous freebies and for making me giggle as I read all the phrases you included

Thanks! Love these!

Sweet. Love. Thanks.

Thanks so much Cathy these are perfect for the teens in my life.

Thank you, love your generosity. Have a great design day.

Thank you so much for these, I've been desperate to make something like this but haven't got the skills as yet. Also thanx for the tutorial, all ur tutorials are perfect and have helped me learn so much xxx

Thank you, thank you, thank you. These little banners are awesome. And your tutorials are the best. I've learned practically everything I know about PSE from them.

This is wonderful--thank you do much!!!

Thank you! When you used these in your PL last week, I searched in vain for them in your Digital Design products. You are so very generous.

Thank you for the seriously, totally rad and totally epic freebie. Amazeballs!

I love these!!! Thanks Cathy!! Happy Valentine's Day :)

Thanks so much for these files! I cannot wait to use them in my PL albums. Beyond awesome!

wow! Its my lucky day. My Studio Calico PL kit just arrived and now freebies from CZ!
Starting Lent off right. THANK YOU!

Thanks! Those are awesome!

Thanks a bunch!

Wow! all the goodies! I just might have to go purchase some more DD. thanks so much. and i'm looking forward to your clean and simple class - can't wait for the fun and scrap.

Thank you so much! I always learn something new in Photoshop Elements from you. Love your blog.

These are AWESOME, Cathy! Love, Love, Love...Thank You!

Holy mother of freebies! Love that you included "Cray Cray". I'll be using that one for sure! Thanks, Cathy!

Thank you so much, Cathy! I've go the perfect "Teen Cave" photos for this week's Project Life, so they couldn't have come at a better time.

Thank you! I love your products! Rockstar:)

Thank you SO much! These are great - especially amazeballs! :)

Wow Cathy -- thanks so much. I'm working on some digital project life pages right now when I took a break to check Facebook and saw your post!

Thanks Cathy - these are awesome!!

Thank you! ;o)

Thank you Cathy for the fabulous freebie! LOVE them! Thank you also for the fabulous video! Just when I think I know what I'm doing in Photoshop, I learn something new! So thank you very very much!

How cool! No, this is amazeballs! Thanks, CZ!

Thank you so much for the awesome products and the tutorial. I never can remember how to recolor png. I learn so much from your tutorials!

Amazeballs! Love it! Thanks so much Cathy. You rockzerz! : )

Thanks for the freebies, Cathy! I luv, luv your papers and word art. You are the best!

Thanks for the freebies :-) I love your stuff and had already purchased some from the sale. Guess I need to go back with another discount.

Thx tons Cathy - LOVE the sentiments, so current and perfect!!!

Thanks for the freebies - so happy to add it to my CZ collection!

Thanks so much for the freebies and the great video.

Nice Valentine's gift. Thanks so much.

Thanks Cathy!!

Can I ask.. what does Cray Cray mean?

Wow!! So nice of you!! Thank you!

Thank you so much for these! I love watching your PL progress!

yay!! thank you so much for these fab banners!

Cathy, you are amazing.Thank your for sharing your talents over and over again. Every time I think I have been impressed as much as possible with you and your blog you blow me away again. Made my day. Thanks.

Seriously?! You are the BEST! I've got a cart full of your templates at DD and much appreciate the extra 5% too. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for the freebies and the great video - as allways!

Thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love These xoxo

Thank you so much for the video to show how to use these freebies... I learned a lot!!

Thanks so much for these, and for the accompanying video too, which is so clear - as always. You're a great teacher.

According to my teen, crazy.

Aw, thanks Donna! Enjoy. : )

Thank YOU for shopping at DD! : )

Thanks, Cara! : )

Thanks so much Cathy....Love them! You're the best! Love that you include a video too!

Thanks so much, they're fantastic !

Thank you Cathy... I purchased several of your items from DD last weekend. Love the gray papers... was eyeing up the other colors, may have to go back. I also got the weekly summaries collection and the tiny photo collages with words. Your tutorials are really helpful (the printed ones that accompany the purchase,too) Looking forward to learning more in your class coming up second quarter. Thanks for being so generous with your skills! (I also downloaded the hello 2013 PL freebies and printed those out!)

Thanks so much Cathy! Just what I wanted - flag templates! yea!!!

Wow, thanks so much for generously sharing your freebies and your tutorials! Love them!

Thank you for these. I also appreciate the head's up about the sale. I appreciate so much all I've learned from you about digi scrapping...but I have to say, I find Designer Digitals one of the most poorly designed sites and am always frustrated that they don't allow the use of Paypal. I'm sure there are good people who work hard to run it, but I'd be happy to see you (& Ali Edwards) move to a new store.

Thank you for the freebies and tutorial

Thanks for the most awesome banners!

Thank you so much for generously putting this awesome freebie on your blog for everyone to enjoy. I find your daily posts so inspiring! Keep it coming...

Super fun!! Thanks so much for your generosity!

I have every single file at dd that you have created :) LOVE all of it.

These are great! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much! I love your style and templates!

Thank you, Cathy!! Awesome!

Thank you, the freebies and thank you for the tutorial, too. You are awesome!

Thank you so much Cathy, so generous. I've just signed up for your new class at BPC. Can't wait:)

Thank you Cathy. What a great idea. ~ Josie

Thank you - much appreciated! You and your CZ goodies have inspired me to get back into Project Life this year after a break for last year.

Thank you for the wonderful flags - as always, love your products!

Thank you so much Cathy! These are perfect for my kiddos!!

Woo hoo! : ) see you there!

Fantastic Banners. Thank You so much for sharing.
Quick Questions - I took a screenshot of my iPhone's weather. This saved as a PNG. In elements, is there a quick way to load this so it will be 3x4 on a 4x6 canvas? I'm doing something wrong because its all distorted.

Thanks, Sarah

If you go to 5:30 in this video, I walk you through it:

I should actually do a new video because theres a shorter way, but this will show you how its done! : )

cool! thanks so much! you are awesome!!!

Thanks for these - love all the colours! Now I have to get my daughter to actually say some of these things so I can use them :-)

thanks so much for sharing these banners!

Yay...totally knew there was a reason I've procrastinated getting my week 6 done -- divine intervention I think!!! Now I am up way past my bedtime editing and printing out photos :)
I wish there was a way to add a photo but I put a copy of my 'rough draft' on my blog. Love that these coordinate so well with your grid labels which I am in love with too!


Thanks for the flags, Cathy! I'm using your journaling cards in my digital Project Life and I LOVE them! And your new PP? Perfect! Keep churning out this good stuff so my big old album looks nice:)

These are awesome!! Thank you so much!!

Love these! My coworkers and I say "Cray Cray" all day everyday!!!!! LMBO! Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for the freebies. I'm getting caught up with your blog as I spent the last week in Maui. I know, I know. Pretty nice. I was helping my MIL but what wonderful weather. I woke the morning of my return with a bad cold. Once returning, feeling sick and sorry for myself ever since. I'm behind on Project Life, I'm behind on your class, Eat More, Move Less - oops I had to laugh because this is what came out and this is what I've been up too. Hopefully, soon to change when I get my strength back to just be able to tuck the kids in at night and get up the stairs without sounding like I'm running a marathon. I just had to say, YOU MAKE ME SMILE, when I need it the most. And, when I awoke each of the last three nights needing to change my clothes I realized after reading your earlier post that I too indeed like cooler weather these days. Keep it coming. I warned everyone I'm taking the day off tomorrow. The horrible thing is they would give me 5. I just have a hard time separating what needs to be done with what I need for my sole or is that soul at times. I'm the one from California that mentioned during your class that it was some 28 degrees in Northern California. Yes, and now......I'm not complaining, not one bit. Thanks for your honestly. A lot of us readers can relate and it makes us feel a bit more normal.
So thanks to you and for your freebie.

Wendy, thank you for your comment! Now bundle up out there! ; )

These are great! Thanks!

Thanks so much for these -- you are the bee's knees. Just downloaded them and added "Silly Stuff" to a picture of my eight-year-old wearing every hair accessory and piece of jewelry she owns . . . at the same time. :-)

These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing, they will be used a lot!

THank you so much for the freebies and the fab tutorial!

Thank you for the flags...they're great! The video is most informative...and truly appreciated. Thanks again for your generosity!!

When I saw who the freebie was from, I grinned. I couldn't help it. :D As a former paper scrapper, I've always loved your style. Thanks so much!


These are great. The tut was too. Thank you...

Thanks Cathy, these are so fun !

Thank you ♥

Thanks so much! love them. used them in my PL.

Thank you very much for the lovely banners and your fab videos! I learn so much from what you share :)

Youre welcome! : )

You are very generous! Thankis for these wonderful freebies!

Thank you Cathy! It's good to know that there's a younger version of Dave out there...for future generations!

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