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February 20, 2013

That's What She Said


I never use that phrase correctly and today is no exception.

I actually mean to say simply what she said. She, being my friend Lisa Russo. This, ladies, is a blog post about cleaning and for anyone who ever finds themselves in need of, well, cleaning.

Lisa wrote a comprehensive, long-in-the-making and well-tested blog post about a product called e-cloth. I may be jumping the gun, but I think their products quite possibly will change my life, just as they have changed Lisa's.

But honestly, she said it better than I can so if you're interested, click here to read about e-cloths.

Long story short: Lisa is one of those people who if she endorses something, I believe her. Girl doesn't make recommendations lightly. (She posts fabulous recipes as well and her photos are gorgeous.) I ordered three cloths for myself (the Window Cloth, the Stainless Steel cloth and the Bathroom Cloth). Honestly? I was shocked at how well they worked. So I went and ordered more.

I even used the Window Cloth on my Ceran top cook range and I didn't have to use a drop of Windex, or Wymans Glass Top Cook Cleaner—nothing! And it came out sparkly and smudge free.

I just placed my second order for more of their products.

One day, who knows? I may splurge and hire a cleaning service, but until that day rolls around, I now have a completely chemical-free alternative.

Note: Blog reader Cheri just informed me if you use the code 20%OFF, you can get a discount on regular-priced items, not on sale or combo packs.



OOOOHHHHH! I have the window cloth but didn't think to use it on my glasstop stove - awesome idea!!!! And totally agree - if Lisa endorses something, it's good. :)

oooo......i LOVE this! will have to look into it!

Sounds like the Norwex products I bought a half dozen years ago. LOVE THEM. I like the pricing on the e-cloths better though! :) I haven't used a cleaner on my glass top range since. (Oops, yes I did. When I boiled over some peach jam. Oy! THAT was a mess.) My 3 cloths (and an awesome duster mit)are still going strong however. But really, shouldn't I have a back-up or two just in case? :D

I just ran out of stovetop cleaner (I hate fighting with my glass stovetop), so this recommendation comes at the perfect time! Thanks :)

I ordered the combo pack plus one of the cleaner pads. If you use code 20%OFF, you can get a discount on any of the regular price items (doesn't apply to combo pack pricing). So if anyone else wants to order, try the coupon code! :)

Thanks, Cheri! Just added that info to the post!

Have to admit I ordered the combo pack, wash up sponge and mop last week only because Lisa made the recommendation. Almost looking forward to getting home this evening to try out the mop!

I just ordered after a fight with cleaning my not often enough cleaned shower and master bath this weekend. Feeling so hopeful that this helps. Thanks Cathy!

Just ordered! Thanks for posting.......anything that makes cleaning easier and faster is worth it!

I think you'd love the Hudson Jeans available at

I think you'd love the Hudson Jeans available at

Ordered the window one last week but haven't tried it yet. If Lisa endorses it and you endorse Lisa, well I now have extremely high hopes for it!

Your a very clever writer! I really enjoy your blogging. Your opening line in this post was a killer and I love your slogan (if thats what its called) on your blog header. Have a nice day, cant wait to see more from you :)

Cathy! I am going around in this e-cloth/scrapbooking circle today and I landed here in a place that I truly know! You were my inspiration to get into simple scrapbooking years ago. Bought all your books! I'm still doing stamping and scrapbooking, have a Milk Allergy blog, and actually opened our own e-cloth online store last month at!

I remember seeing all the pics of your son and daughter in your books. I'm sure they are so big now. I will have to poke around here to get some updates!

Now I know why e-cloth said they are getting tons of orders from you all. You are huge! ;) Well not you, but your talent. :)

I just posted today and yesterday about how I use e-cloths with my stamping room and scrapbooking!

Thank you! The past few years I have changed out all my cleaning products and now just use a vinegar/water mix with some essential oils to make it smell better but these sound great. I just ordered them!

Also try a dry window cloth on your photos to remove fingerprints! :)

I love to mop now! And it telescopes down to kid size so my kids help with my e-cloth mop too. :)

You will love it! It really will clean soap scum with just water. :)

Yes, vinegar and baking soda is great. But water is so much easier! :)

I have something similar that I got from They're called purple rags and will clean just about everything with only water - I use them to wash my windows, clean off my car, wipe up spills. You get the idea. Wonderful to do something nice for the environment and me, too.

Cathy, e-cloth just released their new Cleaning & Dusting Wand tonight. :)

The cloths work well for me because my fridge arrived in spectacular style, and I occasionally have to clean prints from it. I think nearly any approved stainless cleaning method with any clean soft cloth would provide the same result.

I am going to have to try these! Anything to encourage me to clean more often. Do they work on more than just fingerprints and smudges? My 9 year old cant brush her teeth without getting half of the toothpaste tube in and around the sink, too. One (of many) reasons I don't clean as often as I should - it is just easier to shut the door to the bathroom! Lol

That bathroom cloth is awesome for cleaning up the sink quickly. e-cloth's fibers do "grab" stuff like hard toothpaste and even grease on range hoods! My 5 and 7 year old boys now wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet for me, with just water. :) Here is my son in the bathroom with an e-cloth.

Shutting the door is still an option, though. ;)

Ok, I read up on these in the linked post and was convinced enough to head to Amazon to see what the comments there said. More I'm taking the plunge. I have a stainless steel fridge now (new after a move last summer) that is *constantly* covered in smudges and streaks (never noticed those with the old standard white fridge :-/), a glass-top range that looks pretty terrible most of the time, sliding glass door (ditto), and then all the usual sinks, toilets, etc. :D So I'm really curious to see if these miracle cloths do what they're purported to do!!

Thanks for the tip, and maybe a follow-up post in a few weeks when we all have our new toys and have tried them out? :D Thanks, Cathy!

Thank you for the suggestion! My starter pack is being delivered today. WHOO!

Thank you so much. Kathy, you have changed my life out here in N. California. I've never had sparkling windows before. This product is awesome. I just ordered some more hoping to do the same to my stainless steel. It may actually be "stain" "less" from now on.

Have a wonderful day! I come for some scrapping motivation and I come away with so much more.

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