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March 12, 2013

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, I know who I'm following

I'm a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. For three seasons now, me, Cole and Aidan (Dan has yet to come around on Zombie-themed television) have been glued to the challenges and tragedies of Sheriff Rick & Co. It's bleak. It's heart wrenching. It's gory. 

And it also contains total hotness in the form of one dirty hillbilly who goes by the name of Daryl Dixon.

I'll be honest: it really wasn't until Season 3 when it hit me just how hot Daryl was. Me and a whole gaggle of adult women who tune in every week. 

In short, if the zombies come a-knockin', he's your man, ladies.

While looking for images of Daryl yesterday (yes, I spend my time very wisely) I came across several memes and thought: what would happen if Daryl Dixon met up with scrapbooking?

With that in mind, I present my results.




Feel free to share. I'm sure they'll take off in the crafting community. No, really. I feel it.



Love it Cathy! Now, I have heard a ton about this show and my 2 girls keep asking me to watch it with them. Not sure it is age appropriate for them though. What age would you say is Ok for this show? I think I will check it out myself just for the photos you shared. ;)

What a chkl! Seriously think he didn't start taking on the hotness until recently.

Hah! You've probably just started a meme sensation. I've had the hots for Norman Reedus the whole time, but it just carried over from Boondock Saints.

HUGE HUGE fan of the WD, and since i'm from (and still live/work) in atlanta i love seeing familiar landmarks. totally agree about the daryl hotness, and can't wait to see what happens between him and carol. i about cried when he found her-yesss!!! many of my co-workers are fans, and we've already begun creating our "team", we have our daryl-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE.

It's that bad boy with a soft heart, who totally can take care of business that has my heart going pitter-patter! I started watching WD as a way to stay connected to my kids in college. I love it!!!

LOL...I needed a laugh today. Thanks Cathy!

I started watching a few weeks ago because all of a sudden everyone I know was talking about it. I figured I'd watch 1 episode and hate it. Wrong! I'm hooked! I got all caught up in time for last Sundays episode. LOVE these!

And by the way, I have to print the last one and put it in my Project life album!

Megan, this is EXCACTLY what I planned to add! Love those MacManus boys. Tis is the season to get the DVD back out!

Cole is 13. He started watching last year. Its a very intense show. It really depends on what your kids are ready for. : ) We talk a lot about the moral decisions these characters face, and it does open some cool discussions in our house.

I love this Cathy!! I was starting to think I was mad and the only person who thought he was hot!! Thanks for easing my mind ;)

My husband started watching with our 14 yo son as a way to connect. He got me to watch the first episode (reluctantly) and now I'm hooked. So after a year of mocking my son, I'm totally on the bandwagon. And Daryl is my man, too! Yum!

I am so beyond hooked on this show. And lord is Daryl HOT!!

Funny! I'm not yet willing to say he is hot, but he is getting a little nicer. But my husband has always said that Daryl is the guy to get it done! It paralells Breaking Bad in the character development of Daryl vs. Jesse Pinkman. The bad boy becomes the good guy.

I only just discovered this show a couple of weeks ago after getting cable put on. Loving it even if I am 2.5 seasons behind. Zombies are awesome! Also found a totally cool work out on Pinterest to do while watching the show lol

Thank you for giving me something to smile about on a gloomy, snowy morning! I love The Walking Dead and love Daryl too! Have a great day!!

Too funny. I spent 30 minutes last night downloading pics of walking dead to make a collage for Instagram. Downloaded sev of Darryl and then forgot to use them. Don't know what I was thinking. Love that man. My husband and I have actually discussed who we would choose if we had to pick one person to go through the zombie apocolypse with. Poor hubbie. I chose Daryl. It is all about survival, right? Alright some of it is about hotness!!! If you want to see me post I am under jcsatricia on Instagram. I am private but would always accept you. Lol. Have a great day.

You are hilarious! Thanks!

Yep I'm on the Darryl train. I only discovered WD a few weeks ago and just finished season 1. So funny how I had a love/hate with him and that damn crossbow....and then the episode where the Dead attacked the camp and Carol took the pick axe from Darryl to finish off her husband? They did a great shot of Darryl's face and I was all in.

me and my 20 yr old daughter just hopped on the wd train about a month ago and are all caught up on the episodes. we looooove it!!! and both agree that Darryl is hot!! gonna have to show these to her, thanks!!!

You're hilarious!!! I LOVE Walking Dead too and LOVE the pics of Darryl :)

What a hottie. I may just have to start watching TV instead of reading and scrapping.

You know from the photos, he actually looks a bit like Dan :)
I have that in my Netflix stream to watch along with Downton Abbey.
Both shows get such good reviews!

Not a watcher of the show, but died laughing as to the Project Life meme. Pinned and shared it on my FB page!

Ah, Cathy, you make me laugh out loud sometimes! Thanks for the giggle today.

Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance between Dan and your hot zombie dude...hmmm? Have Dan rub some mud on his face and put the pics side by side!

Thats too fun!

LOVE the new white blog with that crisp green header.
I have been feeling the love for Daryl this season as well.
All caught up, loving this season so much.

Thanks, I just deleted that background. One day, my friend, one day I will hire someone to design something I love.

Love TWD. Have watched from the first episode and have been surprised by who survived, who didn't and sometimes how they died.

Trivia from IMDB bio: formerly a model for Prada.

are any of us surprised at that?!

Oh my… yes!! I too have been guilty of trawling the internet for pictures of Darryl in recent months. Yes, the hotness!

OMG!!! What a riot....but I did have a moment of pause...the first pick looks startling like your beloved hubby!! I had to do a double take to make sure you hadn't worked a bit of PS wizardry!!! Great stuff girl!! :)

LOL, these made me laugh! I haven't seen the show, but it sounds like it may be my type of show. I might have to look it up and start watching:)

Cathy these are great and love the show as well.

LOL! I'm of the same mind about the guy from Justified on FX. Timothy Olyphant is total hotness as far as I'm concerned. We don't have cable but on a whim purchased the first season of Justified, got hooked, and are chompin' at the bit waiting for season 4 to come out on dvd.

Blahahahahahaha! Love it.

Love that show and the graphic novels are pretty fantastic, too. And Daryl? That man is sex on two legs. Rawr.

Oh Cathy, I knew I loved you before this post, but now? Now I super duper love you! Not as much as I love Daryl, you understand, but I do think you are the bees knees. Thanks for your funny, inspirational posts and for keeping it real :)

Pinned it :D Being terribly English I have to say that Sheriff Rick wouldn't be a bad companion in said apocalypse ;) Daryl could hold my other arm though.

Thank you :)

Ok. I'll watch it.

i would follow him anywhere - have a huge crush on daryl since season 1.
love zombies in general. i don´t know if you like japanese animation - there's an awesome anime called "high school of the dead".

Oh, I do love Rick too. And the fact that hes British. : )

Love this post! I watched the most recent episode while running on my treadmill yesterday.
The show is great.
Hope your birthday was great.


Love him as well! Have you seen those t-shirts...Keep Calm and Carry a Crossbow. Great show!

i was surfing and just found these:
i wander what's the smell of it...

OMG - I'm totally into Walking Dead completely addicted and it's so cool to see your post today!! I'm with you on Daryl although he's been my choice from episode 1 because I've always felt you knew where you stood with him not to mention he's not bad on the eyes and if zombies take over I'm thinkin I'm team Daryl!!

This post made me very happy. I don't know - season 1 Daryl was not attractive to me. Season 2 near the end he started to seem pretty hot. Now, WOW is all I can say. I don't know why. He seems like he is super sweet under that tough guy exterior I guess. And I love the biker men.

Hope that the MEME's make it big!

Love the show! We started watching because our son loved it. We are now so addicted that it has a leading role in one week of our Project Life!

Sorry, but he looks WAY too much like my horrible ex for me to really get into him.....

gotta love Darryl and TWD....I am SO hooked on that show, too!

Hes a sweetie, cant beleive were at the seasons finale this coming sunday, what will we do? Falling skies will be on soon is there anyone who follows both shows?
Have a great day,

Love the images! I'm going to steal the last one for my 365. My 14-year-old daughter (she loves horror books and films) and I have watched from the beginning and are completely addicted. We both adore Daryl. WD is the only show that makes us yell at the TV when something unexpected happens, especially when our hero Daryl is in danger.

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