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May 29, 2013



My family spent Memorial Day weekend up in Nisswa at our family cabin. The cabin is a very Instagrammable kind of place.


(That's the Little Cabin, where teens will often hunker down on many a Lake Weekend.)


Sometimes, you'll just see people walking in the lake.


Or drinking in the lake.


Or just plain drinking.


Definitely eating.



Suffice to say, I took more shots with my iPhone than I did with my big old DSLR. 


Phone cameras kind of rock.

Me, on Instagram.



Speaking of phones, in just over a month The Phone Photography Workshop kicks off at Big Picture Classes. This class is 32 days of Android + iPhone ideas, challenges, daily inspiration and app reviews. I contributed a fun little frame project that puts your square format Instagrams to work! To learn more about the class, click here.



I like your whirly gig photo! Oh, and the donut shot and the wine drinking. . . ain't life grand.

Love the "plain drinking" picture :-) Very familiar !!

It's nice to see that Dan is drinking a quality beer that was brewed right here in my town. Yumm...

A dear friend of mine lives in MN. He grew up on a lake. I always wanted to go visit as it seemed like such a nice place to vacation. He told me about the mosquitoes, tho. :). I like the notion of drinking in the lake, haha.

Lovely photos! I wasn't too far from you this weekend... our cabin is on North Long Lake just south of Nisswa. The kids LOVE going to the Chocolate Ox after dinner at Rafferty's. :) The lake is truly a place to regroup and unwind. Ahhh! (And drink!)

Yes Bec K - I was thinking it looked idyllic and then the word mosquito popped into my head......

Looks like a lovely weekend away Cathy - your photos capture your trip to the lake perfectly.

Don't know about you, but l find getting away into the 'bush' as we would call it here in Australia, instantly refreshes me. Just love it.

I'm in for this class!! Can't wait to get started!! :) And your lake house/cabin is beautiful!!

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