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August 07, 2013

The -ing List


After reading a recent post by Elise Blaha Cripe, I thought I'd give one a whirl.


working on getting everything running smoothly on my new computer system.

watching Orange is the New Black with Dan, and loving it.

listening to Ben Harper.

trying to refocus on healthier eating.

preparing for foot surgery in a few weeks. Buh-bye bone spurs.

loving our unseasonably cool, Minnesota August weather. 

revisiting protein smoothies (but with almond milk, instead of yogurt).

continuing to work with my amazing therapist.

wanting to learn Italian.

laughing at this video.

brainstorming some new classes for 2014. 

re-organizing all of my photos into better albums

enjoying this final month of summer break with the kids.


What about you? Give me one "-ing" in your life, right now. 



Loving my friend Cathy, and her awesome list!!:-) You're always an inspiration! (And, Health Coach Leslie says to try adding some hemp seed to your smoothies if you don't already! Great protein source, and very yummy!)

Preparing for the end of summer ( boo-hoo). But in denial about the end if summer.

Thanks Cathy for sharing the video link! Too funny!
Watching some more of your tutorials this week and practicing with my PSE 11 to do hybrid scrapbooking. Wanting to make a 'Thankful" album and Dec. Daily (or Weekly) this year. You inspire me to do better.

Planning an -ing list now! Thanks for sharing a great idea.

Packing for an end of summer ten day camping trip. I have lists for my lists.

Thinking about that great photo at the top of your post!!!
- Lee

reviewing my information to go register for college. I am going back to get a Physical Therapist Asst. degree. exciting and nerve wracking:)

RunnING more and bikING less because my teenage girls like to run with me, but not so much on the biking.

Inspiring blog post from you as always. :)

Reading a good but challenging book.
Thinking about how to make need changes.
Feeling thankful for the wakeup call.

Laughing at my daughter while she chases bubbles around the backyard
Dreading working out while the daughter naps.
Loving easy scrapbooking!

Healing after knee replacement surgery!

Loving..SOME of these things I am doing on a day off from work!

Starting my vacation today and loving being home with my boys.

Getting ready for a CTMH Idea Book kick off party on Saturday - so a lot -ings going on - cleaning, making, organizing, looking, learning, trying!

Waiting ... until 5:00 pm when I can punch out and enjoy what's left of my day!

Contemplating moving.
Weighing the pros and cons.
Trying not to freak out.

Organizing we recently moved.

Dreading a 3am wakeup for a 5:30am flight. Wondering why I'm not asleep right now.

Hoping your surgery goes well! My hubby had one spurs in his foot, and I know from his experience they hurt like hell.

Loving your opening photo.
Lounging watching my philadelphia phillies stink it up.
Wondering why we watch them every night.
Planning our trip to Canada.
Loving, Digging my totally awesome life.

Reading your blog! I love it!

Waiting... for our first grandchild, due this Saturday (or thereabouts)!

Falling in love with my husband of almost 25 years, all over again. :-)

looking for a good podcast to learn Italian (I found Coffee Break French to prepare for a visit to Paris 4 years ago...and sadly, there doesn't seem to be an Italian equivalent - I'm planning a trip there in May 2014). Please keep us posted on your efforts to learn Italian!

Awww.... how sweet is that?

...surfing the internet and enjoying the most amazing breeze...ahhh, fall is just around the corner (summer is just not my bag...).

chatting (on fb with my husband's aunt)
learning (more about windows 8)
wanting (to be working on scrapbooking)
preparing (to go to bed)

I love these lists! I've been doing them monthly for coming up to a year now, I think, and plan on turning them into a simple mini album with the words and photos I share on each of my post

I love this photo, too... What an awesome capture!

After watching the Mumford and Sons video....


:-)thanks Cathy.

Learning to operate my new camera! Got it on Tuesday--in the mail! I think I scared the UPS person. Lots to learn. It's a
Rebel T4i. What a week!

loving this post and the picture at the top
thinking what to buy at the grocery store today
wondering if it will be a good day for the beach, chance of rain
listening to the birds outside my window
feeling hungry already
wishing to go out for pancakes with strawberries
savoring these last couple weeks of vacation
praying for a miracle about a relative's new health news
thanking God for all I'm blessed with
itching to get my paints out today and play
thanking you for letting us share with you today

hope you put this in your PL this week.

I love those lists of Elise's and I've just done my own first one on my brand new blog - Love Happy Daily. You can check out my list at

Love your blog, Cathy! :) S

Tackling the long list of to-do's in 15-minute chunks (yes, setting a timer)

Applying to a new job and updating my cv as a result.

Keep us up-to-date on your foot surgery. My sisters and I suffer from bone spurs and are all waiting for the other to have surgery first because we are all scared. we have very painful feet!

Always love your posts. You're one of the few blogs I've followed for YEARs. the pool, football practice, the Walmarts, the pool, the pool, the pool, football practice, football get the picture :)

Planning cool lessons for the upcoming school year. I think I may incorporate this into a grammar lesson. I think my students would enjoy it. Thanks!

Volunteering, registering, stressing for senior year stuff.

purging-I filled six plastic totes with clothes to donate last night!

Painting plein air canvases,
Photographing finished paintings,
Making inventory lists of artwork,
Building a booth space,
Selling artwork,
Packing up booth space,
Updating inventory lists,
RELAXING for a few days...then on my to-do list:

Posting artwork on Etsy,
Painting plein air canvases,
Finishing artwork...

putting on sunscreen before heading to aquazumba. (oh yes, it's as fun as it sounds!) love that flying guitar pic!

Omigosh! I've been going on and on all week about learning Italian! It's SUCH a beautiful language! My daughter and I finally checked out the library online resources (we are in Scott county) and they have a program through there FREE that we have been learning off of called "Mango". It's based off using flashcards and repetition. Our ultimate goal is to order the "Fluenz Italian" system and then we are taking off. My sister used this system to learn Spanish and she's learned so much from it! Check out your library and the other system. Fun, fun, fun!!! Good luck!

Tryyyyying to get a heritage album by 8/18. (Or at least my 'second chance deadline' of 9/21)

Trying to keep my sanity today!

Procrastinating instead of doing!

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, thinking of all that I need to be -ing.....yep, procrastinating right along with you!!! :)

Loving that the days are getting longer & warmer here in New Zealand.

Loving our vacation here at Riverbend in Michigan! Wishing I could have spent more time here and on Mackinaw Island... Loving your blog Kathy-you so speak to me.

Sorry I meant Cathy!

CELEBRATING-- our 40th wedding anniversary today! :-)
Not a single photo taken--- getting out my camera now!

Happy day to you!

Complet-ing the module in my photography course.

Thanks for always been an inspiration

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