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September 10, 2013


I'm sure many of you have managed to see The Fox video from Ylvis, the darling and hilarious brothers from Norway who are taking the Internets by storm right now.

I have watched this at least a few times daily since first seeing it last week. I wake up with it in my head. I am in love with this video.


Now by Ylvis' standards, this is very clean. You can show this to your kids. Most of their clips do not fall into that category, and the following videos, well, they go into that category.

I first watched these a year or so ago, and after re-watching them, I have decided that HBO needs to give these guys a show in the States, or at the very least, let us watch their show, I Kveld Med Ylvis, on US televsion.

This video below still makes me laugh out loud. It is raunchy and not for kids. And it is awesome.


Again, not for kids. And not for people who, well, you know, are easily offended. 


On their show, they do this Intelevator bit. You don't have to speak Norweigan or Dutch or German or Chinese to appreciate how funny they are.


And the fact that one of the brothers, Vergard, looks like Josh Groban… well, watch this for yourself:


The fact that these guys can both sing their butts off is part of what makes their videos work so well. 

It's official. I love them both.




Thanks for that! I laughed. Silly guys making 'fox' noises, ha ha. Very funny. The elevator cracked me up too. Boy, can they sing?!!I love it when you share!

Heh heh. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Love that you have picked up on these two Norwegian guys :) - a true patriots heart smiles. The new season of I kveld med Ylvis is starting tonight so I guess there is going to be a new viewing record for them with all this fuzz about their Fox video.

I actually live in Norway and I had no idea about Ylvis until you posted about it. I guess I should get out more. ;-)

This is awesome by the way. Just awesome.

Ahhhh. The videos are blocked over here (UK). Clearly, I must now find them on you tube!

Love, love, love Stonehenge! Thanks for sharing!!!

They have one more fan - would never have known about them if it wasn't for your share. Thanks

My daughter showed me the fox video a few days before you shared it.
Do you get that fox song stuck in your head? I sure do!
Great to see their other videos! Josh Groban!

Oh my lands...where DO you find these things.....the hot tub section~ bwahahahaha!!! Thank you so much for the giggles today!! :)

Thx for this, Cathy! I love them now, too. Thanks to you, my young nieces are going to sing "The Fox" over and over and over again....and my sister can't do anything about it. Muahahaha!

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