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October 21, 2013

Hybrid Layout: Senior Photos


I had the distinct pleasure of watching my dear friend Margie Scherschligt of Margie Photo take pictures of my senior girl over the weekend. We battled potential rain and definite cold, but I think the photos are going to be absolutely awesome. 

I trailed behind with coffee and my iPhone, letting Margie do her thing. I loved that Aidan was really herself, hair piled up on top her head, wearing her dad's vintage shirt that was missing a button. It was really important to her that she be herself. No crazy make up or hair. Just 100% authentic Aidan. Love that.

I was so geeked that when I got home I thought, "Silhouette + Photos = Potentially Awesome Layout." And I realized it has been AGES since I made a traditional scrapbook page. 

This makes me happy.




The only other supplies are kraft and white Bazzil cardstock, and some leftover enamel dots from last year's December Daily kit.

A simple memory saved.

My favorite kind of page.




Cathy, I LOVE this layout and her gorgeous pictures!! My senior pictures are in the family room and I still get a kick out of remembering the fun I had that day.
Aidan is stunning, a natural beauty like her mom!

What I love too is that you went right home and made a layout, while it was still fresh in your mind. I haven't done that in so long, was such a good feeling afterwards. WAY TO GO CATHY!!

Thanks soooo much for these freebies, I have a senior next year!
Totally inspired and happy by this post!

Thanks for the download! What an awesome page and beautiful daughter :)

: ) I had fun just making a regular old scrapbook page. I need to do that more often.

simply charming!! Shame I don't have a silhouette though. I also love the fact that she is not overdone. She looks beautiful.

Thank you for the cut file. I have a senior and I just got a cameo!

What a great page! Seeing what you are doing with the silhouette, has been started me thinking about getting one! Also, it has been so long since I have done a traditional scrapbook pages. I love this one.

Kudos to you and Dan for raising a teen who is comfortable in her own skin. What a wonderful gift! Thanks for the cut file, hoping to WIN a silhouette soon :D!

Thanks so much for the download! My stepson is a senior this year and this is perfect.

I have a senior and a sophomore so I can relate and love your page.

I am debating on a silhouette - would your recommend it? I need something, but can't decide what. Our cricut died and I don't want to go that route again.

Beautiful girl on a beautiful page!

I love it. So beautiful and simple!! And I love the different sizes of the pictures!!!

My favorite kind of page too! Thank you Thank you Thank you! This page just makes me happy. I have a senior too, and I got some awesome photos for his senior pictures. For the guy that hates to smile when the camera comes out, he was more than willing to participate in the senior photo session. Did you take your own photos or have another photographer do it?

OK, I just read the journaling and answered my own question, lol. Thanks again Cathy, I will be making this page very soon. I am sooooo looking forward to more Silhouette files from you, I can't wait to see how you use your talent with this avenue. I would buy Silhouette files from you in the DD store, ... in case you are thinking about that ;)

Cathy, I'm so excited to see you creating a scrapbook layout again. This is such a gorgeous page!! Your style always inspires me. LOVE your take on Silhouette as well. One question. What adhesive did you use on the small pieces (the numbers for the year)?

Okay Cathy, you can stop kicking me in the arse now! I have always loved your simple pages, that is why I have both your books. :) Oh, the kicking part? I have not "scrapbooked" in a couple years and my room has been calling me, THANK YOU for the kicking and the awesome download!

Classic CZ. Absolute perfection!

love the layout! and the freebies! Thanks!!!!! You rock!

Wonderful layout, even more wonderful photos. I have a senior this year too. It is such an amazing time for us parents. :)

Oh, thank you for the cut file!! So generous.
Your layout is gorgeous -- Aidan looks fabulously confident!

My youngest was a senior a couple of years ago, but I have still have photos to scrap ... thanks for this lovely freebie!

Beautiful photos, beautiful page and beautiful girl!

Great page, great photos. And she looks so much like you (is that okay to say to a teenager?).

So I just ordered a silhouette and hope to use it sooooon. Thanks!

I have a senior too this year (and my final one next year), so thanks for the download! Love the layout--now I just need to get my son's photos taken. He HATES being photographed and I completely spaced out scheduling his senior photo. Major Mom Fail. Now we're scrambling--they need to be turned in by Monday! Yikes. So good job, glad to see that people are still taking them, and I'd better get busy calling everyone I know who is a photographer!

Indeed. It is!


As always, LOVE your page. It is cool to see you doing a traditional page again--I'd forgotten that I hadn't seen one from you in a while because your digital stuff is truly awesome too.

I have a quick secondary scrapbook question. I've been trying to find an easel like the wooden ones you use to display your pages. Do you recall where you got it from and if so what size is it?

What a fabulous page. And such neat backdrops for your photos. I need to really venture around Mpls. I don't head out there very often. The photos are just gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing the cut files. My middle is a sophomore this year, so I will definitely be saving them.

What beautiful photographs and a fantastic layout. I love the clean, clear simple lines, just lifted from plain with a little something. This really stands out. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the freebies in this and other posts you have made available. It is really generous and kind of you.


I took my daughters Senior photos last Friday, the one sunny day we've had in a week! Love the page and will definitely be doing that, maybe today! I don't have a Silhouette though. Any chance you could whip it up as PS stamp or something? I can likely make something a bit like that up but I so love your style!
Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your beautiful daughter with us!

I got them from IKEA a number of years ago. Not sure if they still sell them, but I wish I had picked up more of them! : )

This is so amazing Cathy - your style is so classy! What a gorgeous young woman your daughter is! Thanks so much for the silhouette file!

I knew you would love the Silhouette machine! Thanks Cathy


Love this. Wow I can't believe how quickly our kids grow. When I saw/met Aidan in New Zealand she was so young and little compared to now. It amazes me how quickly they change in such a small matter of years. Here's to recording those awesome changes. Love the pics and the layout and so glad to hear you enjoyed getting back to play. Love the file to Thanks for your kind generosity! Karen

Love Love Love this!! Thanks Cathy!

I love your layout an the file! My son graduated last Spring and this is perfect! Thank you.

That's a stinkin cute cutfile --- and the layout is just awesome!! I saved it...don't even have a silhouette ( have a cricket)....more and more I find myself wanting one!! ~maybe for Christmas!!LOL Thanks for sharing Cathy!!(and enabling!!)

Senior pictures are a lot cooler now than when i was in school. These are so fun and she is beautiful, but you already knew that.

These are simply awesome senior pictures! Thanks for the share.

LOVE :-). Cathy, you are an eternally wonderful scrapbooker.

Well that is high praise. : )

This is so beautiful in its simplicity. I am in awe. And as always I love, love, love your writing.

thanks! that camera is just so cute!

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