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November 05, 2013

Days of Gratitude free template for you


Today you can download this 12 x 12 layered template as part of Designer Digitals' Days of Gratitude. We are so very grateful for our customers.

Click here to visit the Designer Digitals' blog and download this layered template.

New to digital scrapbooking? I have a number of videos to walk you through the process. 

This video is a good one for an overview of the process and includes links to another free template download.

This template is only free for today, November 5, and then will be available for purchase in the store.


Thank you for the template and the ideas. I am grateful for you and sites like yours that offer free creativity!

Hey Cathy,

Totally off topic here, but are you still using your fitbit and if so, how do you like it? Thank you!

This morning I got my bowl of cereal (like every weekday) and sat down to do my daily check of my favorite blogs. Yours was the first one to read. Wow, Cathy .... Thank you so much for the freebie!

Yes, and so far, I love it. Now, my step goal is currently 7,500, so Im not going all crazy just yet, but I wear it every day and its been pretty cool so far!


Thanks for the freebie! Your stuff always help me generate great ideas. Question: Can you let me know what site or sites you use to print your scrapbook pages? I'd like to do my 30 days of Thankful this way as well as some of the 8 1/2 x 11 pages and 12 x 12 pages.


Great template. Thank you :-)

Hi Cathy, thanks for the new freebie! I have a really easy question for you...when you are copying a PSE layer from one file to another, and you want it to drop in at exactly the same location in the new file as the original, which key combination do you use? I know you've mentioned it before in a class, but I can't find it! Thanks!

Hello Cathy, thanks so much for this download, love it and the cute cards below too, THANK YOU!!
So glad your working on the negative and sharing it with us in such a funny way. I am all about positive and tease the kids when they are negative. I tell them they have a choice to be negative Nancy or Positive Pam, just this joke gets them to laugh and realize what their actions do to others around them. It's a daily commitment like you said walking and eating right is.
I've been getting my thankful week together in PL, can't wait to share on Friday!

Cathy - Thank you so much for the freebie! I will add it to my CZ collection and gratefully use it!

Oh my laptop is in the hospital getting more memory and bigger hard drive. I will have to remember to grab it in a few days when i get it back. hope it will still be available. Work is bringing me down this week but I will catch up this weekend!!

My mind is going totally blank. Usually, when you copy something in, it pastes right in the dead center, but yet, I remember showing how to drag something and have it paste in the same place.... my brain is blank. If I remember, Ill post! : )

I found it accidentally and it's way easier than I thought - with PSE 11 you just drag the layer from the existing document, down into the new document in the photo bin, and it seems to put it in the exact same location... I'm pretty sure it was different a few versions ago! Thanks :)

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