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December 10, 2013

December Daily, Days 7, 8 & 9


The last three days were compressed into a single spread in my album. I decided not to have a journaling card for Day 7, but instead just used a photo from that day. Truth be told, I have a journal card typed up for Day 7, but I totally forgot about it and then thought, "Oh well, moving right along."

Ah, Scrapbooking Permission Granting (SPG). It really does feel good, people. 

Here is the spread covering the past three days. Yes, I got a little crafty adding that JOY stamp and the washi tape.


I really love Ali's 3 x 4 daily overlays. It's been fun to mix them into my album.


I realized this morning I'm falling a bit behind on Project Life again, but I'm  not too worried. I'll play catch up next weekend, and yes, there'll be some definitely photo crossover from this album to that project.



Love your work, Cathy! Quick question--how is Aidan's December Daily coming along? I'd love to see a side by side comparison of your different styles.

SPG - Ha! I love that!

Thank you Cathy for being coherent to your style and not "selling yourself" to scrapbooking products, glitters and all that stuff just for the sake of popularity / money / whatever :) Seriously, thank you!

Giada, well… you are welcome. I don't do the super crafty stuff very well. Kind of learned that over the years. :)

She didn't do it. She just never got going. She's bummed. I keep telling her it's not too late.

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