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December 18, 2013

More December Daily pages + a free layered journaling card for you


My album is filling up! 

As I was noticing how thick the book was starting to get—and this is with practically zero bulkly scrapbook-y items—I realized I needed to maximize the space. My solution? Design a simple 3 x 4 card to match my Day Documents that would take up a little less space.


But it's not like I can package and sell one little 3 x 4 card, so for all of you who are using the Day Documents—and heck, for those of you who aren't—here's a little free card package for you that matches the Day Document sets.


Download CZ_FreeDayDoc (click green type to download)

One thing that I thought was just a brilliant idea was to punch some holes in my holiday card and put it into my album. (Thanks, Ali!) Plus, it got me to pull out and use my Crop-A-Dile. Haven't done that in years.


True story: my holiday photo is totally Photoshopped. Both Cole and Dan's head's came from other photos. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like head replacement.

I stamped some trees on the back side and added a little embellishment


I had some acrylic stamps made from my Cool Yule Decor No. 02 set. I wish I could tell you they were available in actual stamp form somewhere. They presently are not. That's on my list of things to make in 2014. 

And for anyone who wonders what my husband looks like wearing his mother's clothes? Just look below.



Enjoy the card download. There are instructions on how to use it included with the package.

Note: the cute little 'Tis the Season Circle is a digital stamp from Kerri Bradford Studio.You can snag the set for just .99 cents.



"Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like head replacement." Former pro photog dying here. Thanks for the laugh!

Yes, the head replacement quip got me laughing too!

Love the 3x4 card! Perfect for PL too. Thanks. :)
OK... bizarre stuff to document. My 12 yr old Britt is currently having his teeth cleaned at home. Full service dental. Crazy. No putting him under at a Vet's office. It definitely is a dog's life!

Thanks for the freebie! Love the day documents :)

Thanks for the freebie Cathy!!


Thanks for the freebie! Love your tree stamp!!

: )

You do such a good job - I'm already falling behind - need to catch up this weekend.

Thank you for the freebie!Love your stamps make it happen in 2014 ;)

Was VERY tempted to do the head replacement thing for my 12YO this year too. Every photo: we all look good except Mr. Goofy!!! :O Someday we'll look back and laugh, right? Here's hoping!

Thank you for sharing! The card is great.

Thanks for journaling card. I like how your DD is coming together.

Funny and generous! Thanks so much Cathy.

Oh please start a head/eye replacement job on the side! I need my eyes to be open in a rare selfie of myself, Christmas shopping alone (even rarer!).

thanks for the freebie...just the one I nedded :) and thanks for being so funny. It's a good thing to begin the day reading your post !

I was wondering what your husband would look like in his mom's clothes! HAHAHAHA

Awesome album! Thanks for the freebie!

Thanks for the freebie! I wish I knew how to replace heads; still a newbie in PSE. Will get there one day!

Thanks for the freebie. I love the minimalist style, it works great for me. Seen the new Minimal Year Starter in your store and love it. Is there going to be more following it?

Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has photoshopped a holiday card! This is not something I would "normally" do but last year we found it impossible to get our puppy to sit still long enough for the family photo, so we photoshopped her into the picture from a photo taken previously! No one ever knew... til now! lol! Your card photo looks great BTW!

Well thank you for thinking I am funny. : )

thank you, Cathy!

Wow. Now THAT is service!

Love that tree stamp!!

Awesome, thank you! I shopped at DD looking for a 3x4 journal card to match and used something else but now I can use this to. I am totally loving being sorta digital. :) Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the journaling card - and did Dan enjoy the game? A very good day for the Vikes!

He did indeed! : )


Thank you so much for this great card template!

Thank you for the download. Oh, and that tree stamp would be really great!

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