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December 30, 2013

Wrapping up December Daily


And just like that, December Daily is over. 

This was my second year doing this project and I really loved it. True, my style isn't super crafty. Oh sure, I learned how to use my Silhouette this year, but overall, I kept it pretty simple. 

Here are the final pages.





On the back side of the wrap up page is a full page image that  looks like this:


If you've followed my album this December, you know that I bought a PictureMate Charm about midway through the process. (And no, it wasn't a freebie from Epson. I shelled out the cold, hard PayPal cash for it.) After I blew through the first starter pack of paper and ink, I reordered a set of the matte paper plus ink, and I am seriously in love with it.

I'm a huge fan of Ilford Gallerie papers when I print on my HP, but the Epson matte 4 x 6 paper feels just like it. It has a smooth, luster, matte finish. And, the photos look great.

I have a dilemma now: because I am committed to doing Project Life digitally in 2014, I'm wondering how to get the best use of my new little PictureMate. I don't want it to just sit on my desk, sad, lonely and wondering why no one seems to care. I'm either going to have to come up with a new project that requires prints, or just start scrapbooking good old fashioned pages more often.

Now THAT'S a crazy idea. Scrapbook pages.

Thanks, Ali Edwards, for all the December Daily inspiration. You are cool and I'm happy to call you my friend. 



Well, ... your clean and simple scrapbook pages always inspire me in my own projects. So hold onto that thought!

Really nice DD. Where did you order the Epson matte 4x6 paper?

Have a happy new year!

My Husband surprised me with a picture mate charm for Christmas. OMG. I'm in love with it.
I completed my entire DD album in one day.

I too am already on the replacement ink and paper - in matte. The quality blew my away. I couldn't believe I, me, myself, printed that photo at home.

No more trips to the store or waiting for mail to get my pics has CHANGED my life!

Loved following along. All the best in the New Year.

You used to fit an unfilled hole in the scrapbooking industry with your clean and simple style. But now that you've joined the mega digi scrapbooking've left a gap in the hard copy world. I miss your paper scrapping.

I've decided to jump into the digital realm too in 2014. May I ask if you use a white background paper? Or do you just allow the background to remain blank and therefore by default "white". I'm trying to find the digital equivalent of orange peel white paper.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Right now, I just leave it blank. No paper. Im going for a cleaner look in 2014. That said, there are some nice whites at Designer Digitals. Katie Pertiet makes some great neutrals!

I miss it too, Greta. Which I think is what December Daily reminds me of. The true love of simple hybrid scrapbooking. Going to get back to more of that in the new year.

Amazon, as part of the ink refill kit. They come together, for some reason. Not sure if Epson sells the paper separately. Though I would think they would, but maybe not. : )

Cathy, you've inspired me to actually turn on my silhouette!!!
Yes, I am a little afraid of using that sucker!!!

Ditto what Greta said.

I did my first 52 gratitudes album in 2013 and the template I'm using is 4 x 6. You could begin a gratitude album each week to keep that thankfulness alive all year. You'd at the very least use your Picturemate Charm once a week. My album is here:

Oh, thats a great idea!
: )

Do it. Turn it ONNNNNN!

I would love to know how you got the twinkle lights as stars for your last picture.

Yep. Its kind of cool!

Thanks for all the inspiration Cathy. My Charm should be here on Thursday. My thought is... I'll stay on track with my projects if I print my own pics rather than using sticky notes 'til my pics get ordered. Who knows... maybe I'll even tackle DD next year!

Ah, yes! I used an app called Big Lens, and it lets you blur out images (normally to create a depth of field look) and add filters to your blur. One of them is a star filter! : )

Enjoy! I really do love mine so far!

That's fabulous. Thanks much and happy new year!!

Ah, thanks for letting me know. Excited to see if I will be much more productive digitally!

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