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January 13, 2014

Ned? Ned Reyerson? A salute to Groundhog Day in free downloadable and printable format


It was all Dan's idea.

Last week, as I was taking down the last of the holiday decor, including the Christmas subway art in the bathroom, I asked, "So, what should I make for January?"

He suggested that Groundhog Day really didn't get its due in the memory keeping millieu. I agreed. Ergo, I present today's free package for your downloading pleasure:


Download CZGroundhogsFreebie

The package contains four 3 x 4 cards (both in JPEG and PDF format) and two 8.5 x 11 prints. Plop a card into your Project Life album when the holiday rolls around (Feb. 2 for those keeping track!), or drop one of the JPEGs into your digital template.

Then sit back and wait to see if Winter will in fact last another 6 weeks.

Here in Minnesota, we're not really buying it, considering Winter usually ends right around May 1.


Still, I say: respect the hog!

And long live Ned Reyerson.



Good morning Cathy! Thanks for the free download! Love it!

I love this movie and this freebie! How fun--thanks

Love it! That is a glorious groundhog!

THANK YOU for the freebie!! Those cards are so fun/cute and it is so nice of you to share them with us. :)

Hilarious! Thanks for the fab cards!

Love this Cathy. I actually included the groundhog in last years PL album. Thanks for making it much easier (and cuter) to do this year!

Love it! Thanks so much!

This is awesome. I thought I was the only one who gave a damn. I always get excited that the groundhog might go nuts and bite people for waking him up. That's what I would do. Respect the hog indeed.

Wonderful - and hilarious all at the same time. Thanks for the cards and subway art for the "Hog"!

Love love love this!!:) Thanks so much!!

Awesome set of cards!!!

Too, too funny! Thanks for sharing.

This is just too cool! Fun! Thank you!

You are Awesome! Thanks for the freebie!

I needed this! Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks for the fab freebie, Cathy!

Love it! One of my favorite movies. So watchable. Thanks for the freebie! Its definitely going into my PL album.

Love it! Thank you!

Thanks for the Monday morning surprise!

omg! I love it! Really I do! Thanks so much!

This is the greatest idea you've ever had. This is going up in my house today.


Thanks Cathy, loving the cards and subway art! I've always liked Groundhog day and love to watch the movie to celebrate! Now I have your cute artwork to help me celebrate the day!

Absolutely *fantastic* idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. We love that movie at our house. It's one of my 11 year-old's favorite movies. I just know we'll be watching it on February 2nd...and 2nd (again). ;)

This is awesome!! We do celebrate Ground Hog Day! What else are you going to do in WI in the middle of winter! We watch the movie every year. I make a chalkboard drawing. (I do lots of goofy chalkboard stuff.) I try to figure out a Ground Hog dinner. Not easy :( Ground chuck is the best I can do. Thank-you!! I will be using every one of these.

Thanks, Cathy. Feb 2nd was my dad's birthday, so I will include one of these cards this year in his memory.

These are awesome! Thanks so much!

LOL! Only you would go all out for the groundhog... & Dan too, of course. Love it! :)

Speaking of winter in Minnesota, how much snow you all tend to get the 1st week of April? My crazy family decided that instead of heading south for spring break we're making our 1st trip ever to Mall of America. Hey, it's cheaper than Disney, the drive's about 4 hrs shorter, & I'm sure it will still be just as fun for our 6 yr old. Works for me. ;)

This is perfect! Thanks so much!
I love Groundhog's Day--I even make silly little cupcakes to celebrate the day!

Thanks for the free download! Love this movie too ;)

Yes!! Thank you, Cathy! My favorite animal is the marmot (alpine groundhogs), so I love this!

Awesome Cathy! Groundhog Day is special to me, and these cards are super fun! Thank you, thank you!

Absolutely love this! In our house we celebrate every holiday we possibly can! Usually with food :-). On Groundhog Day I make cupcakes with chocolate frosting with coconut mixed in. Then we decorate them with groundhog faces we use mini marshmallows cut in half for Teeth! Such fun! Now I will have some artwork to go along with our celebration! And of course we watch the movie Groundhog Day.

thanks so much - way way too cute!!!

Thank you! I grew up in Punxsutawney and still 'respect the hog' here in Montana every year! :)

Fantastic Freebie!

Thanks for the fun printable! Love it. Have a fabulous week!!

there are no amounts of Thankyous...this is by far the best ever.

Oh you really do ROCK!!!! I am from Punxsutawney so I am sending all of my friends here to visit your blog. So no badmouthing Phil ;) because we really do care!

LOVE THIS! Thank you!

Love it! I'm glad you are around to harness Dan's ideas and make them reality! Added to yours? well our very own dream team. TY!

Ha! The greatest? Well okay then! LOL!

Ground chuck. TOO perfect!

Aw, thats cool. : )

Well, Prince has a song called Sometimes it snows in April and he dont lie. Its hard to say. You should be fine. And, the mall is kind of fun!

Now thats fun.

Rock on, Groundhog! Love this!

RESPECT THE HOG! : ) Hey, I just hope hes right when they say early spring. Here in Minnesota, we are DYING for spring by the time it gets here!

Dan is a veritable TROVE of ideas.

Seriously. I would totally bite people!

Haha. Perfect! Thanks for the free download! :o)

Good Afternoon Cathy! Thank you for the download.
Loving your Move More Eat Well class..

Awesome - another Punxsutawnian!!!!

Groundhog cookies - the chamber there sells a groundhog shaped cookie cutter. And BBQ ham sammiches, cuz that's how we roll in Punxsy.

Thanks Cathy. Love it!

Well, since my birthday is February 2nd, I have always felt a kindred connection with the groundhog, also called a woodchuck in these parts.
I might have preferred a "Respect the 'chuck" card more than respect the hog, seeing as I'm participating in your Move More Eat Well Jumpstart. Would not enjoy getting a birthday card with Respect the Hog on it, ha!

But thanks SO MUCH for the freebies! They will nonetheless be showing up in my PL album, thanks to you!

Thank you, Cathy. I live not too far away from Punxsutawney so I really love these cards! The whole town goes wild--parade and everything!

Love "Respect the Hog" design...what kind of compensation would you require to print this design on shirts? I have a small printing business here in Punxsutawney.....

Awesome and hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing.

I am a former Pre-School teacher. Ground Hog Day is a national holiday in pre-school. I still make ground hog cookies and shadow cookies(no eyeball and chocolate colored)with my official Punxsutawney ground hog cookie cutters. I absolutely love the 3x4 cards. Tell your husband HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY from me! Love Pat

Love it!! Our family loves the movie Groundhog Day!! Thank You!

Thank you! One of my favorite movies which contains an often repeated quote in our household (with a now-funny memory attached). "Don't drive angry!" It appears from all the comments that there could be a grassroots movement to make this holiday a larger presence in our culture. "Hey, didn't you just say that?"
And to number 58 above: My sweetie is named Chuck, so I think he would agree to the quote, "Respect the 'chuck."

And I'd buy a t-shirt, too, Eric (number 60)!

Love, love, love that movie. Thank you for a great freebie and for making me smile when I saw Ned. We all know a Ned.

Thank you so much for this! My middle child's birthday is February 2 so he feels a kinship with the hog. Your design will definitely appear on his birthday scrapbook pages.

Thank you Cathy! I love Groundhog's Day, my grandfather loved to celebrate it with food and general silliness. This will go perfect with documenting his love of the holiday. Thanks!

You totally rock! Having worked in elementary schools for the past 22 years, I've had a lot of fun with Groundhog Day. Many years ago we made up a song that we still sing every year (you know, with the kids!). I'm going to surprise some of my co-workers with your fabulous fun.

This gave me a chuckle this morning. We can relate, here in Wisconsin, although yesterday was a balmy, sunny 40 degrees here...the calm before the storm! Thanks for the download.

Eric, email me at : )

Will do!

This is SO funny and so perfect! Thank you!

These were so fun ... I had had a great time making a Groundhog Day Card

Thank you so much, Cathy!! I don't do PL, but I know I can use these great cards in a layout or two :-D

These are awesome! Thank you so much...they will definitely be going in my PL album. You know, I still haven't seen the movie Groundhog Day? I think I need to.

Thanks for the download. .. looking forward to using them in PL 2014.

Awesomeness! Thank you!

Cathy thank you so much for the freebies! I love the hog. Say thanks to Dan for his inspiration too. I made a card with it.

Precious idea, thanks so much Cathy!

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