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February 07, 2014

Sponsor giveaway: The Art of Journaling workshop from


THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a seat in the Art of Journaling with Scrapaneer instructor Amanda Taylor (Check out Amanda's intro video to get an idea of what this class is all about.) In this 3-week workshop, you’ll learn how to build your journaling outside the box and into fun shapes like paint swishes, swirls, and scribbles then craft an entire portrait using nothing but text! 
Amanda’s unique methods work well for both digital and hybird scrapbookers and class includes video lessons for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements users. You'll never look at your journaling the same way again!
ABOUT SCRAPANEERS: Scrapaneers provides original and inspiring classes for digital scrapbookers tailored to your digi-crafting skill level. Featuring fun, easy-to-print projects via professional video lessons in interactive classrooms, they offer everything you’ll need to digital scrapbook like a pro!
CONNECT WITH SCRAPANEERS: ClassesFacebook | Free Tutorials
TO ENTER: Tell me what the funkiest or coolest thing you've ever done with your journaling. Or, are you a more traditionalist? I'll choose a winner on Sunday night.
This post is now closed. Check back to see if you're a winner.


Waow, awesome giveway (and I'm a huge fan of Amanda's)!
I'm more traditional with my journaling and could definitely use some tips to journal outside the box.
Thanks for the chance... fingers crossed ;)

AHH, another amazing giveaway! I need to develop my journaling in general, but this particularly would be extra fun to learn! I am already imagining all the christmas presents I can begin to make with this.

I'm rather cautious with journalling and tend to play safe, which is the very reason why I need to win this course! Thanks for the chance.

I'm such a newbie at all this digital stuff, but I'm hooked. All my life I've kept journals on and off. What I've done with my journals in the past, has been done by hand. Decoupage on the covers and doodles inside. I'm still doodling when ever I get a chance. Recent years my journaling has suffered, life with kids and a sailor husband has gotten the better of me, and I'm ready to get some input on how to do journaling it in an excting new way.

I usually just pick a spot on my layout (or pick a journaling card), pick a font or two (if doing a digital page) and go for it. Once I did do this digital page where I journaled on cloud embellishments using single words and then I duplicated the words, moved and rotated them a bit and lowered the opacity. Kind of as if I'd stamped the words twice without reinking in between. I liked the effect.

I'm definitely a traditionalist but I would love to go outside of the box. Thanks for the chance to win! This looks like a fantastic class.

I'm a traditionalist, but don't want to be. Its definitely a lack of knowledge and skills that confines my creativity. I'd love to win! Thanks.

I am a traditionalist, also now being digital I can't hide my journaling in a pocket to be pulled out later. I can play with the font size though and keep the resolution so low that while the layout can be seen the teenaged angst can't be read. I have also journaled and then layered stuff all over it so as to make it illegible, was cathartic but I prefer making my journaling real and readable.

The most funkiest thing I have ever done with journalling is use different text size - NOT TOO IMPRESSIVE. As you can see I need this class - journalling is always a struggle.

I am more traditional, but would love to learn a new and creative way of journaling. It looks really neat. Especially with boys I could maybe do a journal that looks like a football or baseball.

Traditional. I need to learn to journal outside the box!

Let's see...used different size fonts, downloaded new fonts (that was a learning experience) and ...wait a minute...wrote my journal notes on my pictures! Not very creative! I need this class. I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed.

The best I've ever managed is fitting one edge of journaling around a shape via excessive use of the space bar. This class would be awesome!

I am a traditionalist simply because I don't have the skills to be anything else. Would love to learn because I see so many wonderful journaling techniques out in space (the internet!) but I am a bit find the best ideas and links so thank you!

I usually journal in a box or sometimes on cut strips of paper. You would think someone with a degree in graphic design would play it up more, but I tend to struggle with journaling so I'm just happy to get it down on paper. Where I tend to be creative with text is with the title. I love making unique, eye-catching titles.

I'm such a sucker for typography! I already signed up for this one. Can't wait til it starts.

Like many others, I journal in a more traditional way...not because that is what I like, but am clueless about other ways to do it. This class would be so beneficial for me in my journey to stretch and grow in my scrapping. Thanks for the chance to win, Cathy. It sounds like a wonderful class.

I'm more of a traditional journalist, but I'd love to be pushed to be funky--it's such a cool look. Thanks for the chance to win a seat!

I'm definitely a traditionalist. But I love words, and love looking at beautiful typography. Would be wonderful to learn how to make some of my own!

I started using watercolors with my journaling and I loved it! I would love to learn how to do more.

wow, got to do this! Love the look of this style of journaling.

This is so awesome! I thought I was walking on the wild side when I print my journaling on velum and put a sticker underneath! I would love to learn how to do this type of journaling. Thanks for the chance to win.

The funkiest thing I have ever done? Shape text to fit around an object in a photo. I would love to learn more—thanks for an opportunity to win this class. Even if I don't win, I think I will sign up.

I am just happy when I get it written! I enjoy project life so that I can write compact info. This class looks wonderful and creative!

awesome giveway (and I'm a huge fan of Amanda's)!
I'm more traditional with my journaling and could definitely use some tips to journal outside the box.
Thanks for the chance... fingers crossed ;)

The funkiest thing I have ever done? Shape text to fit around an object in a photo. I would love to learn more—thanks for an opportunity to win this class. Even if I don't win, I think I will sign up.

I am a traditionalist. Now that I've seen these imagines I am ready to try something new. Great giveaway.

hmmmm funkiest thing? I'm a traditional scrapbooker, but I love to print my journaling in strips and adhere onto page. I have never thought of starching my journaling this way. It looks so awesome:)

Not sure how I was lucky enough to find this giveaway - what an awesome opportunity - maybe this is meant to be? sure hope so because I can't seem to find my stride for my journaling - kind of stuck, boring, I feel "tight" is the only way to describe it.
fingers crossed.............

Definitely a traditionalist. It would be fun to try something new and, for me, very different....stretch myself

Would so love to win a spot in this class..being a traditional scrap booker am sure this class would help me try something new . Thanks!

I am also traditionalist it seems - the most creative so far was using a chalkboard and playing around with different chalk type fonts. I recently bought Photoshop Elements and would love to learn more because I believe that journaling is so important. I have been content with just getting the story on the page and have mostly deliberately used my own handwriting. As my scrapping improves so I think could my journaling! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I would love to be able to do something like this and impress the heck out of my 15 and 18 year old kids who tend to think my computer literacy is sadly lacking!

Im a traditional journaller. I love how their journaling looks! The craziest I have gotten is hidden. Ya, not too exciting. I need to learn other ideas.

I'm very traditional in my journaling and have many old pages that still need journaling. I could really use this class!

Well, back in the day, I did journaling in a shape on a layout of my then 2 yo son meeting Goofy for the first time. Seemed like a fun thing to do!

I'm more traditionl but would love love love to get out of the box :-)
What a great giveaway!!

I'm definitely a traditionalist when it comes to journaling, but this class looks really neat! Would love to win! :)

Wowza ~ this is sooooo cooooool ~ awesome class. the most adventurous thing I've done it bend text line around a shape

Oh this looks like so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win. :o) As for journaling, I tend to be fairly traditional (boring?) but I have been known to journal around the edge of a page or around a shape in a photo.

It's been awhile but I remember taking an awful lot of time so I could insert epoxy words into the journaling I typed on vellum for a Halloween page. Thanks for the chance!!!!!

That looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

I really haven't done anything creative or funky with my journaling mainly because I don't know what I don't know. I am not much of an experimenter without some provided direction/prodding.

I´m more a traditionalist. But open to learn new things. The sneak peek looks amazing. So ... great giveaway.

Oh we did this at the art app for ipad class that I took last night, there is a app that you can type what you want to write and you can paint and draw with it. Gotta go and look at my notes and see what it was so very cool though.

Some of my favorite "journaling" is going through the gmail chats between my husband and I while he's at work and pull things out that are funny out of context. Also, I have an app where I keep track of the funny things my kid says, and that makes for some awesome journaling too.

I consider myself an uninspired journalist. I'd love to win this prize to inspire me!

I'm afraid when it comes to journaling, I am not a master. I'm lucky to get the words on the page. Coolest thing? Probably a wordle. :P Would love to take this class - looks amazeballs! Thanks for the chance.

I'm probably more of a traditionalist when it comes to journaling, but I a couple of times I've typed along a path to create a new affect. I really think journaling is one of the most important parts of scrapping. I have so many photos from my childhood (I'm now 66) and there is no journaling. I just wish I had the story "behind" many of the pics.

I've never done anything cool with my journaling…. but I'd love to learn!

I pretty much play it safe when it comes to journaling, but this sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm fond of handwriting. That's my journaling method almost all the time.

I had my handwriting turned into a FONT. Very fun to digital journal in my own handwriting.

ooh, this look really interesting! I'm more of a handwriting girl, but I'd love to explore more digital formats and create some fantastic ART for my scrapbook.

Probably the most creative I've gotten is when I was young, I'd use my mum's typography books (she worked in advertising) to create custom headings for all my school projects.

This may sound lame...but the funkiest thing I've done is to switch to my own handwriting. It was hard to make that change for I consider my handwriting to be untidy.

I am just happy when I get the journaling on the page!

I am a traditionalist, although very artistic. I'l really like to try something different. The most outside the box I've gotten is to use ... wait for it ... italic!

I think the funkiest thing I have done with type is when I had to design a book cover for a college project. The book was on Bach and so I did the type and the illustration along the lines of a stave. Really, not that imaginative but it looked good. At least I thought so.

I have journaled in my zentangles...Loads of fun!! I have been waiting patiently for this class to start up. I am more of an artsy scrapper and can only imagine how fun this class will be.

this looks so cool..would love to explore further. thanks for the giveaway!

What fun! I've messed around with the photos, but haven't ever done anything cool with the text. This sounds like something I need! Thanks for the chance.

Whoa this looks super cool. I'm currently diving into art journaling and loving it. Right now playing with embossing paste and misting --really into adding dimension. Would love to learn more!

What a wonderful give-away! I would love to up my game, so to speak. I am generally a traditionalist, but once, I did a Halloween layout of my daughter and used the web I created with string to hold my journaling. (Does that count as outside the box? lol)

Journaling along the curves of a paper pieced snail would probably be the most unique journaling I've done.

Bit more of a traditionalist, but really like the graphic style of text as artistic lines.

My journaling is traditional. I try not to worry too much about the composition. I just try to enjoy the process of journaling. This class sounds like it would be pretty fun! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

My journaling is pretty basic, but I would love the opportunity to be challenged & taught by the experts in this field. It would be one of this years wishes come true if I won a spot in this class. Thanks for the chance to be in to win! Cheers

I don't have any creativity for journaling. I need help!

I'll have to admit that I'm not journaling yet, but when I see this: wow! I want to learn to use journaling that way! Would be an amazing kickstart for my journaling to do this workshop :)

This class looks STELLAR! I've done type on a path but that's about it. Would love the chance to learn more. Thank you.

I'm a traditionalist. However this class looks like just the spark I need!

Great giveaway.

I'm generally pretty traditional with journaling but love to try new things.

I've kept a traditional journal for years, but would love to step out of my comfort zone and include more graphic design. I like how it draws the reader in and makes them understand the deeper message. Plus, this is something that my middle school students would love.

Clearly I'm a traditionalist when it comes to journaling. I'm still trying to do it more often, but this class looks amazing! Just the examples in the post are inspiring!!!

Such inspiring ideas! I'm pretty much a traditionalist although occasionally I've managed to configure my text box to fit within a circle. And once I even cut a little puzzle-shaped piece out of the text box and put a single word on that. Of course it took lots of trial and error to make that work. I'd love to learn how to really do those kinds of things. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

I'm a very boring when it comes to journaling. I've tried to "pretty" up my handwriting but for the most part it's straight writing. Oh what a wonderful class - thanks for the opportunity to win.

Journaling is so hard to do so I almost do it. Would loveto learn it though. Thanks for the chance!

i'm very traditional with my journaling but one of my goals this year is to learn to be more artsy with my journaling. this would be a great class!!! thank you!

To date, most of my journaling is more in the traditional vein. But I love non-traditional journaling ideas! Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat in what looks like an awesome class!

I have no idea why, but I seem to clam up when it's time to journal...apart from who, when and where. I would love to be able to tell my stories properly and in a way that looks good as well. This looks awesome!!

I guess I'm more of a traditionalist - only because I don't know how to do cool stuff like this. This class looks awesome! Thanks for a chance to win.

I always journal in the traditional way, but love the look of the technique shown here!

I have journaled in beautiful swirls across my pAge using pens but this is something else

How fun! Looks so cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

This is an amazing giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

Probably little circles but I didn't love the way it turned out. I would learn so much from this class.

I would love to me more creative with my writing. This sure would be a spur for this soul needing inspiration!

I am a traditionalist, but looking to break out and do some more interesting things. So far, just writing directly on the photo seems cutting edge for me.

In my scrapbook layouts I'm pretty traditional. I have done some art journaling layouts that have been more outside the box. I loved blending the journaling.
Thanks for the chance to win!

awesome, I would get so much from this class. journaling is hard for me, it is frightening and I want to step out of my comfort zone badly! thanks for the chance!

I've used my own text on a pre-made heart shape path - I am CRAZY!!!!!! (hahaha... clearly I need some help) :)

I LOVE the portraits made out of text. This class looks absolutely fun.

I love to blend my journaling into the background. Thanks for the chance!

journaling ?? is my biggest hickup on a layout , so whatever method Amanda is teaching it will be a big bonus for me.
ps love how the text goes around the girls face

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