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March 14, 2014

Sponsor giveaways: win a seat in Project Life Lessons from Big Picture Scrapbooking


THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a spot in Project Life Lessons, Expert photo tips, journaling solutions and organizing ideas for Project Life Scrapbookers, co-taught by Elise Blaha Cripe, Annette Haring and Megan Anderson.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Set yourself up for memory-keeping success in Project Life Lessons! Three experts have teamed up to share tons of insider secrets for making the most of any Project Life project. Packed with videos, downloads, handouts, and beautiful layout examples, Project Life Lessons includes three times the content you'd find in a typical 3-week workshop.

Three experienced Project Lifers to the rescue! Elise Blaha Cripe, Annette Haring, and Megan Anderson and will share their tried-and-true tips in the areas of photo management, storytelling, organization, assembly, and more. Whether your approach involves weekly spreads, monthly highlights, or something more custom, you can establish an effective working process that will help you make your albums a better reflection of who you really are and what matters most to you.

To learn more, watch the video: click here.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite aspect of Project Life is. I'll choose a winner on Sunday night.

This post is now closed. Check back to see if you're a winner. 


My favorite aspect is just doing it! I love it so much!

My favorite aspect is just how easy it is :)
Thanks for the amazing opportunity !

I love the simplicity of Project Life. It means that I can work it into my busy day with four kids :-)

I love that you can adapt it to suit your own needs and preferences.

What I love the most about project life is that it's so easy to adapt it to whatever works for me. I love that there are so many different sized protectors and I can choose the perfect fit for every week. Thanks for
The chance to win.

What I love about it is the challenge of working creativily within the "confined" pocket space. And the fact that I can easily swap cards from one pocket to another if I change my mind about the design.

Have a nice weekend!

My favorite aspect of PL is that I'm capturing "everyday" moments to pass on to my grandkids.

I love the ease of it. I have such an enormous backlog of photos, its helping me get them in albums quickly!

I think I like the fact that you can get so many pictures in so quickly! It might help me get caught up!!!

I love it because it is clean and simple!

I love when my kids look at it and are enthralled.

I love the little everyday moments that are snapshots in our life.

I love project life for its simplicity to allow me to record my memories. I was doing it weekly now I'm doing it monthly.

I love doing one pocket, and then one page, at a time. If I change my mind I can switch them around. Simple but flexible.

My favorite aspect about PL is that it's easy to do and pages can be done quick! (thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in the class!)

My favorite thing about PL is that it serves as a reminder to take photos and notice small things in my every day life that would otherwise speed by and be forgotten. It gives me a sense of celebration where there wouldn't otherwise be, which I need and am grateful for!

This is my first year doing Project Life (all digital)... and I love that it often makes me more intentional about how I'm spending my days. It's a wonderful way to reflect on the weeks past, and I love it as a creative outlet!

I love that it can be as easy or as embellished as you want it to be.

My favorite aspect is the pocket pages. I love working with them and they simplify the memory keeping process. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the concept of capturing moments.

There is a place for everything: ticket stubs, brochures, certificates, along with the photos. I love recording the everyday, and recently I tried PL for a Vacation album. It worked great!
Love all the different cards I can buy or make, too!

What I love about PL is the simplicity and fun aspect of doing it and how you can look back through the album and relive those moments!

I love looking back at the little stories that I wouldn't document otherwise.

I took this class last year and really loved it! I have a friend that could really use this class! Would love to win a spot for her!

With project Life I love that my journaling doesn't get lost (on my layout) just because the story was short. I also love, love, LOVE using a variety of picture sizes. From 2x2 to 12x12 each picture represents the celebration of our life. Thanks for the chance!

That my girls open the PL and enjoy the album and memories captured.

My scrapbooking has always focused on everyday storytelling. With Project Life less time designing a traditional layout means more time to tell my stories. It comes together so easily! It would be lovely to win a spot in this class!

Artful, simplistic or a little of both; I love that I seem to be able to get this done.

I love project life for its simplicity and for capturing everyday moments that I might not otherwise record.

My favorite aspect of Project Life is how accessible it is! ANYone can do it. So far this year I've been successful taking a photo a day with my iPhone. Now I just need to figure out a workflow for my Project Life. I think this class would really help me. Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm the youngest of five - when I ask my poor mum about my childhood she can't remember much of the details. Project Life records the detail, the moments - life!

I love the fact that I am putting photos in an album every week and looking back at all the fun but ordinary things we did over the course of the year. This is my second year doing it and I love it so much!

I love that it makes me take pictures of things I would hve never thought of before - simple everyday stuff thanks

I love that it is helping us all remember the little things and the everyday life things that we do. I have been using (on your recommendation) the Day One app and I don't think I could do PL without it. I can be weeks behind (who am I kidding...months behind)and still be able to look at my pics and remember stories OR read my diary for the week and remember things that I might not have a picture of.

Just now getting into using Project Life to get the old pics out of the box and where we can enjoy them. Love looking back and how quickly I can get so many pages ready and then showing my family!

I could surely use this as I have fallen behind! I love the organization of Project Life, the clean lines and each section being it's own little work of art. But mostly celebrating the little things in life that can easily be forgotten. I wish I had something like this to look back into my own childhood, or my parents and grandparents lives.

I don't feel the pressure to 'be creative'. I can just record our moments and stories and feel good about that!

It's simplistic yet beautiful

I love Project Life because it's a simple way to keep a record of our lives. Keep it simple and I'm more likely to follow through. It's just too important not to document our lives for those who come after us.

My favourite aspect is the sense of community and getting back to focusing on family life. Some times life can be so crazy!

I'm so happy to see so many people excited about Project Life! Thank you so much for hosting a giveaway, Cathy!

My favourite part is that I can record my every day life in a way that is almost guaranteed to be future proof'd for my children.

Yay! Thank you for the chance!

What's not to love?? I love that I never feel behind on my book. It's quick and easy. The format takes the stress out of it. I can get so much done in such a small amount of time. Thanks for a chance to win!!

My favorite part is that my (plethora) of digital photos have escaped from being on the copier to a tangible thing I can share with friends & family. I have also found joy in what I once took for granted as mundane.

I love the flexibility and ease!! Thanks!

My favorite thing about Project Life is that it GETS DONE. I feel like I've documented these precious moments of my life. I look foward to the third savouring--1= the experience itself; 2= the documenting it and reliving it again as it is documented--in my older age as I look over my albums again and again. Things come and go so quickly someetimes in the day-to-day you forget that. I do LOVE me some PL.

I love that I now have completed albums that sit out in my family room and even more, I love that my kids love to look at them.

With PL, I love that I am "current" with my everyday life. I still scrapbook, but keeping up with PL lets me remember things right now and get them documented right now.

My favorite aspect is that I can catch up easily, which seems to be how I roll on this project, and I always get it done. What other project can I say that about?

My favorite thing about Project Life is that it is something I can do alongside my daughter. Love it!!!

I love that I take more photos of the everyday moments, write more about them and that my kids love looking at the albums.

I so need this. I am a Project Life Fail!!!!!

For me it just adds a whole new dimension to scrapbooking. The pockets are fun a challenging to play with.

Project Life forces me to use my camera more often and I love that!

Project Life makes me look to the little things on life, and not just the milestones.

I love being able to look back and see where I was in life. Leaving that for my kids and their kids to know a little snippet of what life was like .......back then. :)

My favorite part is that it forces me to stop and realize that these little snippets ARE important...

Project Life is quite simply the best memory keeping system. It helps me keep track of and remember the memories and minutiae of everyday life. Our daughter is a marine and every few days we connect on FaceTime so while we're talking I take pics of her. She sends me photos of her life...out in the field, whatever she is allowed to photograph so I'm able to include not just our photos but some from her life as well. I have a file folder for each month and add photos, pieces of our life (receipts, etc.) in the folder. Rather than weekly project life spreads, I do several pages for each month. Some months have more pages, some have less, but I now have 2.5 years done and am catching up on 2014. Using Day One (on my iPad and iPhone) to journal or write quick notes helps me keep track of the days.

It's as simple (or as complicated) as I want to make it. Some weeks? Bang it out with very little extras. Others? Take my time and make it elaborate.

Oh - and I love that it shows the everyday stuff I never would have documented otherwise (I am not a traditional scrapper...I leave that to my mom).

I love that every page looks great..,no matter what!

Whoa! Lots of entries already! I like the concept of project Life in that it reminds us to document the every day - what are our lives like, what are we doing on a regular basis - not just milestone events - and the ease!

My favorite aspect of PL is sharing stories with others. It is a really good way to keep our memories! Thank you for the chance!!

I love the simplicity of it!

My favorite aspect is that it has simplified my scrapbooking. Simple = Done!

My favorite part is having a beautiful and coordinate album of photos and memories because of the simple process that Project Life has. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the simplicity of project life - that I can make it whatever I want to each week.

I really love that there is no right or wrong way to do project life.

I love that I can make it as simple or complicated as I want!! It's my project!!

Favorite aspect is capturing moments of our REAL life that may have gone undocumented in an easy, quick way!

I love having a daily record of our lives and that it's so simple to accomplish using Project Life! I'd love to be in this class. Thanks Cathy!

I love Project Life because I believe in the power of memory keeping. Because it brings me close to my family and allows us all to share our own perspective on what we live.
And I love that it is about the details and the everyday.

I love that I'm telling more of my "everyday story" and not just scrapping holidays, birthdays, etc. Which I
Think will be really interesting for future generations to look back on!

Oh my goodness -- I definitely need this class! I love the concept of Project Life but have yet to make it happen. In 2013 I got some of the supplies two weeks after the start of the year...and that's about all that happened. In 2014 I actually created one layout for the first week of the year...and that's about all that happened.

Having this class to motivate, inspire and educate me would be a HUGE help! Pick me, pick me!

I love simplicity of project life that helps me stay current.

I love looking back at it and seeing my kids look back at my project life albums when they are finished. :)

Would love to take this class!

I love that it can be anything I want it to be.

I love that is it so simple! Love Love Love it!

I love how it's changed the way I think about recording and keeping all my everyday stories and photographs, which, when I think about it, really make up the majority of my life!

It's easy, simple, and anyone can do it.

I love the fact that PL is quick and easy. The class would help me stay motivated in my first year of PL.

What a great give-away, Cathy. My favorite aspect of PL is that it's making me document moments that I may not otherwise document. I wouldn't do an entire scrapbook page for certain things, but PL lets me at least document something for that moment. (i.e., I wouldn't have made a scrapbook page for taking my elderly father to the doctor - something I haven't really had to do in the past, but have had to help out lately and I've taken his photo with his doctor and at the hospital). This is life and I'm documenting it as it comes. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I love the simplicity of not having to think about layouts and still being creative!!!!! Plus, so fun to go back and look at the snapshots of every day life!

My favorite aspect of Project Life is that I get the opportunity to document everyday. . .not just the "special" things we tend to scrap from day to day.

My favorite part of PL is being able to scrap in a practical - streamlined way.

I like that it's do-able, that people are able to keep up with it - I like the simplicity of Project Life. Thanks for this opportunity!

Project Life makes my life visible. It keeps not only the memories of big events of my life but the littles too which I otherwise would forget.

The part I love is when my daughter, age 5, looks through the finished pages and says "I remember that!", or "tell me about that mom". It has been hard since we moved to keep up but It is so worth it in the long run.

I like how it's kind of a diary with pretty papers and pictures. :)

I love that it's so dang easy! No excuse not to do it!

I love having a place to record even the small stories that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

I'm on my second year of Project Life, but haven't actually done any spreads this year. I love the concept, but want to learn more about Photoshop & digital spreads.

My favorite aspect is saving the moments of our life to relive over and over again. Thanks for the chance.

This is an awesome giveaway! (Fingers crossed)
My favorite aspect of Project Life is its Versatility! You can adapt it to practically any scrapbooking style. I'm a new mom and I'm generating tons of pictures and mementos. I love that I can use this system and be able to keep up. I can be as creative as I want or be as simple and it still looks so beautiful.
This class would definitely help me out with my "first 52 weeks" book

I'm addicted to the journaling cards that abound in the digital world. So simple and beautiful - each card is often a work of art in and of themselves. Thanks for the opportunity.

I love that it's a visual companion to my detailed daily diary, a way to anchor my memories with photos, and a place to keep all those random but beautiful photos that I tend to take. Is that one reason or three? Hopefully I still qualify for the drawing! Thanks.

I'm sitting here staring at the shelf with three core kits, two mini books and four packages of themed cards. Oh, and multiple packages of page protectors. Maybe this class would get me going to actually use them. Guilt is creeping in. :o)

I love the ease and simplicity of it. I love that it can be MORE if I want it to be. I love that there are so many options... both digitally, hybrid, and traditional.

Hi Cathy! Would love to win a spot in this class. This year I started PL. It is exciting and fun. I like the look of PL the cards and some photos. And it works easy to put everything in place. Only I don't know where to stay. I think I am a bit overwhelmed and note organized enough. Gladly I keep my day journal updated pretty good :-D

I love the simplicity of getting our daily lives into an album and off the computer.

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