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April 02, 2014

Project Life, Week Twelve


Ah, yes… where was I? Oh, right. SCRAPBOOKING.

May I present Project Life, Week Twelve: the return to a two-page spread.


Simple. Not fussy. White space. You get the idea.


This week's low was decidedly a candidate for teen privacy, ergo, I simply hid the text layer and added the privacy label. (Download the free label files here.)


I really love the weekly journaling recaps. It too is simple and not overly fussy. Just the facts will do. I'll save my more flowery writing for blog posts. Or something.



Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.


Etre et avoir? That made me smile!

Have you seen it? I hear its the most popular documentary in France!

Well after much thought and telling myself to mind my own business I am weighing in. I love love love the design of your forty eight layout but it is driving me crazy that your daughter's face (as beautiful as she may be) is front and center and not yours (equally beautiful ). This layout is about you! Sorry had to get that off my chest.

Yes, I did, a long time ago ! I loved it. I think it was shot and released about twelve years ago so there have been quite a lot of documentaries since then, but it's definitively a favourite. :) It provided a counterpoint from what the French usually knew from school (urban areas, lots of kids, women teachers) and it was also an advocate for rural school at a time when most of them were closing because they weren't "profitable".
May I ask what Dan's paper was about? :)

Ha! I love it. Thanks for sharing, Kerry. Opinions are always welcome!

My son graduated from high school last year and all those "lasts" are so bittersweet. I was sad when my last parent/teacher conference was over. :)

It was just about the film. An analysis. : )

Thanks for the ideas Cathy. My hubby had to go away on short notice and missed our son's parent/teacher meeting. I suggested Face time.

We also have student led meetings. How do you find it? I struggle with it. I just want the teacher to hit me with all the improvements we need to make.

How do you remember the exact date you quit smoking? I wish I could remember what date I stopped - I've passed the five year mark and feel its a huge personal achievement for me ... well done on 8 years Cathy :-)

I'm going to be saving this layout as inspiration for my own 48th year in August.

Thanks for being so real and inspiring ... since 2001 you've kinda been in my life .. rotflol.

Oh, it was a BIG deal. And I signed up at QuitNet, so I got an email every month for two years. The date was also St. Paddys Day in 2006. Hard to forget that one!

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