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May 16, 2014

Sponsor Giveaway: win a digital kit from Scotty Girl Design


THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a copy of the This Year 2014 Summer Collection from Scotty Girl Design (). Shannon's This Year kit series is dedicated to documenting your favorite moments, no matter how big or small—they're perfect for digi and Project Life scrappers alike.
ABOUT SCOTTY GIRL DESIGN: Shannon, the designer behind SGD, is a full-time scrapbook designer with a passion for typography, geometric prints, and lots of color. Although a perfectionist at heart, Shannon's scrapbook mantra is "A beautiful thing is never perfect", and that includes her scrapbook pages. She loves sharing helpful scrapbooking tips, DIY projects, and yummy recipes on her blog, as well as her own scrapbook layouts.
TO ENTER: Leave me a comment this weekend and tell me if you've got anything exciting planned for the summer. I'll choose the winner on Sunday night.
This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you're a winner!


I wish I could say I had something fantastical planned for summer but I don't. But I'm sure it will be filled with family, fun, and food.

I look forward to lots of time at the lake boating, swimming, eating, and hanging with family.

Ooo, how pretty! We are leaving tonight for a week at the beach! Great way to start our summer.

My first grandchild was born a month ago so I am planning to spend a lot of time with him - plus taking lots of photos and hopefully scrapbooking them.

My son's 7th birthday party is tomorrow. He's lost 2 teeth in as many weeks too. He's getting way too big.

My "baby" (who turned 18 yesterday!) will graduate from our homeschool at the end of May. My summer will revolve around getting him ready to move to college in the fall. I'm also looking forward to my 3 yr old grandson attending kiddie soccer camp for a week and taking swimming lessons - big "firsts" in life for young & old!!!

Lots of time relaxing with my family before our second baby comes in August. Sounds pretty exciting to me!

Summer - my absolute favorite time of the year - toes in the sand, sun on my face, gardening, no shoes, cookouts, lake,beach and pool time. Love everything about it. This summer will be extra special because we have college site visits to squeeze in on too of the whole work thing. I love this kit and I could put it to good use

After a year of no vacation days, my husband is finally vested in his new job, and we plan to use all his new found time off to do tons of fun family outings: camping, trips to the beach, hiking trips, visiting Nana, and more camping (not my favorite, but the kids love it, so that makes me happy.)

Lots of family time, gardening, and summer BBQs!

If summer ever gets to NE Ohio, we have lots of short, getaways planned...Chicago for 5 days, Lakeside, OH for a week, and a week with family in MI at a lakeside home. Will be traveling with our dog so it should be exciting :)

My 9-year-old is getting ready to go to summer camp - his first time (overnight for a week). I want to plan a trip to IKEA (6 hours away). Other than that, my goals are to make sure we go outside occasionally and not play video games all day. Lofty, I know. ;)

Oh, and I just remembered my 20 year high school reunion is this summer. I think I must be trying to block that one out. Ha. :)

Oh those colors!
We stay here in Florida and enjoy the extreme and humidity by staying indoors as much as possible. We do go out for Wednesday Adventure Club which is just a weekly trip some place in Tampa Bay like museums or the zoo.

Such a great kit! We have a huge family reunion planned on a lake which should be a crazy fun time!

I just graduated with my Master's Degree (last weekend), so I am looking forward to enjoying time with family and hobbies during my weekends this summer. Thanks for a chance to win what looks like a fun collection.

My only baby will graduate from homeschool tomorrow! A start of a new chapter. Good luck to you and your baby.

We're spending a week in Maine with my parents and my sister. My mom is sick, so it's an extra special trip.

My son's high school graduation is tomorrow afternoon. We've home-schooled since 8th grade, so this summer will be the start of a new chapter. We don't have any specific plans, but getting his transcripts finished will be top on my to-do list.

Such an awesome kit!
We have several things planned for the summer...camping, fishing, a trip to Chicago, annual festivals. After a busy school year, summer is our time to enjoy being together as a family.

This summer I'm going back to the lifestyle change course for follow-up. And I'll clean the house - remove lots of stuff and create more space for albums and my paper hobby and new life. But it also indulge me in the Norwegian mountains, on foot and by bicycle, creating more memories and take care of :)

Hopefully spending every weekend at the cottage and on the lake!

No plans yet, but likely we'll go visit our son and his wife who are moving next week from Germany to Vancouver, B.C. It will be wonderful to have them living only 400 miles away from us!

Heading to my parents lakehouse for a wonderful week.

Summer plans cancelled due to operation hubby had a few months ago (kinda needs to get that work thing going again!). So, some local minor league baseball games and possibly a few day camp for my baseball lovin' kid ... but that's about it.

My husband has knee surgery scheduled in July - so we are trying to get as much done fun and other before that hits. Staycation and being with the kids...low key.

Thanks for the opportunity.

We are trying to explore more of Colorado where we live. Heading to the National Sand Dunes this weekend.

Spending time in the woods with my hubby. Love the outdoors, love my man.
I can hear the ocean as the wind blows thru the pine trees. Ahhhh.

We might be going to PA to visit family. Otherwise, our goal is to find a house.

A long vacay to Lake Havasu, AZ!

Great kit! I hope this summer is a lovely, calm, warm, and sunny respite from last summer which was anything but. A major health issue turned last summer into doctor & hospital visits, tests, and procedures. This summer? Lots of little road trips with no particular agenda. I can't wait!

Starting off the summer when we leave for Oregon next week for 7 days to visit our son and his girlfriend, June will be filled with activities with our local kids and grandkids (pool, baseball, bbq), July we are heading to Colorado to visit our other son and our daughter and her husband, and then August we are hoping to get over to the beach. Staying busy in cooler climates is the only way to survive the summer in Arizona.

Yes, very big plans this summer as we are doing a Baltic Cruise. Will spend a few days in Copenhagen before embarking on the cruise where we will visit Germany, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helinki, and Stockholm. As our kids are getting older, we thought this might be the last summer we could do a big family trip. Should make for a great scrapbook and wonderful memories.
Love Scotty Girl stuff!!

This summer I'm excited that my niece from California is coming to visit us on the east coast, and we're planning to go to the beach and the mountains. It's the every day part of summer that I like to scrap about! This kit is adorable!!

No special plans for the summer, we'll just enjoy a family staycation, maybe go swinmming in the nearby lake and hike in the mountains... we'll definitely spend and enjoy our time together :)

Thanks for the chance (love the colors of that kit) !

Going with my mom on a cruise to Alaska.... 12 days with just Mom. Haven't spent 12 consecutive days w/ her alone, since I left home over 20 years ago. Should be fun :-)

The plan is to enjoy some lazy days in the back yard. Hit a cottage or two and get a great tan.

I am excited to be in an art show this summer! I am looking forward to scrapbooking my acting debut.

We plan on going home to NJ during July 4 week to visit with my family. Can't wait!

We plan on doing lots of baseball and camping!

Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love Scotty Girl Designs!
Just bought a tent yesterday so looks like we'll be going camping this summer.

Love the clean lines of this collection. We are coming into winter but I have many summer photos to document. A highlight was my son finally gaining confidence to swim in my parent's pool. He went from nothing to diving in and swimming multiple lengths in one day. Super awesome!

Sadly we had plans (for our winter) but we now are captive at home with a very old fragile dog and a roof that needs major unexpected repair - guess I will just have to scrap.

We are making it out to California. Hit the beach, get a day of Disney, and most importantly hang out with friends and all our old hang out spots. Thanks for the chance to win such a great kit!

Don't have anything planned yet.....The "present" has been a bit of a handful, so haven't looked to the "future" yet!
Love this collection - especially those brushes.
Thanks for the chance.

Well if summer was coming I might have plans, but as winter is on it's way here in Australia I'll settle for going to visit my young grandson, who unfortunately lives in one of the coldest places in Australia! We never go below 50F here in Adelaide but they get snow where he lives.

We're trying to plan a trip to Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills, and The Badlands, but in all reality our summer will likely consist of hockey, hockey, and more hockey. :)

Our summer is taking on visiting 3 state parks by the end of July. My biggest exciting plan for the summer though is to prep some pages in preparation of my sister's first baby! :)

We are going to a Journey/Steve Miller Band concert.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Kim Kern

We're going to the Grand Canyon this summer!

Planting/growing a huge garden...and hopefully getting my kids interested in helping! 😊 Thank you, Cathy, for an awesome giveaway!

I'm driving to Kentucky in late July to meet my newest grandson after he is born! Plus I will be spending lots of quality time with his big brother helping him to adjust. Thanks for the chance to win summertime goodies:)

We're going to North Wales :)

I have a brother who has been out of the country for a few years and he is planning a surprise visit that my parents don't know about! Which means I can't tell my kids, either. So I'm super excited for that.

This summer I'm starting classes to work toward my dream of becoming a teacher (second career). I am so excited!!

Our big event is a trip to see family and go to a wedding. Then home to care for my mom who is getting her hip replaced. A bunch of little things too that will make it a fast and busy summer.

Super excited about having our whole family together for one week and then lots of things happening at church this summer. Yeah!!


We are a camping and hiking family and have several trips planned this summer. Love the kit--thanks for the giveaway!

Can't pass up a giveaway!! So far, only planned scrapbooking with my sister as often as she can come here for the weekend. Need to catch up on my daughter's school album - she will be a senior this fall.

A trip to Grandma's house in SD at the end of June. No other special trips or events planned yet.

Just moved to a new home. Need to finish yard and basement.

This summer I plan to get my mom through her rounds of chemo and hopefully celebrate some good news at the end of it.

Nothing as we head into Winter. My niece is getting married in June though so we will be flying in for that. DD faces exams shortly.

Cute kit! We live away from ALL our family so we always go "home" for two or three weeks each summer.

Oh I would love to win it!
I hope this summer will be filled with sun, fun, family and love.
Nothings excited for us, but very special cause whe need to spend time together after 2 very busy years!

Enjoying my days. The month of May has been nuts with helping my daughter and her hubbie get their new house painted, etc. "before" they move in. So hopefully the summer will be a lil calmer.

Thanks Cathy, for the chance to win Scotty Girl's new summer collection! This summer we will be heading south to visit family in Florida. Other than that we'll be splashing around in the pool and playing golf.

What a gorgeous collection - thank you for the chance to win. Our summer plans include a week up at Whistler, Canada and then a weekend trip to Vegas. But mostly just sticking around home enjoying the PNW summer weather.

We have a trip planned to a beach house in Myrtle Beach, SC this summer, where my 3 grown children, 2 spouses and 3 granddaughters will spend a week. We absolutely can't wait - this will be our Third Annual Beach Week. We have a great time with our grown children as well as the 3 granddaughters. Many memories to be made and a zillion photos to be taken! Thanks for the opportunity to win, Cathy!

While my son heads off to be a camp counselor this summer, with a 9 day break in the Amazon Rainforest,; I will be here in Minnesota, enjoying the mosquitos and sunshine.

Heading to the farmers market & then some housework :)

We are going to Italy this summer. Really looking forward.

Playing at the park and gardening. Anything without snow is fun.

Thanks for the introduction to a new designer (to me); plan on a getaway to Disney sometime this summer with my 12 yo daughter!

I love the colors in this kit.
Our big summer to possibly move. We won't know for sure for a few more weeks so life and summer feel very uncertain. kids have all kinds of crazy plans. I plan to move them in and out of various exciting adventures. So maybe I should say visiting my son in Miami! Happy Summer to all!

My daughter starts school in sept, so this summer will be spent enjoying the little things in life before a whole new kind of crazy hits us

Nothing major just a few camping trips and day trips. I am a teacher so my summers are my decompression time. Thanks for the chance!

Still making those final summer plans but have one child signed up for two overnight camps. : ) Thanks for the giveaway.

We'll be visiting my mother-in-law in San Antonio for a few days and the rest of the summer will be spent in our pool.

We are planning a biking trip with our 16 and 14 year old boys to Keystone CO! Hubby is a biker mad planning it all, love that!

Thanks! An overhaul on parts of the house is our big summer plan - a kitchen remodel and finally deciding on a color so we can paint our house = lots of work!


Spending time with my 2 boys home from college - it was hard when the 2nd one left last will miss your daughter but it will be great for her. She will come to appreciate the great Mom you are!

Cathy -

This year was an "awakening" for me, of sorts. I have a senior and freshman in high school, as well as a kindergartener. So this summer will revolve around getting my oldest son ready for college, getting my second son his driver's permit, and enjoying the summer
activities of my youngest daughter.

Thanks for the chance,

Nothing really planned for the summer yet because my husband and I don't have our summer work schedule yet. We are hoping to go to a national park or two in the Northwest.

Nothing "big" planned - just (hopefully) lots of kayaking and definitely lots of time enjoying our new deck and coming up with new summer cocktails and grill recipes.

Enjoying the sunshine, being outdoors, gardening, spending time with my son home from college:)

This summer plans are to relax, explore and enjoy the weather outside as muh as possible.

Trip to New York to see my law school son. Haven't seen him (except on Skype) since October. Taking my two daughters and three grandkids (7 and 8 years old) with me. driving to the mountains for a few days to finish it off

Mostly summer camps for the kids...they go to a great place. How do I know its great - they are filthy and exhausted each day!!

My exciting plan for summer is a LOT of camping! Get ready for next years homeschool. Last but not least get caught up on some of my scrapbooking!

I travel for work but no trips planned for the summer. I am looking forward to just relaxing at home and planting a garden for the first time ever.

Nothing too exciting planned but hope to get some scrapping in!

So far just have a "date night" planned for a weekend in Hilton Head. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

This summer, we will be doing a lot of camping. Last year we let the cost of fuel stop us, but we decided it's not where you go, but that you do it. So fuel costs aside, we will be camping, even if it means we only go out in the back yard.

I am going to girls' camp to Estonia in June (by the Baltic Sea)!

I'm taking my two daughter's to Florida for a week. My younger will be 16 and is going to Leakycon, my older is 18 and headed off to college so we'll spend together time in Disney World. FUN!

We just moved to Fiji...eternal summer!!! Swimming, beach, gardening year round!!

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