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June 30, 2014

How to catch up on nearly three months of Project Life


There's been a lot going on of late that has taken precedence over my Project Life pages. A first child graduating from high school. A corresponding graduation party. A new website that is getting oh-so close to launching. Plus working to become a more responsible, less neurotic adult female planet member. (That alone makes it suprising I get anything else done, ever.) Combine this with the daily work I try to do to make life both clean, fed and profitable and you are left with the fact that as of last week, I was 11 weeks behind in Project Life.

I will be honest: there is zero stress about this. Zero. This project is my fun and relaxing way to add photos and words together for a document of our year. When it happens, it happens. And when it doesn't, that's what having weekly photo folders defined by the weekly dates in iPhoto is for: it's all there waiting for when I am ready. And this past weekend, I made time to be ready.

Here's how you catch up on 11 weeks of Project Life.

Step One: Refuse to accept that you are behind. Rather, look at it as the opportunity to spend a bit more time with your photos and stories.

Step Two: Tackle one week at a time, and if you have the mojo to do more, by all means, do.

Step Three: Have a glass of cheap red wine (won't apply to everyone, I understand this.)

Step Four: Complete album pages and high five yourself or anyone in the vicinity as you do.

That's it.  

I kept them simple. If one page was all that was needed then that was all that was offered up. Not a lot of funky journal cards added, or if they were, they were simply repeats from the prior week. While I love to have fun and play with my Project Life pages, I just wanted to get 'er done. I would say a lot more, but a lot more isn't warranted. Here are my pages for the past 11 weeks.












Click on any of the images to see them larger in a new window. Note: when my new site launches, the images will be much larger and easier to read!

And that is all she wrote.



They look great, Cathy!!!
I'm officially 26 weeks behind in my project life :O) Thanks for the inspiration and reminder not to make it difficult !

Thank you for the thought that being behind allows you to enjoy the pictures and sink into the writing. I am officially the entire year behind, save for the pictures which are printed and ordered. I may further investigate your digital sources. Fortunately, I have summer to catch up! Many thanks!

Such great recaps, Cathy!

(Editorial note: your last layout has a typo - it says you through a joing party, but I'm fairly confident that's not a new type of party, and that you meant 'joint'?)

Can't wait to see the website!

Looove how simply you caught up!

Just wanted to point out so you could fix before printing, but you have two week 25s. :)

Gah! Thanks Mary. It has been fixed.

I love that you embrace being behind as an opportunity to spend more time with your photos and stories. I am doing the same. I printed the 2nd week of Feb through the first week of June, two weekends ago. Still have from the 2nd week of June through yesterday to print. And still have journaling to do from 2nd week of Feb to present but I'm not stressing about it. I use OhLife to do my journaling nightly and when I am ready, it's a simple cut and paste. I am intentionally not caught up on this years PL because I am also working my way through putting together our 2009 book PL style at the same time. Thank you for always keeping it real!

My son has one question re the Saints move - will the new ballpark be by passing trains? He loved the "Hello Train" comment from the in-house announcer. Seriously was the highlight of his one-game watching experience.

Also week 19 has a typo. It was a super chilly night BE a good time to be in the park.
These pages are amazing and inspiring since I have not started PL for 2014 yet, but had planned to do it all digitally using your templates and print it in to a book. I have been thinking to skip this year as last year all of that printing of photos and putting them in to pages.......burnt me out.

Yes! Thank you so much. Changed!

LOL. I was doing so well since October last year, then mid-Feb... my mojo fell into a hole and I fell behind. I'm in the process of digging myself out of the hole right now too. I deal with my weeks a little differently --I alternate between "event" weeks and "topic" weeks. Sometimes it's just hard to find the "right" thing[s] to finish a page. [I have weird topics sometimes.] But if you can get out of the hole, I suppose I can as well! This is definitely the blog where I come to get my kick in the butt.

I have four weeks printed and three more to edit plus three months of the baby's book to do this week. Before PL this would have stressed me the hell out. Now I'm excited to do such a big batch at once!

I am also 26 weeks behind & am not stressing for the same reason you didn't. The pictures and stories will be the meantime, I will keep on keepin' on and filing my pics in folders to prep for when I can get my shit together and sit down to put it all together. :)

I've also talked my kids about doing Artifact Uprising books for various son's first year of college, my daughter's various musicals, high school dances...the options are unlimited!


A couple of years ago, I started doing monthly layouts instead of weekly (or daily-I actually did daily the first year). Anyway, I found that doing monthly layouts is less stressful. I just do what I have for the month. Sometimes I have lots of photos and stories and more stories get told. Other months, I have fewer photos/stories so fewer layouts are made. It was nice to relieve myself of the pressure of having a layout for every week. It also released my obsession with chronological order. Having layouts about things that happened during the month means that I no longer obsess about "Did this happen the first week or the second week?" Who cares? It happened in June. That is good enough. :)

I do love the monthly idea. Heck, I did an album back in 2010 called The Monthly. I may be switching over to that approach in 2015!

Can I just say thank you one more time for the instructions for setting up the weekly photos in iPhoto. I am also MANY weeks behind (though I have pictures "chosen" for all but the last three weeks), and those folders are saving my (project) life. I seriously would have given up and quit by now, like I did for the last three years, but those folders make it so easy to catch up that I just keep working little by little and I know I'll get there. I'm so happy with the finished product that I'm glad I don't give up. And I'd never have managed it without the "magic" folders. I even have them set up now for previous years so I can some day get caught up on those too. Thank you too for the reminder that it's okay. That everyone gets behind. Because life actually is more important.

The folders are magic. Its how I save so, so much time!

I just came across your blog, and I love it! The tutorials I managed to watch are great, clear and inspiring. I will definitely watch them all in due course. Digital Project Life: here I come - wish me luck. Love your upbeat style and great sense of humor. Thank you!

Nicky, glad you found me! Im launching a brand new website in a few weeks, so definitely check back!

Thanks for continuing to be my Project Life therapist! Don't go anywhere.

You know, we dont know for sure. It IS being built right near the Union Depot station in Downtown St. Paul. Our fingers are crossed!

Im now taking new clients… ; )

I am in the same boat as so many others...behind in PL. But thanks to your iPhoto and DayOne app suggestions, I will be able to catch up in a flash! I previously managed PL (sort of) on a monthly basis, and I am considering going back. Life is just so damn busy! But I do think that the moment that you stress about it, you do yourself in. Thank you for sharing the last three months of always, inspiring!

Hooray for monthly layouts! I also have been doing monthly layouts and agree with all your reasons .

How do you print these? If memory serves me correctly, you do a book at the end? I am so behind, that I'm looking for other ideas and this may work perfectly.

Shawna, Im planning to either do a book OR just send all the pages to Persnickety Prints and get 12 x 12 prints and put them all into an album. : )

Yay for you - I just did the same thing. I love that I never feel "behind" on PL because my photos are in weekly folders. For some reason that works for me too.


: )

Thank you.

You know what? I changed to monthly last year and it was the best choice ever. Instead of being two albums it condensed into one. (I really don't have that much space to store two albums every year) Now I have gone digital and it's a breeze - saves space too. I have young kids so I scan in any art/notes etc. Same with tickets. They get the originals to scrap and they're happy too. Love it!

Cathy, you consistently remain an inspiration to me. Love your layouts, don't care if you're caught up or behind (and glad you don't care either) and love that you put it out there for us! Thank you!

I LOVE that you are in so many of these photographs. Go you!

[ Chuckles ] Great advice, Cathy.

In my case, I would substitute the red wine with white wine.

With my name being Eileen - "Come on Eileen" is my theme song!! Loved seeing my name in print on one of your pages lol!

A great song!

Recap of steps suggested:

Look forward. Red Wine. Enjoy catching up. High fives.

Oh yes indeedy!

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