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June 05, 2014

Meet Ned


This is Ned.

Ned is a Phone Monster.

Ned needs to eat. 

Ned eats phones.

Ned is the creative brainchild from the people behind the Happy Family Movement, Josh and Jenny Solar. 

Ned's mission is to be a visual reminder to families to be more intentional about the time they spend together without completely ditching the technology they love. Ned's job is to remind people to get into the habit of unplugging every day. And the best part? He'll charge your device while you step away from the phone. Talk about a win-win!

According to Josh and Jenny: "Ned has been one of the best things to happen to our family. He's served as a fun and friendly visual reminder to put down our phones and be present. And we've empowered our kids to use Ned when needed. If we are lost in phone-land, the kids will come up and say, "Mom... Ned's hungry." And that's our cue... we feed Ned and get back to our family."

Just the other day, Dan pointed out that I seemed a little too attached to my phone. I often wonder how different life would have been if I'd had my fancy smart phone when my kids were little. I know it would have added some real value, but I'm also guessing I would have used it a little more than was necessary.

Okay, a lot more than necessary.

Here's a video from their Kickstarter page. I really love Josh and Jenny's message and this is a great video explaining all about Ned. I'm proud to fund this project and truly hope that it finds its way to the marketplace. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same.


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I LOVE this! We are not really a 'phone' family although I've noticed lately that my husband seems to be growing more attached to his. I would love to buy this for a few people that I know as a funny ha-ha but the idea may not be taken very well! They need to make one of these in computer size so I could pry my kids away! Thanks Cathy! This is awesome!

And I just backed this project. I hope it becomes a reality!

Yay! I know Josh and Jenny will be so happy. : )

Such an awesome idea, thanks for highlighting it on your blog. xx

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