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June 17, 2014

Weekday Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win a seat in the Phone Photography Project 2 workshop


THE GIVEAWAY: Two people will win a spot in the summer's most phone-a-rific workshop, the Phone Photography Project.

ABOUT THE CLASS:  Would you like to take better photos with the camera you always have with you—your smartphone? Get ready to transform your mobile photography in a brand-new interactive workshop, The Phone Photography Project 2, starting July 17. Twenty expert iPhoneographers have collected their best tips, tricks, and tutorials for phone photography, and they're ready to share it all with you inside a private online classroom—with lots of fun happening on Instagram, too. With practical tips for mastering lighting, composition, editing, and more, this workshop will give you the tools you need to create impressive photos you'll be proud to share online, in your home, or in your scrapbooks.


TO ENTER: Leave me a comment today and tell me what your favorite phone photography related app is. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night.

Class begins on July 17. For more information, or if you don't win this giveaway and really want to take the class, click here.

This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you're a winner!


I'd love to win! One of my favorite photo apps is Pocketbooth. Love doing the photo strips so easily.

Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite phone app is pic tap go, it's really simple to use!

The only photo app I use is instagram.

Oh my gosh - I would love this opportunity! My favorite is pic tap go (thanks to you)!

Oh my, I have so many favorite apps but I think the one I always use with other apps is the PicTapGo app. It goes with anything and seems to get my photos looking the way I like them.

I like Camera+. I don't really explore apps much.

This sounds like an awesome class! I really don't like using my phone to take pics, but I really wish I did! I think the only photo app I have besides Instagram is Pic Stitch. :P

Phototimer+ is definitely my favorite right now, adding a timer to my phone has allowed me to get on the pix!

Stephanie M

I have a phone that takes pictures now. At the moment I'm just using the native camera and photo viewer. Haven't tried anything else

Havent been super explorative with camera apps--just instagram. Would love to win.

Oh I'd love to win a spot in this class.
My favourite app is the standard camera app (only cause I'm a bit lazy lol) and Instagram

Love PicTapGo! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Cathy.

Ay, ay, ay, Cathy! This is EXACTLY what I need. Changes have been gradual for me. Traditional scrapper to more hybrid, thanks to you, mainly. Now, I'm taking a good mix of photos with my 7D and my android. But I'm confessing that I'm not that good with my phone... I use Instagram editing tools, but that's about it. I'm 100% sure this would help TONS!!! Please, please, please. LOL!

I would love to win this class. I take a lot of pictures with my phone and I know I could do so much more with it. I just use Instagram right now. I would love to learn more about using apps like PicTapGo and Camera+.

Thanks for the chance…I often use Snapseed and Pic tap go.

This is SOOO cool! I just got my first smartphone an iPhone and though I don't have a favorite photography app I'm just itching to play with it! I'll have to check the rest of the comments to see others favorites!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

Oh dear, think the internet ate my comment. Here it is again: My favourite depends on what I'm trying to achieve. I like Rhonna Designs (adding wordart), A Beautiful Mess (collages and doodles), Over (great fonts), VSCO Cam (one-tap edits) PicTapGo (custom edits) and Instagram (sharing). If you made me pick one I'd choose Instagram, because of the great community (especially amongst #cy365 -ers)

My iPhone is my camera now. I have a few apps I pair with Instagram (instaweather being my favorite) but nothing to really edit my photos too much. I would love to win this class!

I'm so excited to see what this course covers! I'm on Android and use VSCO cam. I would use more but a lot of the photo apps are iPhone only. It's seriously making me consider making a switch but I'm not yet convinced to make the jump! Maybe this course will tip me over the edge! :)

I use PicTapGo on my phone but would love to learn how to take great pics with my phone.

I love Photo Grid

I love PicTapGo! The Lights On filter always gets used.

hmm, Guess I don't have one. Perhaps that's why I need to take this class?

I could really do with learning more about how to use my phone for photography. I'd be dead pleased to win a spot on this course. Thanks!

I love pic tap go! Thanks for the giveaway!

I just use the phone camera... I guess that's a bad thing?! Looks like I need to win!

I love A Beautiful Mess ...been following their expanding blog business from the beginning and have had alot of fun with this app

I need this class cause I don't use a lot of apps lol. But I do use camera + and it helps

Love Camera+, and "A beautiful mess".....I have a lot of aps on my phone that I do not use, and I would love to explore and find a consistent yet creative way to use and share with my phone. Thanks for the opportunity to discover.

I've been entering every contest I can find. I so want to take this class! And like you, I've got one starting college in the fall.. except I've already got a junior in college, too!

Hands down my favorite photo app is Snapseed. It's my go-to for editing. I was so happy to find it for android when I changed phones. Thanks for the chance to win!

I have pic-tap-go and beautiful mess but would love to know how to use them to their fullest.

handsdown my favorite photo app is what I can do with it.

I would love to win a seat in this class to learn more about photo apps, as currently I do not use any on my iphone!

I probably use PicTapGo the most, but would love to discover other apps for different purposes. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a seat in this class!

Could definitely use this class. Just got a smartphone and am learning as I go. I've downloaded several camera/editing apps and am trying to work my way through them to find a few favorites.
Thanks for the chance.

PicTapGo, but I wish I understood how to just make my phone pics better (not different or trendy).

My big camera rarely gets used anymore :( would love to learn some tips for phone pics!

I love PicFrame. But reading about everyone elses favourites makes me realize that I have a whole photo app world to explore. Thank you!

So many great app ideas in this post! I'm currently using Camera+ (think I found out about in a blog post related to iPhoneography, actually!) and Phonto for adding word art. Collect to, well, collect and keep notes for later scrapping.

Yes, I need this class for the phone photographing techniques. I use the Collect app. Need to get pic tap go!

Favorite app...PicTapGo.

I love instagram, its the only app I use on my phone, would love to learn more about how to use my camera phone.

This class sounds wonderful! My favorite app is Typic+, but I've not investigated many others. Yet. Thanks for giving us a way to see what others are using!

I love picsplay pro.

I pretty much use Beautiful Mess, but I think I have downloaded at least 4 other that I have not learned how to use :)

Sounds like a great class! My favorite app right now is PicTapGo - perfect for quick editing of my iPhone photos. Thanks for the chance to win!

Use PicTapGo all the time

PicStitch coupled with Instagram are my go-to apps! Would love a seat in the
Is class!

My favorite is collect - although I have trouble staying on the "wagon" LOL!

Thanks for the giveaway! I have PicTapGo and Afterlight, but rarely use either because I always forget I have them :/

Thanks for the chance to win! I am loving these comments... Off to the App Store to learn about some new photo apps. I like editing with Snapseed. Over is a fun app to layer text and word art, and my 10 year old son is a Typic+ fan. We both could learn a lot from the class. Fingers crossed!!

Photography apps? :/ Help me!!!

I've used many photo apps! Besides Instagram, the one I use the most is Afterlight.

I loved the first Phone Photography Project. Can't wait for this one!

I have four apps that I never use. I prefer editing photos on a larger screen, so once I select and download to my laptop, my go-to is RadLab. I'd love to win a seat in this class and learn how to make the most of my iPhone.

Thanks to Amy Tangerine, I'm in love with pocketbooth. My kids take random photos of themselves. i love finding ohotos of them on my phone. Thamks for the chance to win.

I tried to comment once but I don't think it submitted. I would love to take this class! My favorite photo apps are TimerCam so I can get in more of the pictures myself, Collect to track my photo-a-day goal, and LetterGlow to add text and graphic overlays straight from my phone when I don't have access to Photoshop.

I use PicTapGo the most.

I use ABM (A Beautiful Mess) app all the time!!

Instagram and PS Express are my go to apps.

Pic Tap Go, but I am definitely adding some after reading this list!


Would absolutely love to win. I use Camera + for my photos and exit with either snapseed or pictapgo. Thanks for the chance. Adore your blog and the quirky humor

I love Camera+ Great giveaway.

Thanks for the chance to win this class. My favourite photo app is photo+, but also like PicTapGo & Afterlight.

I'd love to win a spot in this class. Seems I'm taking most of my photos with my iPhone these days. My favorite app is Pic-Tap-Go. Does some great editing!

For shooting Camera+. For edits/enhancement Vsco Cam or PicTapGo. For text/design overlays Rhonna Designs, A beautiful Mess, and Over. For collage Fuzel or Diptic PDQ.

I'd love to take the class. My favorite app is afterlight, but I don't use it that often.

Instagram... Would love to take this class!!

I have 2 six month old granddaughters, an iPhone and I could use the class to better make use of my phone taking pics of the babies!

I love Pic Tap Go. I recently had a big purge of apps I don't use very often and that was the only photography one that made the cut.

PicTapGo......definitely my fave!!!

So far - Instagram - so I know I have a lot to learn! Thanks so much!

I added Snapseed recently, but haven't had time to fully delve into it. I use Instagram the most and Photo Grid for quick collages.

i am a novice when it comes to photo apps...i have A Beautiful Mess and Instagram, and really only use Instagram. I would love to learn more!

I don't have a favorite because I don't know how to properly use any of them. I really need this class!

Photo Editing App - Rhonna DESIGNS!

I like Afterlight. My teens introduced me to the app. I love love to learn to use my phone camera to take better pictures. Thanks!!

I am loving ProCamera 7... it lets you separate the focus point from the exposure point and it's making my phone photos much brighter and they come out a million times better! There are also filters and some editing capabilities built in, so often times I edit right in ProCamera and export to Instagram without even touching the IG filters.

I'm using Avery, but not very well! Need your class.

Susan in MD

Camera+ is always used. Then Pic Tap Go..

Just Instagram. Sure would love to win!

I would love to win! I use PicTapGo all the time. The "Lights On" fix is the best!!!

I use PicTapGo most of the time.

My current go to is after light! Love it!

I mainly use Instagram with a small amount of PicFrame to do collages.

Thank you for a chance to win! My go to app at the moment is camera +

My favorite is PicTapGo. I love being able to edit the lighting so easily!

This looks like a great class.

Timer cam app is one of my favorite.

Ooops forgot my favorite app. I use photoshop on my Droid.

Right now I am liking Snapseed and PhotoGrid. (Android)
Thanks for the chance to win!

I just use the Camera app on the iPhone. That's why I need this class!

My favorite app is VSCOcam!

I am in L-O-V-E with the Waterlogue App on my iPhone! Fingers crossed for the win!

PicTapGo is my favorite. Lots of filter choices, saves your favorite combinations of filters and you can quickly save it in Instagram.

I have three that I use regularly. Diptic, Rhonna Designs and Pic Tap Go (thanks to you Cathy ;-)). But I feel like I'm in a rut. So hoping to win this class and start taking/creating some awesome photos!

As others have said, I should take this class! I don't have any photo app's!

I use the Collect App. I would love to learn tips on better iPhone photography!

Hard to choose a fave, but if I'm forced to say only one it would be Afterlight. It's my go to editing app. Thanks!

I haven't explored too many apps, but the one I use most consistently is Camera+. I am hoping this class will motivate me to use other apps as well!

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