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August 11, 2008

One is silver, and the other's gold

Or gold-EN. Literally.


Well, hello, Chipina Lucille! It's been a while, my old friend.


Yes, Chip is back for a few weeks while her family is away. She's a full year older than the last time we had her here. And another year when you're already eleven (which is 12 for you math-challenged folks) is a lot. As soon as Kyla got picked up over the weekend, Chippie arrived. You remember Kyla, right?

(photo by Aidan Zielske. Nice job, kiddo.)

And speaking of Aidan, she was seriously stoked from all the comments you nice blog readers left on her post last week. The kid wants to be a writer. That's all she's talked about for YEARS. Ever since she was a kid. And I can so relate to that because that's all I ever wanted to be when I was a kid. It was all I talked about for years. Even up into high school, when I had the sickest suede vest on the planet, and looked like this:


Then, I became a graphic designer.

Still. I think you see my point. (Clearly, that whole ensemble, right down to the snaggletooth necklace thingie—what were those things called again? Italian horns or something? Come on, old people, help me out here—screams: Writer In Training.)

I mean, what else was I going to be doing besides scribbling in a notebook in some darkened room? Because it sure wasn't fending off date offers from boys, I will tell you that.

Wrist still sucks. Wearing a brace. Going to try and be smarter with how I work. Plan to talk about the Olympics later this week, as soon as I get my voice back from the insane screaming after Team USA won the 4 x 100 Meter Freestyle final last night.

Yours, in suede, and drunk on the elixir of Olympic glory,

August 05, 2008

Cathy Z's Doggie B&B Open For Business


Well, hello Kyla! So glad you could come to stay, and make yourself right at home.


Oh yes, I know. I'm tired too. Oh well, it's time for everyone to get up now, okay? I have a job and the kids can't stay in bed all day.


Alright, cut it out with the cuteness already. I'll give you five more minutes, and that's it.

No matter how much you beg.


November 12, 2007

Going green


I know…it looks so good you can almost taste it.

So I caught a few minutes of Oprah last week—one of Dr. Oz's appearances on the show—(and yes, the man has some good science, but good LORD, his book, You on a Diet, is so saturated with horrifically bad similes, it's virtually UNreadable)—and he was forcing Oprah to try his green drink, which she said was like "fresh in a glass" and well…you know, when Oprah likes something, I'll be damned if I don't like it to.

So… i bought all the ingredients, going a bit light on the parsley, and blended myself up a batch. The verdict? Texturally…a bit of a bummer, but MAN was it tasty. Seriously. I'm not making it up. That Roasted Autumn Veggie soup I posted? Not tasty. Green drink? Tasty.

Although I made Dan taste it and all he said was: "Veggie boy."

• Cathy's Dog Sitting Service is up and running, yet again. Meet Kyla:


Seriously…this is THE quintessential Cathy dog. Everything I need in a dog (but sadly, will never have because I have the emotional capacity of cheese when it comes to actually OWNING a dog of my own)… she has big ears, a big nose, and is the SWEETEST thing you have ever met. She slept on Aidan's bed last night, and this morning, followed me downstairs, curled up on our futon couch in the basement, and gazed lovingly at me while I did the treadmill thing at 5:45 a.m. Nice. She will only be here 7 days. Unfortunately.

• My computer is dead. Vive le G5. Steve Jobs is sending me a brand spankin' new one in a week and a half, and it's going to be WAY better than the old one, or at least have faster, dual, 3.0 GHZ quad core processors.

• That kind of talk makes me hot. Must go now.

August 25, 2007

Community Ed saves the day


Hi…yes. That's Cathy with a 'C'. Yes. Here's my credit card. Oct. 17 you say? I have to  wait THAT long for my Best Day Ever? Okay…no, i know. Try to quell that negative self talk. Right. Okay… see you in October.

Seriously. I'm sitting at my kitchen table yesterday, in  a completely pissy mood, which stemmed mostly from a) hormonal imbalances, b) general imbalances, and c) that's pretty much how I get every three to seven days, and I opened the new St. Paul Community Ed catalog, to see about signing the boy up for swimming lessons, and i came across this. THIS is the best name EVER for a class. If I ever teach at CKU again in my life, I'm stealing that title for my class.

G5 is back. I've been working for nearly 4 hours to get stuff back where it's supposed to go. Upgrading, downloading, re-upgrading, uninstalling, re-installing. In addition to a host of malfunctions, the hard drive did in fact die during the repair process. I'd like to thank Adrian, of the Rosedale Apple Store, for having the foresight to see it coming and thusly transferring all of my data to the new, warranty-covered hard drive.

And i'd also like to prove my point about losing the dog on account of the blendability factor with this...  happy weekends, y'all.


August 22, 2007

How to lose a dog

The night before last, for nearly 5 good minutes, I lost Brandi the dog. In my home.

It's hard to lose a 75-pound chocolate lab who can't hear, see or walk well. I realize this. But when I came home from dropping off my sick G5 at the Apple Store, I came in and she was nowhere to be found on the main floor of my house. So, I went upstairs and checked the bedrooms. Nothing. Ah…the basement! So I went down to my mildly scary basement. No dog there, either.


So I went back upstairs, to re-check the rooms…you know, look on the other side of the bed and in the closets. Nothing.

I wasn't panicked or anything. I actually thought, "Great. You've lost someone's dog who you don't even know."

When I came back downstairs, I realized my mistake. I didn't look closely enough at the couch in the family room, where she was wedged in between the throw pillows and completely camouflaged in her spot.

It never dawned on me that a dog who can barely walk would leap onto the furniture to catch a few z's. And besides that, Chippie never jumped on furniture. Chippie didn't really move throughout the day from her chosen location. Geez, Brandi. What's up with that?

In Other Newz

• There is a restaurant up in Nisswa, Minn., near the place we stay, and it's called Zorbaz. And every single 's' on the Zorbaz menu has been replaced with a 'z.' And it's the most obnoxious thing after a while, if you try to read it. Our pizzaz are zpilling over with zpecial zaucez. And yet strangely, something about it makes me want to do the zame thing in my perzonal life.

• My cute friend and hot mama, Emily just sent me one of these cool camera straps in the mail, and it will look so lovely adorning my neck. Thanks, Em!

• You know how your computer keyboard gets all mucky after years of use? And you try not to notice it, then all of sudden one day, it's as if you've been sharing it with a host of dirty-handed gnomes? Yeah, me too. When I go back to pick up my computer, I'm grabbing me one of these new Apple keyboards. That oughta stave off my iPhone twitch for a good month, at least.

• The Minnesota State Fair starts on Thursday. Tonight, I will be making the sign that I wrote about last year. Anyone remember what it's going to say? (Of course, you can't go back that far in my archives, because remember, I freaked out and pulled my blog that one time? because I needed to get in touch with me? Remember that one? Yeah…that was classic.)

• No other newz.

August 20, 2007

10 years and under need not apply


Meet Brandi. Our newest temporary tenant. Approximate duration of stay: 14 days. Current age: 13. And who is currently making soft whining noises, and staring at me, and who woke Dan up at 5 a.m. this morning. And who walks really loudly because it's sort of hard for her to walk, so with her little talons hitting the wood, it sounds like someone is playing an offbeat snare drum. Constantly.

Brandi is a good old dog. But she is no Chip.

And so our lives as care providers to senior dogs continues. I don't even know Brandi's owner. He's one of Dan's cafe customers. I wasn't even told how much to feed her at night, or if she has any issues of which I should be aware. So with Brandi, we are winging it. I think, however, she might have been a spaz as a younger dog. Whenever I go to pet her, so starts to go really mental. As mental as a 13-year-old dog can go, that is.

So that's what's going on this week. That, a lot of work, and finishing out the last few weeks of the summer. And the end of summer means only one thing: Neil and Co. will be here soon.

I should start figuring out what I'm going to wear. Ya think it's too early?

June 20, 2007

Thank you, Chip

She goes home next week, and I will be in Utah all week, and not present for the hand off. I could get all sentimental here, but I'm trying to save critical typing for work-related functions. Instead, I offer my photographic tribute to a very fine dog that I wish we would have been smart enough to have bred while she was here. Imagine those puppies!

I'm guessing, though…it would have had to have been an immaculate birth, but who knows…Chippie really is THAT good.

Thanks, Tim and Ann. Please don't be alarmed to find me loitering in your yard.

I'm relatively harmless.


We love you, Chippie. You're a very good dog.

April 09, 2007

Farm dog


Easter Sunday. Down at the farm in Southern Minnesota. Chip the dog meets the cows. Chases down the resident peacock. And, makes friends with a 9-month-old poodle/beagle cross named Gordie. What a fun day for a dog, huh?

Seriously. Watching Chip run around the farm made me a) nervous and b) happy, because she totally forgot she was 11. I've never actually seen her in a flat-out run. It was pretty cool. Except that she was so tired last night when we got home, she refused to go outside one last time to use the...bathroom. Oh Chippie…we loves you, yes we do…oh, yes we do...

The other cool thing about this Easter was that the Easter Bunny brought Cole a CD, and that CD is part of Cole's newest musical thing. Want to take a guess who the band is?


I realize the George is a bit of a stretch, but look at Paul. Dude nailed that one. John's a bit Harry Potter-esque (um, because that actually IS Harry Potter, duh), and Ringo's pretty dead on too. Cole drew the beard on Ringo, for authenticity.

The CD? Yellow Submarine. Cole's favorite song is Hey Bulldog. We listened to a different Beatles CD on Saturday morning, during our weekend cleaning extravaganza (a new thing we've been trying for the past few months, and these words actually came from my husband's lips: "This maintaining thing really works!") and as I'm singing along to Paperback Writer, I'm thinking, "Seriously? How can it sound THIS fresh, all these years later?"

So…if you got you some Beatles…crank it up. And here's one from Coley, for you…

March 28, 2007

It's not just me, either


Everyone loves Chippy. But Cole has an agenda.

The reason he's feeding Chip in this shot is because he wants a lizard of some sort. I'm really a bit hazy on it, because every time he mentions the word "newt" or "iguana" my thoughts completely glaze over with the knowledge that I'm going to have to break his little heart eventually. Why? Ain't no lizard gonna be livin' in my house. Not happening. (I hope Coley doesn't decide that today, of all days, is the day he's going to start reading Mom's blog. And Aidan, don't you tell him I have no plans to ever get him a lizard! Remember, your birthday is tomorrow....right? That's what I thought.)

So he's been trying to prove that he can care for a pet. Ergo, the reason he is feeding Chip. That effort lasted two days. If it were up to Coleman, Chippy would be starving right now. And here's the fact: if he can't spend three-and-a-half minutes giving Chip her tasty morsels of deliciousness, he's not going to handle a lizard living in his room.


1. Thanks, Max. For cutting my hair, removing the mullet tails and restoring my inner peace.


2. Day three of sugar detox and I'm fairly certain I would sell one of my children for a little can of full strength Sprite.

3. I am reading the newest CK idea book, Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking, and I gotta say, good book. Great stuff by Jessica Sprague and many other talented scrapbookers who make me want to embrace the hybrid girl in my soul. Serious. It's good stuff, man.

4. Did I mention I got my hair cut?

March 27, 2007

Best life…and best friends


Have I mentioned lately how attached I'm getting to Chip the Dog?

Well, I am. Not so much that I'm going to cause a scene when the globe-trotting Smith family return, and lay claim to their pet. I know my role in this whole thing. No, really…I get it.

One of the Smith family members was home over the weekend, and we threw a friendly little gathering with some of our neighbors. Much alcohol was flowing. And one of my neighbor's who shall go unnamed to protect her integrity (Hi Angela!), had said to me, the next day, "What kind of an example is it, to drink that much in front of your children?"…to which I replied, "It's the perfect're showing them where and how to drink. At home, with your much loved neighbors, where no driving is required. That's how you should do it."

Any trouble finding your home, on foot, at 2 a.m. is separate issue altogether.

Me? I was totally hopped up on little cans of Sprite and Pepsi. Then someone got the good sense to wonder what would happen if Chippie's owner and me both tried to call her at the same time. Nice.

I'm not sure how this is tying into my, which is the category i've placed this post under. What I'm trying to figure out is since i started living my, I've gained 7 pounds. I'm going to have to re-read the opening chapters. I think that i'm not supposed to be eating at TGIFridays until I feel like I have to sleep before I can physically remove myself from the restaurant. Same goes for late night Reeses-flavored ice cream. And pouring shredded cheese directly from the plastic bag into my mouth.

So I put Chip on the blog today, because we've started a new plan: morning walks. Right after the kids get on the bus, and before starting work for the day. 30 minutes. We can do this. Together. Me, and Chip the dog. Forever and ever. Amen.

And if you're wondering who she went to when we called? I'll never tell…